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  1. Welcome to the forum Lavinia
  2. l have one of those cards in my lovely Patchwork deck, the Seeker. It tempted me to look up the Arthurian deck and l liked what l saw, though my money fund would not be too happy
  3. My Fin de Seicle Lenormand is one that has sat idly for quite a while. l really must get round to studying and reading with it. In fact writing about it here has peaked my interest again. So who knows l may yet bring the lonely little thing out of hibernation.
  4. Love the cat picture its priceless, just had to mention! l do the shuffle for others when l give readings. l just concentrate my thoughts on the persons energies and their name, and inwardly ask that l receive their energies into the cards and the reading. From the readings l have done for others none of them have related to me in any way. So l am sure you can be safe in doing the shuffle if you want to.
  5. Love seeing and reading about your favourite cards, they are all so special to you. l do like the World card from the Shadowscapes deck. have often though of getting this deck, but people say details are too small. With my elderly eyes it has put me off purchashing.
  6. Oh thanks will have a look right away
  7. 40knows Your card shows a strong in control woman, though she has her soft feminine side l feel.
  8. Thank you Little Fang l think l have the store option. Will check. Its such a bind not being able to keep the banner going at the top of page. l have tried using different browser but nothing works. l know Saturn has reset a few times for me, but it keeps disappearing.
  9. l can't find the subscriptions prices, also are we notified when existing sub runs out from other forum ?
  10. Big welcome We all fell apart when Aecletic went but you will recognise many old names here. Its a great forum you will soon feel at home.
  11. He looks very brooding is that because he's lost his hat Loved him in that sexy pose with his hat highlighting that gorgeous face.
  12. Yes what's happened to Great Dane
  13. You could say its all down to age, but l doubt you are that oooooold
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