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  1. the week has come and gone,, and weekend too . 1. wenesday at the camp I went down for the band part of the evening.. you know they only had 3 hours.. 8 to 1030 I danced the irish washerwoman, to orange blossom. and some other songs. I also jammed with the band once.. however they turned down my microphone to 3 ,, from 6.. and I could barley hear it.. so it didn't have that life to me.. as we are Canadian,, and ojibe, there was a man from Chicago.. so when I was done, I asked him "what you think of that MR CHICAGO " they all laughed in the band,, they never heard that before. he gave me 2 thumbs up and said "sounded like blues to me " he played bass.. mosquito literally just poked me in the eye lid . it hurt really bad. ! ok carrying on,, 2. Thursday I did the karaoke from 4 to 7 taking break for supper for 20 minutes. we were late by 20 minutes starting though.. because this was the only second time I hooked up my karaoke machine to anything.. besdies my own tv.. so after trying for 10 minutes .. they said where does that white cord go, in there , and I said I don't think so,, soon as I put it in, the music came out of the speakers and we were good to go.. we had some great singers up there,, people who never got a chance to sing.. I was surpised .. just need my machine to go into a mixer and 2 small speakers (they used Yamaha 6100bi or something like that,, it cost 1200 Canadian and has a mixer in it built in.. so my machine just went from it to the tv by hdmi, and to the speakers. ). I would buy those Yamaha speakers outright but who got 1200 In their pocket. and plus it isnt' like a professional dj , doing karaoke anywhere .. at best go to my mom reserve and do karaoke once every 3 months. I may not even have to buy speakers, or anything for they brought in my mom reserve two speakers and a mixer.. so a couple of cords and we should get going. 3. can't sing. I know I can't sing. , but I saw myself singing on my mom wall from 3 years ago.. sure I sing every Saturday for a year.. now.. since then. I did hear I improved here and there. like a friend said I improved when I did a johnny cash song. still I heard a friend say when they were intoxicated "he sings like crap " , and just last week I said I can't sing but I figure everyone else would want to.. and the lady I said that to laughed really hard.. that made me think. oh yeah, I tried everything vocal guide on the rockband (I sing revolution, party,, rockbad 1, 3 4 , since 2008 ). I tried the American idol vocal lessons dvd (eheh ) . I have to accept I can't sing. in fact I almost thought of just donating my machine and giving up karaoke,, then I though of all the money and time I invested.. and realized .. heck with it.. have fun singing every Saturday.. . perhaps in my next life I will sing like dean martin. so karaoke on my friends oh yes, got a sign made up to hang off my gazebo,, it is six feet in length,, and 2.5 feet in height.. and we always struggle for sunwalls. so I paid 110 , (tax included ) to get 3 sunwalls sent to me.. I save 49 at least for Canadian tires sells them in pack of 4 for 159.
  2. what a day,, (nothing really eventful ) . got up at 6 am,, (wasn't my goal) . made it down the hill for wellness camp,, we had a reiki master, who said they don't do the healing,, the person who is on the table does the healing.. , so at the end of the session she said , any questions, and I said I dont' have any questions I have something to say,, after stuttering, I asked can I have the mic.. and she hestited a second then said yes. (the wellness camp is at my community). I shared that that is true but also the creator works through the reiki ,, it is the creator who does the healing ,, for when focus on the mental , symbol, or highly spiritual symbols,, we are praying for the creator to send that healing down.. . and the reiki master said yes,, there are four levels of healing.. so I went to town to try to buy gazebo sunwalls, I had no idea they are so expensive.. almost as espensive as a Ozark gazebo 10 x 10 itself. so just to recap,, I brought a 2000 blueray hd karaoke player and over a the year and half,, I have added to the hard drive,, fine tuning songs, , and I told the health director before he quit , that we need a new lap top,, speakers,, and a mixer.. well today one of them wouldnt' work,, and there was smoke or something I wasnt' there,, I was asked to bring down my machine.. and we tried this orange chord into the speakers (some sort of speaker mixer combo ) that surpsingly worked. so I was the karaoke dj for the rest of the night from 7 to 940.. and it worked out well I think.. oh yes , I GOT 86 on my written exam for reflexology now I just have to do my practicum.
