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  1. For this reason, it was the first deck I bought - Universal RWS (mainly because I liked the colours better, compared to the original or classic). Whilst not a total "muggle" these were the images I grew up with, the cards that said "Tarot" to me. When ever I talked with family or friends about tarot this was the deck they puled out. I'm glad I chose to study it first and only then branched out to other decks. I found it the perfect foundation for my studies and while I would say I love it as my first love, it has been relegated lately in favour of other decks. A
  2. Thought I would jump in ... this is why I find it very hard to read for myself. I always struggle with this exact thought. "is this true of just what I want to hear?" I seem to be able to read for others quite well and exchange readings here all the time. I get great feedback from those readings. So how come I cant get good results for myself? I have found a solution that is working well for me recently - I ask the question as if from Arabella. That's not my real name I'm not sure anyone here has a username that is their real name. So I ask "what does Arabella need to know about ... ?" I'm getting much better results this way. Just a thought, maybe give it a try. A
  3. I am very much with you on this, Starlight. I am at the turning point too and would love some others insight into going with the flow and learning to "just breathe", be present in the now, and whatever that brings with it. When you do come up with something concrete, please do share. As always, my very best wishes to you and all of us who are doing this type of work, wading through the shadows. Light to all A
  4. I agree that drawing more cards is a way to get more and more tangled up, if you are having trouble interpreting the original cards. I used to do it when I first started and I'd end up just a muddled mess. Having said that, now I do draw a base card for most readings (other than circle exchanges where the spread is very structured and there's not much need to draw another card) I ask the cards "what is this reading about?" and take the card form the bottom of the deck. I find it gives me and the sitter, a better insight to the situation and why they have asked the question they did. I try to make sure the interpretation of the base card makes sense to original question. It's almost like giving a focus to the reading that the sitter may not have consciously realised. Almost like "what is at the heart of the matter the sitter has asked about". In a recent reading the sitter asked if a hobby she had let slide as life got busy, was something she should go back to. The cards indicated yes her hobby was a good way to unwind. The base card showed advice for moderation - she needs some time out to unwind but not to let her hobby take over but also not to let the busyness of life take away from her me-time. I have used used this for my own readings where I have asked a general "what do I need to know" question and read the cards pulled, gotten a good general answer. I then draw a base card "what is this reading all about?" and the card is something pertaining to my work life. Maybe I didn't realise there was something about my work life I needed to look at. So I can relook at the reading as if that where my focus "what do I need to know about my work life?" and it fits so much better. So for me that extra card is a clarification of sorts but as an overview. just my two cents worth Arabella
  5. That's for your time and effort @LoveLightPeace and to all the mods here. We need you and it's easy to forget how much we need you.
  6. A very happy birthday to you Raggydoll. And may all the blessings of the 11.11 shine down upon you. Arabella P.S what a beautiful deck that one is. And the cards you drew are a lovely birthday message.
  7. Don't know how I missed this when you first posted, Raggydoll, but I'm intrigued now. I'll put aside some time tomorrow and sit with the cards a while. Thank you for the suggestion and the new word - soul mapping, sounds spot on. A
  8. Hi Delta. I have practiced yoga (Iyengar) for nearly twenty years (wow! it is that long). I was looking for an excersise class and remembered that I'd enjoyed yoga in high school so found a class. I didn't know one form of yoga from another, just answered a newspaper ad. As we know from tarot and all we learn here at T,T &M, the universe was listening and I went to the perfect class for me. Happy to say that same teacher is now a wonderful friend and my yoga journey through that time has been everything from once a week asana classes to three or four times a week at different places, to long breaks and gaps. I practice mostly asana and pranayama but I am versed on the eight limbs and Mr Iyengar's philosophy and embrace it. Over the years I've noticed how well my body has strengthened. I can hike mountains, scramble over rocks, and lift heavey things - all things I struggled to do back in my 30's (I'm now 54). At the moment I am having a break from classes or structured practice, but my body knows what to do. Doesn't matter how long since I was on the mat, I just seem to fall into the asana. And I take that with me, at work you'll find me stretching in the elevator when no one is around, or sitting in a pose that I know will be more beneficial that just sitting. More importantly though, I can bring the awareness to an ache or pain and use my yoga knowledge (or look it up) to find a pose or stretch to eliminate it. That has to be yoga greatest gift to me - being aware of my body and my breath. Are you just starting yoga or have you practiced for a while? I always see the RWS Hanged Man as my cue to stop and get on the mat for a while if I have that card come up for me. Araballa
  9. This question is very much why I am participating in this months ISG circle. Using my intuition only, I will interpret the cards horizontally using the image as it appears and the feeling I get from it. I'm looking forward to it as I'm sure cards will look totally different horizontally than either upright or reversed. In Celtic Cross spreads, I read just like HOLMES described, more that it covers the situation than crosses (to me that means blocks) it. Cards with more in the imagery than my RWS will mean I get more from it intuitively as shapes and colours make more of an impact when you first look at them. I can find myself being a bit blasé when a card turns and I go "oh yeah, 9 of cups reversed, that guys gonna get his cups tipped all over him" I'll let you know how the ISG goes Arabella
  10. Oh my! These are just beautiful. As @McFaire said - like tiny universes. Your work is stunning @Lee3, thank you for showing us.
  11. My tarot/crystal room doubles as the home theatre but we only use it as that once a fortnight, if that. So most of the time my tarot stuff is out laying around as is my jewellery making stuff. If someone were to walk in then there would be no doubt they'd know. But today I'm expecting a visit from an old work colleague who has a Emmett and Reiki/Healing Crystal practice and funnily enough I have tidied my tarot stuff away as I have no idea of her perceptions on that. I have found some of my more artsy/hippyish friends are quite narrow minded on tarot. You never seem to know and I don't want to have to defend myself just because they are the ones who are unenlightened
  12. Im first to fly the flag of the Australians, but there's a few of us here
  13. Id like to add my many thanks to the list here. You've done an amazing job, @Little Fang, for me the changeover has been flawless. I'm off now to check out the new features (some things I didn't look at before). Thanks too, to the other moderators who have put in the time and the effort to help us all. May TT&M live long and prosper.
  14. Thanks Rose for your input. Yes I liked the Asherah Tarot, maybe it will go on the wish list. Im still hoping some members here that use the Star Tarot regularly will help with tips to keep it nice. To overhand shuffle or not or to riffle shuffle for the best way to look after those thin edges. A
  15. Thanks so much for the suggestions. It's just that I was so drawn to the deck and the images and the feel of the cards. So I bit the bullet and bought the Star Tarot deck. It's lovely and now I'm working my way through the cards to familiarise myself before I start to use it. I'll start with an interview spread. As the reviews said, the card stock is thin and quite flimsy. I'm being very gentle with it. It'll break my heart when it starts to fray at the edges like the reviews sugest. Then and only then I will trim it I think. Even then there's nothing I have found anywhere on the forum or on the Internet that says trimming will cure the edges fraying. It may well start to break down from the trimmed edge, that much closer to the image. Time will tell I guess. In the meantime I'm loving the deck and the beautiful images of Cathy McClelland.
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