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  1. added new printer in Germany!;) https://www.quartettbar.de/Produkte/Spielkarten/Andere-Spielkartenkonzepte
  2. best to ask directly imo it's all standard?;)
  3. just ask them directly!:) https://www.ludocards.com/faq.php I'm sure they can offer what you are looking for!;) Also you can print your books somewhere else then ship it all from mailboxde.com!;)
  4. Awesome! Added to my 2019 wishlist! Thank You for Sharing!;D
  5. he he, like this!:) btw we should have top voted results at top!:) Also what if I have i.e 10 different rws/thoth edt?x,x facepalm lol joke aside it's around 12/2I let go for me!:) & THERE is NO WAY THIS IS TOP50WITHOUT GOLDEN UNIVERSAL AND BOTICHELI AND MUCHA AND S H A D O W S C A P E S???x,x facepalm lol
  6. good old word/open office works for me!;) Deck name artist publisher & year it's printed All I need to find more info online!:) + short note where I get it & how much it cost me with shipping & tax also short description with tag i.e if it's majors only, oop, selfpublished edt etc?;)
  7. @DanielJUK Thank You!:) I would newer remember to look All the way down!;) so may I suggest theme button to be up near profile icon?;) also agree there is no *true dark/AT purple at least not to my liking so maybe Fiery Flame BUT purple background instead black & with light lilac font?:)
  8. Hi!:) just logged in & checking my settings/options, happy to see my profile & deck list is here!:) also link option in deck list is awesome!^^ Thank You for All Updates & Everything You Do to make great Tarot forum!^^;) will post if I remember anything else, but for now my only remarks are; 1) if possible I would like dark AT color theme; http://www.tarotforum.net/ 2) also I would like All notifications (post, donations etc) on my left hand instead of right as it's now simply bc I've used to old way!^^ lol 3) how about favorite Tarot shop list in profile?:) I know need 1!^^ lol & with *private option it would be visible to user only?:) 4) speaking on *privacy setting I'm yet to figure where to find it so maybe it would be god idea to have all *privacy settings under 1 privacy button clearly visible from user page?:) like something we have on android app settings?;) Next
  9. I think ko fi is perfect to start!:) also be sure to read my post on that link for google webs & ig tips!;) Wheel of Fantastic[/member] tnx 4 blog tips! I'm watching those as well!:)
  10. Omg! MY WALLS NEED THESE!^^ just saying you can make awesome modern looking & free web with google webs!:) & if you add paypal buttons it works as perfect web store!:) check out my example; https://sites.google.com/view/myluckycard/home https://sites.google.com/view/myluckycard/eu-shop-page & instagram is popular place to promote!:) just add web shop link to your ig acc & you are ready to go!:) also I use etsy when I wish to promote new item in my shop but they raised their fees & changed politic recently so not my fav anymore!;//
  11. you are welcome! glad I guessed that one right!:D
  12. there is plenty to read & learn from this awesome author so you are welcome!:)
  13. Hi!:) Good luck with your pursuit!:) imo best example & plenty of tips & *legal advices for pro readers are this awesome blog posts; https://benebellwen.com/category/professional-tarot/page/1/
  14. I must say my fav limited budget are; 1) fools dog app (googleplay) as you get full deck & Book for only few$!:) it let you see all cards read book & do some spread & it works perfect if you have larger android screen!:) best example Shadowscapes I fall in love with again!:) & if you decide you love that deck you can always buy it later!:) 2) mini decks fun & easy to handle & carry around & often you don't need more anyway!:) my fav Manga Tarot & mini rws!^^ 3) Gilded!^^ happy to say most of mass printed *gilded decks fit budget & there is plenty to pick!^^ & Your collection NEED at least 1!^^ Golden Universal my fav & Bottichell 2nd!^^ oh! just remembered Ethereal Visions: An Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes (U.S. Games edt) also feat gilding AND Beautiful Art Nuovu art!:) that brings us to my top no.1 art deck; Mucha Tarot!:) 4) these may not be everyone cup of tea (especially after all that possession & *conversion affair) BUT must say I like DV Tarot & Oracle sets!:) plenty options & nice book for price!^^ lol 5) oracle, piatnik are good start & *affordable & imo give good idea how oracle work in general & let you explore different systems such as Lenormand & Gypsy cards (Art Deco my fav but may be oop now?;) & discovering how well these read for you without spending much on *fancy deck you like but will never use?;D btw I'm getting most of my *budget decks from bookdepository as they offer free shipping worldwide!:) Also you may wish to check out etsy/drivethrucards & gamecrafter for some affordable selfpublished Tarot & Oracle decks!:) my are in link in profile!^^)
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