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  1. I am reading the thread but have had much going on IRL. My dad is ill. I didn't dare to draw tarot cards (afraid getti g death card) so waited...until I felt more calmed day before yesterday..drew 3 cards (CBD TDM) before-now-future and got W6-Death-W8. Gaah!! He is better now but fragile. Turned to Dark mansion this morning getting W10 which is very telling. So will be using those 2 decks but might not report on it as much as I did recently. Katie
  2. Ah the regular edition. That's so nice. Katie
  3. Haha, didn't take long for me to bring DMT out. And wow what a card I got this time.
  4. @Mi-Shell that's a strange looking tree, almost spider-like. I'll give 2 oracles a try: Ceccoli Oracle, and Sacred Traveller. But I can't promise not to use DMT as well 2 cards of the day: Two little girls having a lot in common and a very "meatish" heart in between them. Then the card Navigation by the stars. Beeing patient. I will be guided and should have faith in that.
  5. Look, I am not a professional reader or anything like that but I really do think it is a great sign. There are no coincidences, there is meaning to it. Katie
  6. And look what's here.. @Bookworm is one of the Jokers
  7. I must admit I did order the 2nd ed regular (limited ed) brown backing within 15 minutes from seeing it. Can't wait to get it. And yes I know it's crazy to order it but couldn't resist. Katie
  8. Here is the difference. 1st ed first. Then 2nd edition.
  9. The DM deck calls for me so drew a card from it and got one of my favourite cards. Good vibes from this. Long-term striving.
  10. If you compare the 1st ed reverse side with the 2nd ed reverse side there i a thin frame in the 2nd ed. Maybe I should explain using images and not my swenglish here but I am a little in a hurry now.... Katie
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