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  1. @HeavenlyWren Your deck collection is a nice one as it is now. I think Everyday Witch that you already have will do (it has similarities with it), and is probably better. I think the people in the deck you want is not very well drawn (composition and the backgrounds are better). Katie
  2. Looked that Light Visions deck up. So expensive! They don't even look expensive - at all! I'd spend the money on something else or rather just save them. Katie
  3. I'n in! Fin dr Siècle Kipper fortune telling deck. Asked them about what to do with all THINGS I have. I have been tumbling this question for years. I keep sorting things and keep things that I use. Somehow I keep ending up with full cupboards etc. What to do with these material things? Best possible outcome is the pyramid in the middle. The coffin tells me it's time to say goodbye to many of the things. Great fortune spills on the significatpr (nr 2 card). Obstacles (left pyramid) is that there is a constant change/flow of things. Both mine and the family's. The outcome pyramid to the right is mainly positive. Surprise cards are positive though imprisonment spills a bit on the family room card. So... keep on sorting stuff out but maybe being more tough on it. Katie
  4. I had that deck for 15 years. Rather pretty pictures but I never felt they spoke to me. And now it's more of a retro thing to own it, just skip it. Am I too harsh?? Katie
  5. My username Katie is a name I've always liked. The avatar is from Mystical Moments. I recently noticed I am not alone having a female figure from that deck as my avatar. I want to change avatar soon since I never connected to that deck and gave it away to someone who really loves it. @2dogs Fun to read your post here (no 4), I had wondered from where you had taken that avatar from. Now I know Katie
  6. Oh thanks for the reply, then I know Etsy is ok. I'll wait and think a little though.. Katie
  7. I need some (enabling please hehe) advice of buying Nocturna Oracle deck. 1. Aren't the cards a bit thick?? 2. Ordering from Etsy, I've never done that. Anyone here who has ordered from Etsy to Sweden?? Katie
  8. Oh, that's what I call a true unboxing post @Raggydoll. Thanks for the joy of seeing this Katie
  9. @King of Swords Ah that looks...ehm not so good (or "shabby chic"?) concerning the card stock. The thread is Katie
  10. @King of Swords Those decks you've ordered would I love to see in the un-boxing thread! I have been waiting 10 days for Dark Mansion Tarot now. I am sort of giving up on it soon...... Katie
  11. @gregory Clever to save money there. I checked the Rackham deck up. It reminds me a lot of the John Bauer tarot. Katie
  12. Annual!? Sounds exciting, must be more than one deck? What did you include in that order? Sorry for beeing curious... Katie
  13. Ok, it's an Oracle deck but I think it might fit here: The Brownies - Their Oracle. Katie
  14. That's too bad. It is somehow easy to judge the imagery before purchasing but not cardstock. I really don't like shiny slippery finnish. Katie
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