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  1. Well done @Tarotnewbie congratulations and looking forward to seeing you in the circles
  2. Did the deck come with a book? Some deck creators are changing meanings, some do it slightly, some more. I look at the card and it seems to me, that the Morgan Greer 3 of coins would talk about a person who has mastered their craft, they do not need anyone to show them how to do the work. The person seems very independently working on something. So yes I would agree with you, that within the Morgan Greer Deck this card probably does not mean collaboration. We do have mentors and if you are interested you can sign up here:
  3. joy


    Do you mean a Personal Message? In the top right corner you will see an envelop that is where PM's/Personal messages come in and you just open it and reply. Replying to messages in a thread is all fine, you are doing it correct
  4. joy


    You posted in the correct section, all good no worries
  5. joy


    Hello @Hilary welcome to the TT&M Family Just looked at your other post. Was this a general question or was it a question concerning a reading? It was not very clear to me. If it was a question to a reading it is in the wrong section and would have to be moved to 'Tarot Readings'. However in order to post anything in the Reading section you have to have 5 posts.
  6. Hello @emi would you please give feedback to everyone who helped you here with your question? Thanks
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