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  1. Great!!! But not sure how the food would taste You spent: $31.41, which is UNDER your budget! You did it! You're a frugal foodie who loves to get their flirt on. And guess what? It totally worked! You totally impressed them with your cooking skills and that's not even the best part: They're paying for the second date!
  2. 7 of Cups There are 7 cups and each one of them holds something different. It is up to you to pick and choose. There might be something in there that is pleasant but it could also be not so pleasant. It is all up to. You may keep picking. Q. What do I need to know about my female friend R?
  3. 9 of Pentacles You have the money so go ahead and invest in a new deck. The new deck should be with a lot of birds. Do you have the Moon Raven or The Secret Language of Birds Tarot? Q: What does May have in store for me?
  4. @Saturn Celeste congrats!!! I did not do well... You Got: You only made a profit of $46,500! Darn! You didn't meet your profit goal. You either didn't choose good enough materials, or you spent too much on the renovations themselves. That's too bad, because you wanted to use the profit to buy yourself your ACTUAL dream home! The bank isn't willing to loan you any more money, either. Looks like you'll just have to flip ANOTHER house before you settle down!
  5. Not that I liked any of the things I chose.... You Got: $653,224, which is more than your allotted 300K You spent every single dollar you set aside for this fancy-ass dinner party. That's pretty impressive. You have extravagant taste, and your very lucky friends must have had one helluva time.
  6. Oh well.. not sure what I would have to buy to break that mark.... You Got: $1,806.16 in your cart! You may not have been able to break that $5,000 mark, but you gave it your best! There are some high-ticket items in those aisles. Try again to go find them! You'll need some conditioning before you play Supermarket Sweep. @Saturn Celeste did you really finish it?
  7. Sorry I could not hold those 2 heavy swords during my meditation, dropped one and knocked over some of your cups. 8 of Wands & The Chariot
  8. He he he, you cowards, why are you walking away? We are not done here, come back guys.
  9. Great!!! Thought the Knight of Cups is a chaser but more the romantic type. The Knight of Wands is more the one-niter.... lol Will come up with a card shortly.
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