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  1. Hi @Grizabella wow your site looks so much better than before, well done! Just a few things: 1. Gallery Do you plan to change the sample images? Otherwise I would just remove 'gallery'. 2. Image of Yourself Do you have a better pic of yourself? I mean I love the pic of you, but it seems you increased the size and therefore it looks a bit pixely, compared to all the other images that are really sharp. 3. Blog Is great, love the pics you chose for each entry. Well done!!!
  2. Hello @stellajames34 welcome to the TT&M Family.
  3. Hello @Igraine welcome to the TT&M Family.
  4. Hello @loveheartlight welcome to the TT&M Family
  5. No need to be scared! This is a learning forum, we all learn from each other
  6. Hello @Wild Iris welcome to the TT&M Family
  7. joy


    Hello @c r y p t i d welcome to the TT&M Family
  8. Happy B-Day @whatsawhosit hope you are having a blast!
  9. joy


    Hello @Lady Butterfly welcome to the TT&M Family
  10. joy

    Hi All, I'm New!

    Hello @Nilo welcome to the TT&M Family
  11. Congrats @NoellaRoyce well done! Looking forward to seeing you in the circles
  12. Looks gorgeous @Raggydoll wish I could touch and feel what that linen card stock I do not think I have ever touched linen card stock....
  13. That sounds like the place I grew up in the old days! We were always allowed to 'steal' fall fruits and most walnut trees were not harvested, so us kids always could have them. Brings back nice memories Post a pic of your 'Stolen Baked Apples', love the name, I am sure it is tasty. I assume you see the mama bear and her two cubs? Of course you have to stay far away from them. Once they have cubs, they are different and very protective. That is very interesting I would have thought too, that one would hear bears in the forest as they are not only big but also the look rather clumsy! If one is not used how to look out for wild animals, it is impossible to see them. Animals know how to morph with nature and like you said, we do not look up. I can not imagine walking in a forest and thinking there might be a cougar or bobcat sleeping in a tree above me. It happens all over the world, we take claim more and more habitat of the wild life, no wonder wild life can be seen in suburbs where they never were. But we remove their habitat.... and in certain places we messed with their food chain so the come to look for food....
  14. Sounds wonderful! Guess Autumn is kicking in? Will all the beautiful colors in the leaves?
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