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  1. Cups are the emotional and feeling cards. How l see it, this man has been able, or had to put some feelings behind him (3Cups) the one Cup hovering above him hints at a possible new love or creative venture. He sits totally absorbed perhaps wondering what he truly feels about this situation, would he regret it, does he really want it. Does looking for a perfect situation stop him going forward. He has a choice, to sit there forever pondering or, make a decision. At least he is being given the opportunity for something new.
  2. Oh my goodness l have just seen the prices of the whimsical tarot both on ebay and amazon. That is silly money and to think l owned this once. Though ebay do have 2 at more reasonable prices, but they are in USA £42.14 and Canada £32.18. The Halloween tarot is fun and popular if you like that kind of thing. Keep looking l am sure you will find something that suits you. Look on etsy uk, they have a good listing of tarot decks. Happy searching
  3. Do you mean UK/Europe. Amazon UK have the deck
  4. l send my belated wishes and thank you Little Fang and all the team for your hard work in creating a wonderful, friendly and well run forum.
  5. where are you? if USA they have the whimsical for sale at Amazon
  6. The Whimsical Tarot and Happy Tarot come to mind.
  7. HelloTams 717! This is a very interesting subject and one l believe in. l have read the link you have given so if you can relate to it then yes you are an Earth Angel. l also believe that sometimes an animal can be an Earth Angel, a being who is different to other animals. l was fortunate to have one in the form of a pet dog. She was intuitive, very healing and could read me so well. She came into my life when l needed her and became a wonderful teacher. If you do relate to the link, then just be your loving self, and help others in ways that are natural to you. It could be through the tarot, becoming a healer, a counsellor, nurse etc. or a very best friend. l found the particular mention in the article about the longing to go home very close to my heart. As a child l was always looking up at the sky through the windows when l should have been concentrating on school studies. l just had this huge longing to go home, though l did not know where to. My teachers always accused me of being a day dreamer. Just be yourself and let things develop naturally. Love and light to you also
  8. Trying to pinpoint a meaning to a specific card as in 5 Swords can be quite tricky. It depends on the question and also the particular deck you work with. For myself l work with the energy of the cards and let my intuition pick up what the card is saying to me. l am using the Legacy of the divine and funnily enough this card came up in a reading recently. Swords deal with the mind and thinking, and to me this Legacy card speaks of someone who has overcome mental battles either with others or within themselves. The card shows a person on the hill with the fires of battle behind them, they have won through and now stand confident holding their sword aloft. This proved to be right for the person l was reading for at the time. They were having business difficulties especially with one partner in the practice. It had mentally exhausted them but eventually a compromise was found., and they also found the courage to speak out and not to be bullied.
  9. Sorry, for me they are. Pretty pics but l find no energy in them to connect with. Now l must fly as l am off topic
  10. l would have loved to have read for Queen Victoria especially after the death of her beloved Albert. She was in so much emotional pain. To have brought a smile to her face and some comfort would have made me very happy. l would have used my Roots of Asia tarot. Its a very spiritual, comforting and healing deck.
  11. Thought l would peep in here and see if l am inspired. The Influence of Angels tarot mentioned by Saturn caught my attention, that is until l saw the images. Like folk have already said it is very like Kat Blacks decks. Though l have both the Golden and the Touchstone decks l cannot get on with them at all they feel so flat to me. So there you have it, am l the first to de-enable myself in the enable thread
  12. Having had a break from tarot l am using once more Legacy of the Divine. Love the energy of this deck and the fact that almost every time l use it something meaningful pops up in a card, a meaning that is deeper than the original.
  13. Welcome to the forum Lavinia
  14. l have one of those cards in my lovely Patchwork deck, the Seeker. It tempted me to look up the Arthurian deck and l liked what l saw, though my money fund would not be too happy
  15. My Fin de Seicle Lenormand is one that has sat idly for quite a while. l really must get round to studying and reading with it. In fact writing about it here has peaked my interest again. So who knows l may yet bring the lonely little thing out of hibernation.
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