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  1. That's for your time and effort @LoveLightPeace and to all the mods here. We need you and it's easy to forget how much we need you.
  2. JuJu ROC reading for Esk How will things go with her partners Grandmother as a house guest. 1st to 14th July? Shadow card - what is hidden - share the love. Reading this card using just the image, I see lots of silhouettes of couples repeated all over the card. But this card is saying "share the love" which sounds opposite to the images of couples. The card has the number 3 and my first thought is "three's a crowd". The hand holds a heart but it is cracked through the middle and that can't be good. I think the message here is to remember you and your partner are a couple first and foremost and you are sharing that love with Grandmother and not letting three be a crowd. Her visit is temporary so be aware of the situation having more effect on your relationship than it needs to. We don't want to see that heart cracked or broken. Maybe that's where the enlightenment comes from. Maybe she is also aware that three is a crowd and she could impact your lives and is trying to avoid that as well and you will learn this during this two week period. Card one - what can Esk expect? The crown chakra. The Crown Chakra is where we we receive the "light". It enters us and the passes through our body to all the other chakras affecting us on all levels. The LWB says, from the crown chakra we receive the divine light, the wisdom and learning if we open up that space. As the answer to what you can expect, I get a nice and very positive feeling. Expect enlightenment or a revealing of truth. This could be in the form of revelations or surprises, pleasant ones, where you are finding out things about yourself, your partner and Grandmother, that you didn't know. She might surprise you with her wisdom and understanding or be willing to teach you something. It is alway said that the older generation have much to teach us if we slow down and take their wisdom and experience to heart. Even other things you didn't know about her could be revealed - like some strange habits or little quirks - maybe she spends hours in the bathroom doing her hair (you always thought she looked nice but didn't realise she took so much time to get that way) or maybe she actually likes her morning toast cold when you always make sure it's nice and hot. Funny little habits that don't really make much difference to your time while she stays with you. But maybe they are the things that could drive you nuts over time if you let them get to you in a negative way. The lesson could be to be tolerant of others quirks. I am not getting any really negative vibes from this. It seems very much like you can use this period of time to learn and grow in a good way. Card 2 - advice to get the best outcome? - Seek The image in the card is that of a person sitting under a tree with their arms outstretched, in a position of receiving. The birds in the tree are messengers, bringing the person what it is they are asking for. Being receptive to the messages and welcoming them. This person has asked the question and is now waiting for the answers and the answers are there if they listen. I think it goes beautifully with card one. Getting the best outcome involves being receptive to the light, the wisdom and the messages that are coming from in from the universe. It may mean at times you might like to remove yourself, seek solitude for a while, get away from the house to have a bit of space. The feeling I'm getting is that you can do this without upsetting anyone, in fact all three of you might like a bit of space sometimes. Sitting with this card for a while and trying to feel a bit more, I getting the message of learning more about yourself during her stay with you and how you interact with others when your space is invaded. For some reason I am getting a feeling that removing yourself or retreating or getting out of the house actually means meeting up with friends or doing activities that you enjoy. It's sort of opposite to solitude because you're seeking company. I am also thinking that if you want to get out of the house because your partner or his grandmother are bugging you, they won't be offended if they think you are going off to meet your girlfriends for coffee or doing a yoga class or there is an art exhibition that ends soon and you don't want to miss it. I don't want to say that telling lies is a way to get out of the house and away from grandmother, but more along the lines of all those things you've put off doing, do them now as an excuse to seek your own space without offending anyone. So there you are, Esk. Let's see how our predictive readings go. I have had fun doing this and I hope it has some resonance for you and helps with this time while Grandmother is staying. I really do think the time will go well and you won't have any troubles if you don't let little habits or quirks get to you. My best regards Arabella.
