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  1. agree! web as well! luv free guidebook & accompanying text fit illustrations perfectly!;D
  2. Wall Art point Exactly my idea!;D Card stock IS important IF you plan using your deck & you will notice if it's bad!;D it was Not big deal 50yrs ago when printing was harder & publishing/fiding Tarot deck was miracle by itself but for today Modern decks facts I've mentioned should be standard anything less will feel to thin/bad quality?x.x just order cheep clow cards from ebay to give you idea what cardstock should Not be like!xD lol also some LS oracles have supersharp edges!x,x you may got papercut while handling!x.x lol AND strong chemical/other smell may be turn of as well if you are sensitive about it!^^ eta; & what is worth collecting is completely up to you as it's your collection!;) but as far as i know less decks printed may mean less decks available for sale so it's why Limited edition prints May be valuable sometime in future when even less of these is left!;D
  3. haha! glad we have pro journalist in my team!;) imo as any collection it's thing of *personal preferences, 1) what system do one prefer? Marseli(pips & therefore most rare mean print in small numbers as demand is low so it's more expensive especially if *Original Museum/historic reprint etc/RWS(most popular)/Crowley (thoth considered black sheep but still popular!;) 2) topic & artstyle (i.e Everyone love cats but monochrome is less popular!;) 3) print quality( cardstock should be at least 300gsm AND linen imo you need to have at least 1 of popular publishers USG/Agm, print on demand; drivethrucards & gamecrafter, & selfpulisher baba studio, etc to compare & get idea why people are crazy over these?!;) All mentioned above affect demand & price & value is formed accordingly but it's also personal how much 1 person can afford to spend on 1 decks mostly depends on income & where you live i.e if you live in 3rd world country & move a lot you wish to keep it small if not & you don't spend much on other things (including luxury ie travel, fashion, plastic surgery etc) I don't see why not buying yourself Tarot deck you like & know you'll be happy to use?;) after All it's mini art gallery where you are purchasing 78 mini painting exhibition of your fav artist so how much would you pay 1 painting?;) Artist also have to eat & pay rent!;) & we got to enjoy that art & have great fun with our deck/collection!;) my is not that big & I collect other things as well but it's awesome hobby when I have time to play with my collection for weekend I spend All day sorting it admiring & comparing art & doing some fun readings etc & forget All b*s in my RL at the moment & it's refreshing way to restore my energy asap!^^ ;D as @gregory say price don't mean nothing to me if deck is not on *my wishlist if yes then there is limit (I hope!;) at how much I would bid & can afford at this point of my life!;D & my *Holy grail would be early edt historic prints but i'm yet to raise to that level!;D & No I don't recommend bootleg (ukraine & lithvania i think?x,x) bc its bad quality just got original deck from artist/publisher or wait for legit copy to show up!x,x ;)
  4. Omf! This! I'm awed beyond words! Thanks for enlightening!xD lol
  5. reall

    Art-only Decks

    umm, my idea of *Art Only was exactly that Art Only No Text or Anything but This is definitely Art Deck!;D & I'm sure you'll got awesome fun readings once you figure how it works best for you?;D lol
  6. update 1st post to add News on tgc New 320gsm cardstock & they also have mini tins that wold fit lenormand decks!;D Yey!^^ lol https://www.thegamecrafter.com/publish/product/MintTin?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_aug_2019&utm_content=newsletter_aug_2019_mint_tin_link https://www.thegamecrafter.com/publish/product/MintTinDeck?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_aug_2019&utm_content=newsletter_aug_2019_mint_tin_deck_link
  7. imo we are just lucky this year Tarot Art wise!;D
  8. I like scenic will keep an eye on you!xD mmm burned runes my fav! would like to try sigils as well!;D
  9. oh! Thank You for posting this! so happy to see that alternative back btw this deck have awesome 3dish art style i adore!;D
  10. thank you for pointing that up it's even better than single deck!;) @Little Fang same here! & still (almost!) missed!;)
  11. yep, I've created my digital mini card version & selfpublished with gamecrafter & drivethrucards!;) https://www.drivethrucards.com/product/236129/Rune-cards-mini-size https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/ancient-lenormand-rune-cards-mini-size- simple cute & affordable!^^ I like!^^ also search tool provide plenty results for Rune on both gamecrafter & drivethrucards worth checking out for ideas!^^ lol @Raggydoll like your idea & craftiness be sure to share your project when ready!;D @ilweran looking forward to read more about Ogham!;D also I hear there is a fixer spray you should use over your art to preserve it when completed? & you can also use these card sleeves; https://www.thegamecrafter.com/parts/poker-sleeve-pack-100-?dept_uri=game-accessories&dept_name=Game Accessories
  12. that's why I like Old Masters Art it's priceless puzzle by itself!;D
  13. Another Beautiful Tarot deck & already fully funded on ks!;) sorry I've miss early bird again! facepalm
  14. hehe, i like idea these 2 cards were connected by a snake side by side!;)
  15. imo they sent all replacement cards without tracking so postman just leave it in your mailbox without even ring a bell it's easy to miss if you are not home/checking regulary!x,x facepalm & they moved to that new ks?;) hopefully without hiccups this time!;D eta; @FLizarraga i would be a squeaky wheel if your deck hasn't arrived yet!;D
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