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  1. Thank you for the feedback @voyager. I don't know what 3D struggles means but I liked the fact that you saw yourself in the hazy figure. I particularly liked the Capricorn connection you made - those are the little things I seem to pick up on but don't know what to do with until the meaning is revealed to me by the sitter. I was wondering what the horns were all about but couldn't figure it out. It makes so much sense now though.
  2. You were quite right with this! I did have a good time, but I don't like travelling and find that very challenging and unsettling at the best of times. I don't know why that is but it's always been that way for me.
  3. I really like this, Hakenensenu. Great work.
  4. Ok, Amaya, I’ll do that over the weekend. Hope you’re ok.
  5. Yes, Amaya, but I won’t get to it before next weekend. Is that ok?
  6. @voyager You and M have come a long way together. The both of you are that symbiotic red creature, walking by the side of a rough sea to the left and the dunes to the right. Behind you is the path on which you have come. The red creature is part bird and part human. The human seems to be piggy-backing and has wings. The bird seems to know where it's going. There is something very serene about it, but also something a bit haughty and proud. The red colour makes me think that you are passionately attached to each other. The piggy-backing might mean that one of you is doing all the work while the other one is having an easy ride. But this might also be because one of you is stronger and wiser than the other one and can carry the one of you who is weaker. The hazy outline of a figure that hovers over the dunes to the right made me think of a past-life ghost. She too is not entirely human but has horns. She is dressed in 19th-century fashion. It definitely made me feel that you have a past-life connection. Bird creature and ghost are facing the same way, to the right, ie the future, and they are very confident - while the figure on the back of the bird is facing the viewer, or the reader, as if for reassurance, or as if bidding farewell to the past. I think there is an issue from the past that needs to be resolved. Perhaps it's even a real ghost that disturbs your relationship and that needs to be guided to its place of rest. I found this picture hard to draw because for a long time I couldn't see anything properly. The ghost was a late addition but it was the part of the drawing that came easiest to me. I believe that is meant to be read metaphorically: your current relationship with M is difficult but close, and the ghost that is hovering there can easily be put to rest once it's acknowledged. I hope some of this resonates.
  7. Moon (Universal Fantasy Tarot) This shows three shamans with animal masks returning from the world beyond; the third, with a scorpion mask, is still on the other side (the other masks are of a wild cat and a wolf): you need to pay attention to the lunar part of yourself, your intuition and your body, your dreams; I feel you will receive and important message of transformation. Why do I keep dreaming of life after death or leaving this earth/life behind?
  8. You have a point, Nordica. I never thought of it that way.
  9. I think what I'm lacking is a concept or a story that would keep it together as a deck. If I had that, I think I would be tempted to try.
  10. Thank you for your feedback, katrinka. It's much appreciated. I wish you all the best for this new chapter in your life.
  11. @katrinka I see here a person in transformation. He looks dead but he is only dormant, as if he is in a pupa stage. His lower half reminds me of an insect and I definitely get the sense of pupating. There is a dragon fly hovering over him. She seems to be even emerging from his lower - insect - half. Perhaps she is the thing he will become. But the dragonfly is under threat from the shark that seems to be jumping at her from out of the water. This person is lying on a beach, in a place that is neither land nor sea. You can see mountains and landscape in the far distance but other than that the scenery is indistinct, it's a liminal place and a liminal stage in this person's life. I think this man is you. Even though you're female. I was very interested in the fish. I thought it would be a dolphin because of the elegant arch. But it definitely wanted to be a shark. I think this is a literal warning: beware of sharks - perhaps even loan sharks - while you go through this transformation. It will be a period where you feel you might be losing your footing (sinking into the wet sand or the water of the beach). You will also feel quite helpless at times, exposed and vulnerable, perhaps while you're waiting for money to come in or for your new life to take off and get on solid footing. Overall, I think this period of change is coming and inevitable. And in any case, I can't tell you what to do and not to do. You need to decide. It seems you have decided to go for it already. But be aware of sharks of all kinds, and predators generally. The process will be slow and you might be tempted to take what looks like a good bargain, but be careful and read the small print. The dragonfly may also be your spirit guide or totem animal in this period. You might read up on its symbolism and try to connect with in in nature. The beach environment itself looks like a peaceful place, a place that sustains you. Seek it out if you can.
  12. Thank you @katrinka. I will do your reading in the next few days. Starlight did a reading for me so I'm OK for now. If you can give a little feedback on my drawing reading, that would great.
  13. Thanks Nordica and AnomalyTempest. I love that card! I didn't know there was a Victorian Fairy Tarot. I tried to do a Tarot deck once but didn't get any further than the Majors.
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