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  1. Quick Update: 1) House move only not me. 2) Legal and official around my family 3) Hospital connected to me and also family. 4) A cousin and nephew graduated from university and graduation - it was last weekend. 5) Some members of my family on my dad's side came over to celebrate the graduation and also two 5 year old birthdays. 6) Two house moves actually - one abroad and one that came out of the blue. New house bought. So, mostly everything really like travel, real estate, hospital and legal etc. DND Ps Will update one more time as the end of August is next week.
  2. @Barleywine Was meant to come back to this last night as I did go through my decks that are shelved and easy to access. I still keep coming back to Mel Brown and one other Australian (I believe) actually - Belinda Grace. Mah Jongg I really like as it is not run of the mill and definitely not that one word card that has the same meaning in 100 decks +++. However, it does involve lots of cards and the South, North, West and East positions plus a Central position. But very into it readings when you work out how to read them. DND
  3. @Barleywine I have this one and have had it for under 10 years. Mah Jongg Oracle Small cards. Neat to work with, but it does take a little time to get use to its system. It gets to the nitty gritty depending on what is selected and when a person doesn't quite expect it. Behind masks or the surface of a situation. However, there are a lot of cards... Might be an idea to have something a little more simpler perhaps as this is not something that can be read off the bat. When I get home will have a look through everything to see if something is more suitable to your needs. DND
  4. Mel Brown I saw three decks on Amazon just now not including the latest one she has out which I will get. I met her some years back and she is really cool - I did look for her this year actually when I went to a Spiritual Convention, but she wasn't there unfortunately. I have two of those decks shown in Amazon :The Goddess one and Aborigine dreamtime. And they cost me like US$30 each, but at the time one of them was the newest one out etc. Plus in Australia we seem to pay more for Tarot and Oracles. About 6 weeks ago, as my niece intends to start buying Tarot and Oracles all of a sudden, I pulled out Mel Brown's decks and a few others to demo what she should be investing in. Both decks nailed her to a tee and in totally different ways. I felt one more than the other, but she felt both were on to it probably as she knows herself more. Fair enough. One card was like taking a good look in the mirror really yet she accepted and appreciated what was being put across to her and it resonated 100%. ]So, she is buying Mel Brown. Mel Brown's Oracles are not airy fairy stuff and her cards say it like it is, but not in a negative way. The Lenormand would be a bit too much for my adult niece to learn and if I teach anyone in the family - child onwards. I have my eye on my great niece who is 7 years old and intuitive with a high IQ and very compassionate. Solid memory. Be seeing little Miss Muffet soon and will put her to the test with her own deck as long as mummy dearest is fine with it. Sushi may have to be a bribe on my part. DND
  5. Mah Jong This is another great oracle too where certain cards and spots influence the meaning and/or interpretation. I like it when I have the time to work with it which is not a lot, but it is a little gem. Another one that might be hard to get now though as well. DND
  6. Lily can be a slow slow card when it comes to timing and can even go as far as decades. But it doesn't exactly mean it's completely over either. As for the other lot of cards I think that was addressed in line with your Yes or No question. Just adding that it seems like a NO as it could be to do with things being up in the air still or doubts/uncertainty connected to what lead to falling out or a break up. Eg. Arguments, addiction, behaviour, and/or hurtful words etc. DND
  7. Les Vampires I wasnt recommending.
  8. @Barleywine I like Mel Browns decks. She is Australian Aborigine so most, if not all of her decks, have an Aboriginal influence in the meanings and very on point when it comes to messages. Other than that - most decks are the same old same old with that one word meaning the exact same thing no matter what deck - like a self help book. I like Froud too, but you might find that a bit on the harsh side although very very on the nail as well. Steve Farmer (?) and Scott Alexander King (?) might be two others to consider as well only they do Animal Spirit Oracles etc. Very very good material to work with! DND
  9. @Barleywine Have you got the Psycards at all? Hard one to get now though... perhaps. One of my top 5 and is one deck that travels with me. Jung influenced deck and very on to it. @Starlight Les Vampires. Yes. Only used that deck once. It wasn't able to do predictive like I wanted. However, it isn't airy fairy which is a bonus! DND Just spotted @DanielJUK - great minds think alike! Obviously we have good taste when it comes to certain decks and what they can accomplish, but this particular one is right up there!
  10. ORACLE 48 UK LONDON. 15 hours Ago. Court proceedings start in the divorce of Princess Haya (Dubai). Royal Divorce Princess Haya DND
  11. Spirit guides change as we evolve and grow as they all serve different purposes as we develop. Some are constant whereas some will come and go. Not sure who is around me now although I strongly suspect it is still the one partnered to me from India. However, I really really really wanted Liberace and Bruce Lee! DND
  12. My package arriving and decent fish and chips coming up for lunch!
  13. LAST DAY OF JULY! On the most part I think the Lenormand, Oracle 48 and Extra Insight hit this on the nail for the entire month. Each in their own right. Will be back to complete the last week and then perhaps compare. DND
  14. WHAT ELSE... 06+19 could be a lawsuit or uncertainty around an official or legal matter. Even a place connected to the Tower. Eg Hospital/Court/Real Estate. 17+19 could be moving up the ladder or improvements in an official/legal situation. Even health or education. 17+31 is all about success, triumphs and achieving it all whereas 19+31 is in a leadership role etc and 19+01 is about an official message or new development officially/legally. Could be news or information from a hospital/educational institution/real estate etc. DND
  15. IN THREES ANCHOR+MOUNTAIN+SUN Long delay transitioning to long awaited success. CROSS+STORKS+RIDER Coming and going of something or back and forth. Recovery of some kind or change for the better on its way. DND
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