  3. Thank you, Esk for this reading. At first look it is very insightful and you have done a very good job, there's a lot here that is spot on. I will take some time to look over it again and do the feedback for you. I have done your reading and will write it up in the next few days - I am having some trouble with my ipad (again, such a nuisance) but it seems to be working ok now. Thanks again Arabella
  4. It was a thought that flashed to me at the time but you were talking about 18 as a date, or 18 months or years ago. So the date of 27 January 2013 (my sons 18th birthday) didn't seem relevant. I did work it out though, thank you. I don't know any Chris or Peters. Glad there wasn't any female names. Yes Marc is like that - a running bull, and he does like to stand out. Oh yes, for sure. I can usually make decisions but executing them is the hard part. Why do you think it took so long for me to do anything about my marriage? I'm a "close your eyes and hope it goes away" type girl. Thanks for the advice. That fear of taking action is at play though, and it's way easier said than done. I have no idea how to please myself or have my needs met. My role in life is to please others, or so it seems. Putting myself first is a foreign concept. Since rebuilding my marriage I have tried to ne more assertive, ask for what I want. In other areas as well. I try but I get slapped down everytime, be it by my relationship or my work life - the universe reminds me to sit down and shut up and work it out myself. Sounds harsh? Happens time and again. I find my most basic need is to have peace and quiet. so I achieve that by keeping things to myself, letting it slide, and hoping it will pass. Suck it up, put the big girl panties on and deal with my own shit in my own time. "Just let it go" seems to be the theme of most of my readings so that's what I'm trying these days. Again in thanks for the reading, that there wasn't any "cheating" cards means I can relax and work on other aspects for now, namely myself. I really do appreciate the extra time you have obviously spent thinking about this and me. It means a lot. Arabella
  5. Yes I agree the cards can sometimes be there for us to take what we need and as you have said right at the start of the reading, leave behind what you don't need. We can see them when we look hard enough. But I didn t act and suffered for it then and now. So the saying goes
  6. I'll try this again, have no idea what happened this morning. Anyway ... yes Pisces is my husbands sun sign and Scorpio is November when the poo hit the fan. But Cancer, June July doesn't resonate. And while Taurus is my sign the April May time period doesn't mean much in this context. Great of you to say the sign or the months. Some people would attach the sign to a specific person when it could in fact be the month. I'm trying to think of both within the question, person and/or month Yes a lot of readers use astrology, but I'm am not really familiar with it myself and don't place much, if any into my readings. Keep at it, it's all part of the learning and has to bring another element into your readings. Thanks so much.
  7. Hi there, I did answer your fine tuning but it seems to have gotten lost in the ether. I'll rewrite ASAP. my ipad has been dodgy lately, bloody thing!. Ill just reread your last posts as well thanks so much. A
  8. Sorry not to get back to on this DND, I did in my head but forgot to actually post it. Thanks for the extra info. Keeping things behind a door? Yes, I do. Mainly because I know he is doing all he can to be the best husband he can and if there's things that come up for me I need to assess whether or not it's a big deal worth thrashing out or if it's just me today and my overthinking head. If I can deal with it myself I think I don't want to be punishing him or bringing up his past deeds in a way that would upset him. He knows if I'm upset and tries to make it better so it's not like I'm hiding it that well. And of course it's not his fault if a song comes on the radio and flings me back to the past and all the bad stuff there. So yes there is plenty I keep hidden. When I first saw the name, my reaction was "damn it! I knew I couldn't trust him and his influences on my husband". Mostly my husband sees through Marc's bravado and tells me he doesn't listen much to what he boasts about. But there was a time when I was suspicious of a meeting they had. I thought it might be an alibi so my husband could do something else. I still don't know for sure what that was about. As far as I know, at this point they haven't spoken in months. Yes, my husband has many other friends who are good guys, we don't need this type of person in our lives. This is still intriguing me. 18 months ago was the one year anniversary of our first show down. That was the beginning of a four month period of turmoil while we decided what to do (November to April). For this anti-versary we had planed to go away together but had our flights cancelled due to weather conditions. Instead we holidayed closer to home. It was a bit traumatic as I had viewed the holiday anad it location as a closure, one year on and all that, and when it was cancelled I felt I couldn't have that closure. Whoa, hold on, I always think of that date as the 20 but there was a couple of day prior to that when I first knew something was terribly wrong so that would have been around the 17/18 November. And also the big BIG showdown was the 9th April. 1+8=9. 18 years ago - 2001. Nothing comes to mind at all. There is one other thing that comes to mind regarding the number 18 and our marriage. Every year on my sons birthday we would have a family portrait taken. On my sons 18th birthday we realised it would be the last as he was off to uni and launching as an adult in the big wide world. At that portrait session I asked for photos to be taken of us separately with our son. I had it in my mind that we would not be together much longer and it would make things easier after our separation if I didn't have all my sons photos containing his father. I didn't voice that but my husband did look at me surprised. Maybe he read my mind because within two years he had "left" me to travel down his own path. So maybe that 18th birthday was the start of the down hill slide for him. I obviously had those thoughts earlier if I was looking at that portrait session that way. I am trying not to dwell on these points now as I don't want to be my normal overthinking self and rehash AGAIN, but for feedback on your reading I thought you might like to know. If it brings forth any more info to you I'd love to hear it. Glad you found out how to PM. more to come ...
