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  1. Hello @Lucifall welcome to the TT&M Family
  2. @bookshop sorry not the 4 of wands @Grandma yes we have a winner!
  3. @Grizabella not really sure what to say but I want to give a huge hug I do know cramps, guess that is similar if not the same as spasm and they are so darn painful! Take good care
  4. Hello @Christinabutterfly welcome to the TT&M Family Love the butterfly and its beautiful colors in your avatar
  5. joy

    Nervous Newbie

    Hi @kiervol welcome to the TT&M Family No need to be nervous at all, we are all at different levels but all still learning
  6. So sorry @AnomalyTempest hope you had a fab party! All the best
  7. Totally agree, and I am pretty sure @Saturn Celeste is darn good at it!
  8. Me too I like the 'sexier choice'. If you look at the two cards next to each other, they feel to talk about your inner battle and it is up to you to take a decision. See the chain around the people in The Devil can just be removed and you are free. Guess this did not really help with your decision
  9. Finally!!! Yeah well done for listening to your son! I hear you, you think you might not get as many so that is the FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real. You are a great reader, you should know that by know And stop telling you this 'I still contend it's difficult getting your shop out there', this sounds like a mantra . So change it into something positive. You are great and I am more than happy to hear your raised your prices - now it is a little - and we will keep working on you to raise them more
  10. Hello @AlmostSilent welcome to the TT&M Family Totally with you, it is an adventure and a life long one
  11. Ok here we go Together we can make this happen. Together we are strong. Your skills and my skills and we can achieve anything and everything.
  12. Great, thanks for the additional information Grandma! Will think of a next card asap.
  13. joy


    Yep I thought it was a Tattoo but could have been you designed it
  14. joy


    ello @InkBaby welcome to the TT&M Family Wondering if you are an artist because of the 'Ink' in your username ;-)
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