  3. the test itself hasn't been received yet by the instructor which boggles my mind as it is only 4 hours away. I did my practicum on a reflexologist,, as I did the it.. we went over some finer points.. and she said I was "well taught " and I explained I wasn't taught that much pratically ,, I laid down while she described the right foot for my back was sore, and I was quite tried. I basically took what I knew and used the cheat sheet for the routine.. much easier then going step by step in the book . she commented again on my healing ability,, saying soon I as I found the pitritary gland she felt it,, and when I worked on aohter spot , she felt the healing energy up.. I noticed , she spent a lot of time on my right foot but not so much o the left foot,, same with the instructor working the right foot,, but only pointing out the differences on the left . then it occurred to me as I thought about it that , the reflexlogistis goes trough the whole routine,, then come back and check for tenderness,, which in theory , and probably practically should of lessen though treating the whole foot. then you can go back and work on the tender areas , working the whole system that corresponds,, maybe nervous,, or muskeltolal system. I did see in the case study at the back,, that it would seem you would almost do ttwo treatments on the foot.. , that is why the routine needs to be more mechanlica..,, so you can do the the fine tuning in the second pass. (still doing a whole routine almost lasted me an hour and half )
  4. welcome to you killer rabbit , glad to meet you :). *sees the rabbit from monty python and the holy grail !"


    worry not,, holmes isn't my real name.. It was just an online name that I picked because I wanted to be a detective in ultima online. back in 1998. and I liked it since.. so pick a name that resonates with you, and only you !!1 welcome :)
  6. the answer to that is because the deck is made by the author who made the Thelma tarot.. which had nothing to do with the thoth tarot but was a waite clone.. medusawink from atf said in this review. " Let's tackle the obvious first – this is not a deck based on the teachings of Aleister Crowley, nor does it have anything to do with the Thelemic religion. The unicursal hexagram on the back of the cards, widely associated with Crowley's Thelema is something of a red herring too. Thelema, in the case of this deck refers to the Greek word for 'will or intention', and it seems that the will and intention of this deck is to offer a new interpretation of the classic Rider Waite Smith tarot. The mediaeval and Renaissance inspired images alluded to the courtly values and romantic apirations of these times. A sense of honour and dignity pervades the Thelema Tarot."http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/thelema-tarot/ so it is just following the theme,, myself I am more concerned about it being 32 cards and not 36. I actually emailed Llewelyn to ask why that was, and the customer support said they didnt' know as it wasn't given to them yet.
  7. I was awaken up at 630 by drunk , darn it.. so I tried to go back to sleep for the test.. the test was mostly true or false, multiple choices which to me were half trick questions.. and then fill in the diagrpham,, fill in some parts of the feet.. and write one essay question.. and then fill in a foot if you were treating some sypmtoms (which is done afterwards as reflexologists have to do the whole system first in rac ). I think I may of failed due to true of false ,, which was like the liver does this or that.. I focused on the diagraphams and the reflexology systems of immune,, muskeltel. I did nail the diagraphsm,, the treat the foot if client had this,, and the essay question I think, will let you know hwen I know.
  8. I been studying all week,, I got the charts that were given down.. (the endocrine system, I knew but they added an extra one hypothalamus ) the musketal system . the digest organs,, ( had to learn sigmoid colon was not Sigmund colon ) and particular thoridic and cervical and lumber system for instep of foot along spine reflex.. I can honestly say last Saturday I did not know these things ,, having to focus on learning hering law of cure.. and gate way theory.. so tomorrow I think I will do ok on my exam.. 80 percent is passing grade.. 75 dollars to take test again.
  9. what kind of diversity would you be looking for,, racial ? elemental like fire wizard vs ice wizard like this old game I used to play by koei called gemfire. ?
  10. beautiful,, must buy *walks all wizard hynpotnized. *
  11. yo keep the peace, welcome .
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    come in the waters are full of life !!
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    welcome sion, are you a reiki master, or into that.. I keep reading I am been studying reiki though you didn't say it..
  14. yo barelywine ,, how goes the winemaking eheh . Wave. !!1
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    welcome, perhaps your mom will send you a tarot guide if you don't have one already to guide you on your path ! :)
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