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  1. Hello Cilla, welcome. I have and love your Intuitive Tarot.
  2. World Yes, they will make up. What do I need to know about E at the moment?
  3. Well, she said she would be in touch about meeting up. I’m still waiting... 10 of Swords I would read this as there will be some more trials and tribulations this year but it will all come to an end as the year ends (base card was Temperance, which can be a card of healing, so healing is on its way). Will I have a good day in D today?
  4. Hello Orli, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. But what a marvellous collection she had! You list several versions of the Royal Fez Morrocan Tarot, is that correct? Would you have pictures and publication details? And how much would you want for each one of them? Thank you.
  5. I realise this question was asked some time ago, so I will go with this current week. 5 of Cups It will be unsettling for you emotionally, but I get the feeling this will be temporary. Is A thinking of me?
  6. You were quite right with this! I did have a good time, but I don't like travelling and find that very challenging and unsettling at the best of times. I don't know why that is but it's always been that way for me.
  7. Moon (Universal Fantasy Tarot) This shows three shamans with animal masks returning from the world beyond; the third, with a scorpion mask, is still on the other side (the other masks are of a wild cat and a wolf): you need to pay attention to the lunar part of yourself, your intuition and your body, your dreams; I feel you will receive and important message of transformation. Why do I keep dreaming of life after death or leaving this earth/life behind?
  8. 4 of Cups Not yet - they still seem to be dissatisfied and focused on themselves. Will I have a good time in France?
  9. Ace of Wands Big fat YES! Is A attracted to me?
  10. It depends on what is meant by 'smart'. I have found that reading Tarot as well as doing my art readings for people here has completely changed my way of thinking. Offline I'm an academic, so I'm trained to think in a certain kind of way. But with Tarot and the art readings my brains makes very different connections and follows a way of thinking that is not linear and rational but equally valid. Maybe it's a form of magical thinking that Tarot encourages - a different way of knowing to that governed by the intellect. I guess it's similar to what Grizabella says. So I think it has made me wiser in the way the human mind works and has made me acknowledge that the mind is larger than the intellect.
  11. Magician No - but he wants you to think that; I think he's playing you. Am I on E's mind?
  12. Ace of Wands Yes yes yes! (And base card was that QoC again, so you just wait and be nice to yourself) Will the paper I will give after Easter be a success?
  13. That's very spot on! Sadly :( Queen of Cups You need to practice self-love and give yourself some slack this April - be kind to yourself What do I need to know about A?
  14. 2 of Swords Talk to someone else to help focus your thoughts What do I need to know about KoP (person)?
  15. Two cards came out Hanged Man and 3 of Cups Yes, but not immediately; it will take some time and also a change of perspective Is she trying to flirt with me?
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