  9. A very happy birthday to you Raggydoll. And may all the blessings of the 11.11 shine down upon you. Arabella P.S what a beautiful deck that one is. And the cards you drew are a lovely birthday message.
  10. Not a problem with you being out of touch for a few days. I'm at work Saturday through Wednesday so wouldn't be getting to your reading till Thursday. As I have not been able to give you a choice of deck (I only have two and this is my new one so I'm really keen to try it out, especially for this type of reading), please choose the deck you want to use for me. What ever one calls to you at the time is perfect by me. Having a house guest is stressful, so a reading on this makes sense, I think. Let's see what the cards say, shall we Talk soon, but we have plenty of time to get this done. A
  11. Hi Esk, Hope you are well and ready for this unusual exchange over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to it. I have decided that my focus for this reading is my work life. Things at work have been like walking a tightrope for about two years now but seem to be settling down now with a new operations manager who seems to be more suited to the role and receptive to our needs. I still struggle with the "Corporatisation" of our little not-for-profit organisation though. Too many managers and not enough regular workers. I am a tour guide at a natural aquarium situated at the end of an ocean pier. I love my job and the people I work with. I can mostly stay out of the bosses way and get my job done happily (our department is not actually at the same site, we are a mile away) and we have lots of happy customers, so that says it all. I have no plans to leave my job but would like to have a bit more peace of mind and not feel I have to be toeing a corporate line for a job that is very unusual. Often we have to make things up as we go along because of the unusual circumstances that we work in, so a strict corporate structure just doesn't work for us. I hope this bit of background helps with your reading for me. For your reading I will be using my new deck, if that's ok with you. It's the Psychic Tarot For The Heart by John Holland. It's supposed to be a good deck for relationships but I'm finding it's working well for all sorts of questions and readings. I suppose "relationships" can be a very broad word if you think about it. Relationship with your self, your partner, your family, your workmates, your finances or accountant- anything really is a relationship. Please let me know of your focus for the reading and I'll get on to it. kind regards Arabella
  12. Don't know how I missed this when you first posted, Raggydoll, but I'm intrigued now. I'll put aside some time tomorrow and sit with the cards a while. Thank you for the suggestion and the new word - soul mapping, sounds spot on. A
  13. Hello there Esk, nice to be partnered with you again. This is a great exchange this month (or two) as we test our predictive abilities with tarot. Gotta run now but I will be back to discuss our readings. Arabella
  14. Hi Delta. I have practiced yoga (Iyengar) for nearly twenty years (wow! it is that long). I was looking for an excersise class and remembered that I'd enjoyed yoga in high school so found a class. I didn't know one form of yoga from another, just answered a newspaper ad. As we know from tarot and all we learn here at T,T &M, the universe was listening and I went to the perfect class for me. Happy to say that same teacher is now a wonderful friend and my yoga journey through that time has been everything from once a week asana classes to three or four times a week at different places, to long breaks and gaps. I practice mostly asana and pranayama but I am versed on the eight limbs and Mr Iyengar's philosophy and embrace it. Over the years I've noticed how well my body has strengthened. I can hike mountains, scramble over rocks, and lift heavey things - all things I struggled to do back in my 30's (I'm now 54). At the moment I am having a break from classes or structured practice, but my body knows what to do. Doesn't matter how long since I was on the mat, I just seem to fall into the asana. And I take that with me, at work you'll find me stretching in the elevator when no one is around, or sitting in a pose that I know will be more beneficial that just sitting. More importantly though, I can bring the awareness to an ache or pain and use my yoga knowledge (or look it up) to find a pose or stretch to eliminate it. That has to be yoga greatest gift to me - being aware of my body and my breath. Are you just starting yoga or have you practiced for a while? I always see the RWS Hanged Man as my cue to stop and get on the mat for a while if I have that card come up for me. Araballa
  15. Ok, I've looked at my calendar and I can do it in the timeframes. Sign me up for the JuJu, please, Fortuna. A
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