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  1. so I finally got around to watching some reactions to the finale season. all I can say is I loved the Burlington bar last five minutes to season eight.. . so much I sent it all to my friends. after about an hour and half watching reactions , there was two that suprisedme.. 3 people were all cheering yay jon thank you jon,, and at the same scene,, a woman watching it start unexpectedly getting emotional . here , watching these cheers and cries , help me heal as well from the finale espiode. Larissa Zeeuwe , she has only 10,000 subscribers ,, but I must say, watching her reaction to the last espiode key moments,, was really good, so good I went back and watched her reaction to the longest night, and the ending of little finger. she was honest straight up. sometimes I think (no clue why it turn red here ) that honest reactions aren't so honest but this one here,, really is. so I hope you check out the reactions.
  2. hello guys big bang theory is over ,, I was left feeling emotional over it for about 4 minutes ,, my friend messaged me about that time "you best not be crying bastard ". (good friend eheh ). this is a big year , big bang , gotham, games of thrones over ,, next year arrow is ending, who knows could be last of the flash, and supergirl if they die in the cross over.. which means new crop must come.. I remember reading of the one year they cut out all country shows , to make way for new programs.. I think that is a cycle which happens every now and then. besides that , I ordered two books in the mail, harmonica play along.. , for years I struggled with the hoochie coochie man like.. the lick is often refered to as the same as manish boy, they are actually different !! basically it goes like.. hoochie , 13134 . mannish 141321. but played fast they sound the same almost so the real reason why I got these books is to get the absolute authority o the subject.. . I went to a ceremony yesterday.. on the way there, a truck towing a trailer , and a boat had captailized so the trailer was right in the middle of the road,, they had to stop traffic and get a tow truck there to clear it so we can get by.. it held up traffic for an hour. ! I haven't done any lenormand readings. (no one has taken any) I have moved on from the 6x6 grand t I was attempting to study and now moved into the 4 x9 which makes more sense to me as I can dvide the cards up into 4 levels of being. . I also connected with a long lost online friend recently :)
  3. the finale is over ,, nora is gone,, part of time being changed due to a decision they made. , (though in reality, if barry and irish started trying to conceive like made , I am sure nora could of been remade ). thrawn is free,, vibe powers gone,, I think cisco left killer frost a costome to fight ? sherloque went back to his earth,, and thrawn is running off somewhere which means do get less tom cavanugh next season ? it was a redeeming espiode ,, with ralph most likely to meet his future wife next season.
  4. the season finale was really good. some good moments. red daughter crying as she talks to lex Luthor who reveals his true self to her. then later on as she get freed , sacfrices herself to save supergirl, and her energy goes back into supergirl. which should actually empower the real s upergirl as red daughter had learned to use powers supergirl didn't know she had. jon cryer was awesome as lex Luthor , crazy, ruthless, giving it all to kill superman though he is some far away asteroid himself. he was killed and I was like is that it,, then the moniter shows up and is going to bring him back to life. ? the other thing was brainy,, he was all logical,, then get back to his true self when dreamer starts sacfricing herself possibly , and can admit he loves her. is lena the big bad for next season,, after saying she will be by supergirl always,, is drinking and breaks the photo of kara later on.
  5. the season finale was last night. it was a good espiode , I thought was ending with halewood dying ,,which he did then his dad in ghost form as he is dead jumped into mic and made him sing.. and that started more singing and with the all the positive energy , they brought him back into life !! the actor who plays ray palmer, brandon routh really had a good 3 espiode arc, playing a demon in his body, and playing his actual ray in hell which was funny. all of this leads to the criss of infinite earts cross over in the fall, as the moniter was shown eating popcorn after shaking his head. zari is gone, replaced by her brother.? , nora is still a fairy godmother,, mic is still cool. the old lady who played the fairy god mother tabatha, and the enchantress was a hoot, she was so funny, that it was funny when she was simply eaten by a dragon. looking forward to next season. oh who loved white canary dressed as supergirl ?
  6. this week , season finale left on a cliff hanger , which was a forcast of next season middle season ? hard to say it was a good espiode with many things covere,d, the biggest one is alice was working with fbi, . that is so career redeeming,, we don't know if polly was , or just a believer,, alice wouldn't leave without her so it becomes the search for alice and polly next season I gather. hiram is in jail, in his own jail no less so he is running like he is the boss which he is. chic was hal protégé like lots of people theorized. ,and he was the one who pretended to be Jason when Cheryle was hypntoized. I admit ifit was the first season I may not of been accepting of what these are going through but I guess I bee riverdalized , so I am ok with this and that. next season no doubt we will deal wit the passing of fred Andrews.
