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  1. Oracle 48 On a roll - cannot wait to do a recap of the week to see what unfolded in the news or not. So far.... a: We have the internet fiasco and disease connected to Africa more so than Asia and India etc. b: - A photo leak in the UK. - Social media being used to complain about two airport incidents in the UK. One had an IT glitch (accident?) and the other a fire scare (disaster?). - A current article written about the death of a baby girl that occurred in Ireland a few years back. Sad indeed. - A cyber attack ransom story to do with Europe. - A disturbing and heartbreaking story of murder commited by kids in Ireland with social media being heavily criticized. A bullied girl was the target. Not sure if the week is really all that bleak as I am sure there has to be good news only I did not really come across any when it came to top stories. Hoping that will change. Not sure if there is anything else for that area of the world. c : - USA and ASIA - 1) Recent old murder case involving an Asian female student, and 2) Korea. - USA & AFRICA - Not too sure. Trump seems to have a strong news presence so I might take the USA out. d: - Supermarkets, farms, taxes, business and money in Australia. Am sure there is more. Still 3 days to go... DND
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA & MEDIA MEDIA PHOTO LEAK - BORIS JOHNSON UK 50 minutes ago. Seems there is a photo leak in the media only it seems it is mum's the word when it comes to Boris Johnson. PHOTO LEAK BORIS JOHNSON What does this tie to? It ties to Oracle 48 and most definitely the UK and possible leaks in the media and/or social media. On a roll this week! DND
  3. QUICK UPDATE The temptation Adam and Eve apple thing. Started in March and blossomed rather quickly and is more than texting and talking. The real truth came out as to the extent of it on Saturday. See no evil, hear no evil and all that! Maybe three hail Mary's for good measure. DND
  4. LENORMAND DEATH OF A WOMAN USA 2 Hours Ago. Finally! A man is trialled and convicted for the murder of a Chinese female student in 2017. Not murdered this week and not more than one involved, but definitely been discussed in the USA and Asia due to the concerns of other foreign students and that if someone has mental issues... Man Convicted For Murder DND
  5. Ties into AFRICA and DISEASE with Oracle 48.
  6. DISEASE - EBOLA OVER 1500 AFRICA . 6 Hours Ago. Report on the number of deaths caused by Ebola since August. Second biggest outbreak recorded. AFRICA EBOLA DEATHS DND
  7. Gave in to a whim! No idea why as it's not like I use most decks anyhow. Bought a few Fairy Oracle Lenormands, a borderless Deviant Moon, one Druid Craft and a deck by a female artist Nicoletta C. Will have to look her up. DND
  8. LENORMAND + USA & AFRICA USA WOMAN ACCUSED OF KILLING CHILDREN AFRICA 13 hours ago Lenormand (USA) or USA and AFRICA - even just AFRICA maybe. With the Lenormand it was something like death to do with a woman and more than one involved or for a woman something is done and dusted etc. In this case, there is a lawsuit against this American woman, Renee Bach, due to the deaths of a number of children under her care in Africa. She posed as a doctor only wasnt one. LAWSUIT AGAINST AMERICAN WOMAN Still 5 days to go. Even though this is about a US woman she isn't exactly in the USA. I would prefer it to be in the USA so... DND
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA/MEDIA - CYBER ATTACKS ON BIG COMPANIES EUROPE 20 minutes ago. In the UK news is cyber attacks and ransoms targeting big companies. Cyber Attacks & Ransoms DND
  10. NEWS - SEX OFFENDER BISHOP DIES. UK 20 Hours ago. Am sure he would be known throughout England with him victimising young vulnerable males. Most definitely known to Prince Charles. Would not class him as a celebrity yet he did seem to rub elbows with royalty at least. Peter Ball Sex Offender Bishop Dies DND
  11. COMMUNICATIONS - INTERNET & PHONES AFRICA 1 HOUR AGO. More on the internet issues Africa faces in some of its countries and how it is shut down and even controlled for whatever reasons. It does seem to be one place in the world that is behind the times but there seems to be more to it than just that too. Smart phones too. AFRICA INTERNET WOES DND
  12. BABY GIRL DEATH NEWS STORY IRELAND June 24th, 2019. 12 hours ago. So, this seems to be a story shared by the father of the baby that died although she died shortly after her birth in 2016 due to a common type of infection. Newborn Baby Girl Dies What I find interesting is that this story has come up in my weekly timeline and it is definitely to do with the death of a baby girl and connected to Ireland, but it is not like it just happened, but rather in 2016. However, it is current in the news because the story was just published earlier today. DND
  13. JUNE 24, 2019. 6:30pm 26 hours ago. In this situation there is some contract under scrutiny, but by the female shadow minister of the Labor party, Australia. It is about to be renewed ( not yet) but a review has been requested because of the small company, Paladin, that got the contract. A contract worth close to 500 million dollars. Information not forthcoming and no changes made yet with that agreement or renewal, but it is under question. I suppose an executive decision has been made by her but no cut backs or job axes yet. Definitely the whatever. Contract Secret Audit So, the no changes could mean no renewal or delays. This could be anything as this seems to come up in a number of countries - corruption. This could be to do with some politician in the UK. Boris ?. Seems over the weekend news broke out about a domestic situation between him and his girlfriend. To be updated - still 5 days to go!
  14. COMMUNICATIONS - INDONESIA ASIA June 24, 2019. It seems no regulations are in place as Indonesia can eavesdrop digitally on chats plus there is no data protection. And this is what has been happening. This comes under COMMUNICATIONS and even SOCIAL MEDIA. It is about an application, but also about private messaging and texts being affected or something along those lines as well as internet access being limited etc. DIGITAL WIRETAPPING DND
  15. SOCIAL MEDIA - Teenage Murder & Social Media IRELAND . 22 Hours Ago. Spoiler - Reading Material Might Be Graphic! Ana Kriegal was a 14 year old girl lured to her death by a 13 year old boy in Dublin. Two boys murdered her. In the article, Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, come under heavy scrutiny and criticism. This comes under IRELAND, SOCIAL MEDIA, CRITICISM, HEAVY and THE DEATH OF A MINOR not CELEBRITY although in the public eye. Ana Kriegal Murder DND
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