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  1. Or just use Reynaud's. His decks really are made to be used, and they're impressive. Would you really want to pick up a kit just to recycle/discard half of it (book/packaging)?
  2. I hadn't seen thi yet either, so I looked it up on amazon and found this customer review:
  3. I believe Yoav Ben-Dov covers numbers in his book, Tarot- The Open Reading. It's a wonderful book for many other reasons, but his treatment of the pips and courts in particular are practical and concise.
  4. Hi Mr Pants!  It's great to 'see' you and your kitty!!  So, is it you or the kitty named Mr Pants? :biggrin:

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    2. Saturn Celeste

      Saturn Celeste

      mortforshort :lol:

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      love the profile picture too mrpants and nice to see Mortimer! :thumbsup:😀

    4. mrpants
  5. I'm praying somewhat regularly for a translation. He's done a large volume or two on the Vieville as well, I believe (in French; I have the slim English companion).
  6. Looking forward to it, and thank you kindly
  7. There is a short study of a few images from Patric Coq on his website here, if you haven't already seen it (though I'm guessing you have).
  8. Profile updated with a couple things for sale/trade. PM if interested!
  9. Found some info here, but I couldn't access the database to see if the deck is indeed in it, or rather on display somewhere in the library. Probably you need to apply.
  10. Welcome, Andy! Glad to have you here
  11. I've had the deck for some time now (5 years?) and occasionally hunt for resources; I've found very little. It's possible that French language sources are out there, but I'm not fluent so I haven't explored those options. I believe there are several threads over at the Tarot History Forum that address some of the symbols employed, in the larger context of historical tarot, but that's all I can think of at the moment. If I come up with anything else, I'll update here. Thanks for starting the thread, and good hunting to you!
  12. I'm using the Flamand Vandenborre reissued by Pablo Robledo, pictured here. It's juicy and lovely.
  13. OH, the 1JJ! Yes it's a great deck! You shoud be able to find one easily! Vintage copies pop up all the time as well, just keep looking.
  14. Hey Page, I've never heard of anything like this and am very curious. Can you give any other information? Based on that title I can't find anything on the internet. Can you post pics?
  15. Washington State, PNW US
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