  7. no need for spoilers now,, it is now over. all that is left really is the recap,, disappointment and big moments. (and it was viewed by 19.3 million people , and how knows how many streamed afterwards) as you know or don't know , there was a petition of over a million signatures to get redo season 8.. hello season 8 took 2 years to film, and who knows many dollars to invest. though I imagine if the million signatures all donated 10, or more dollars there would be 10 million dollar budget and more incentive to do something. the big problem with the whole season was that it was rushed.. these 6 espiodes would of been better as 12 at least. or as George said before hand , he wished they did 2 seasons and the answer is in the result of the espiodes themselves. I mean all you have is the betrayal and then all the sudden a big time jump and some anti climatic council ? before hand at the battle of winterfell we expected more deaths,, that is what we thought the song jenny of old stones was about.. we did get some dramatic deaths but those we were expecting to die,, like Jamie lanister , or Brienne all survived. in the bells espiode 5 , we expected more story,aspects in particular.. the prophecy that cerise would be strangled by an younger sibling was something we expected for two years and nothing. and the turn of dany burning the innocents was suprising.. not that she couldn't but that there was no ultime reason.. when she burnt the tarlys , it was because they wouldnt' bend the knee.. so to the espiode itself. 1. tyrion cries over his siblings. that to me was the biggest moment of tryion..(though in a memme pointing at the clear spot behind tyrion , someone said you mean if they went ten feet to the right , they would of lived ?). 2. drogon flying away with dany for some reason I clapped at this moment, it was totally unexpected. 3. arya going to the west.. I so want to see the spin off !! questions and comments.. 4. the love betrayal I thought at the time that jon when he said you are my queen was agreeing to follow dany wherever she goes,, whatever she does and he was turning evil and knew that it meant the destruction of sansa and arya.. then I heard the stab,, and I thought dany had stabbed joh for he was the rival.. then it was jon who stabbed her.. that I didnt' expect. here are some things I heard that was expecting.. 5. arya would be killed by dany and then jon wuld killer her out of revenge .. or dany would conqer winterfell, sansa refused to bend knee,, and jon kills . some random thoughts I honestly thought grey worm wuld meet jon somewhere on the road and they have a fight. poor varys ,, he did't have nothing to do , then he was burned alive. and was right. hmm , where was jon going.. why didn't drago burn jon snow,,i was waiting for that to see if jon was burn proof..
  8. *bows, * thanks for sharing*
  9. I think it is because suzane z used the kipper with spreads with assigned positions. , and stella w used prymaid spreads. (wait are you stella w ? since you said "I do") when a person coming from the grand tableu of it all lenormand approach would be expecting the same thing so oh prymaids spread, nice (I actually did a variation of that in applying it ) I think it is because of the impressions that the kipper was read like the grand tableu and not into smaller sections. myself I don't mind that the kipper can be used like the tarot,, for it let me get by any qualms I might have had to studying it , course I didn't know about some of the tarot aspects when I brought the deck, I forgot why I got it actually in retrospect . perhaps it is because I got the lenormand and then heard about the kipper. the artwork helped in making the decision before ordering it.
  10. now it been a couple of days we can talk more in depth..without spoiler post. mostly theories. 1. the horse was means arya is either the angel of death.. (or some representative ), it was bran coming to help her in a horse (though if bran really wanted to help why not distract drogo with tons of birds to let the people flee ). to it just being a throwback to the white horse dany rode In the first season. 2. varys preparation and poision. it never occurred to me that varys was trying to poision dany as the articles say,, I figured he was doing secret spider stuff b y sending out the letters,, but also cared about dany so was trying to get her to eat. why did he take off the rings ? some say it was gift for tyrion that he might use it.. other say it is a gift for the little girl for payment of helping him. (though if she was caught no doubt she was fed to drogo ). to it was just a sign of his readiness of accepting his fate. I look forward to this sunday as actors say it is a beautiful ending.... so what really happened to make it no beautiful,, well besides killing civilians,, and destroying much of the city.. the goals were achieved,, eruon fleet destroyed, cerise destroyed (unless she survives climbing out of rubble ). so now it is either everyone against dany ,, or they submit.
  11. HOLMES


    welcome marigold !
  12. thanks guys, for the future I will try that.. and get it to work.
  13. as I looked at the forum I saw my recent activity recapping in the right hand corner.. and I thought to myself , those who don't read spoilers before actually watching the espiode may be mad at seeing it . I mean recent posts could be just titles and not snipes of the whole post.
  14. Just couple hours to second last espiode. I heard theories that euron looking at more dragons or drogo in armour. I heard day might burn varys alive. Or arya might yry to kill dany . Or dany burns arya and jon goes for dany. And supposedly not done with whitewalkers. Will we get this cleganbowl,?
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