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  1. it doesn't air on fox,, Netflix saved it after it was canceled so everything was moved to Netflix.. the season 4 could of been the last season but the fans have cried,, and so we get a final 5 season. ! it was supposed to be 10,, but now will be 16 !
  2. I see your problem, the faery wicca has all those extra cards. I though i would love it. It is forever in the tarot cooler,couldnt use it. So my hat off to you sticking it out. Ypur tarot path been hard for you are off the unbeaten path. For usually it entails a thoth, waite, marseilles at least path, yours is unique!
  3. welcome lady butterfly what deck is it that you have ? you will find even among tarotists,, there are those who are not liked minded.. reversals vs non reversals. astrology vs no astrology definite starndard meanings, vs non standard meanings. (regarding that ,, if you don't use the standard meaning of the tarot card as a skelton,, might as well be doing psychic readings.. that said onet ime I saw something intuitively not even devil related. so there are exceptions )
  4. hail nilo, the majority of the posts are about lenormand, oracles, tarot as it is a tarot forum.. we do have some other sections, like mediumship, divination, but they are slow. in truth things goes in spurts,, might see lots of posts all of a sudden in a non tarot forum,, then it dies down til the next time ehe. but perhaps start a post or two and see if you get an answer. welcome.
  5. this week was ok.. tomorrow is the dreaded, but anitipacated work on 5 strangers reflexology day. which I should get some honorioum. today I drank a infusion or essence of lime, orange, lemon, and cucumber . I put it in over night in a blue jug,, all I taste is cucumber slieghtly.. and a perhaps a hint of lemon ,just a hint.. i didn't squeeze any juice into the water.. watched john wick 3. last night . he can still move at 53/4 .. now he is 55.. holy.
  6. hail @Lillith this could of been your introduction almost which would of been posted in your introductions. . there is no reall reall best books, classes, videos, for beginners.. as everyone individual has their own gift, own style, example an astrology based approach would work for someone who was open to astrology,, but for someone who didn't understand astrology and would never get it. (it happens ) ,, a numerology based, or perhaps more inuitiative, pictorial approach would work. 1. there is books on reading for yourself. you could post readings in https://www.thetarotforum.com/forums/forum/99-tarot-readings/ you could do it as actual reading for yourself, or you could do it as mediation for the day. 2. tarot and intuition.. the two do not necessarily go in hand alas.. if one approaches tarot from a book , this card means this because of qabalah says this,, or that course said that.. you go high up in tarot knowledge,, but your intuition may not grow unless you add some sort of spiritual approach or psychic approach to the tarot. conversarly if you take the intuitive approach,, more a psychic approach,, your intuition would grow ,, but your tarot knowledge woudlnt' grow.. so the thing to do is find an happy medium.. and that will be only by reading the tarot, opening yourself up to intuition.. meanwhile using the tarot meanings as your skelton. . 3. the voices in the head saying no. it is for that reason why I personally seek feedback from every reading,, . it helps me to know I am doing good work,, yet keeps my ego in check so I don't think I am lord of the tarot readers. 4. specialized books. after spending money on several books I realize dthey were all saying the same thing.. so what you want to do is after your beginning book to look at interemediate books, or advanced book. also I love tarot that comes with books written for that deck.. that really helps you understand that tarot deeper meaning.. from which you can flow better. specialized topics is , tarot and astrology, tarot and numerology, tarot and psychiology, tarot court cards (at least books on that ) tarot reversals ( at least 2 books on that ). and there is always new books coming out.. in the last 9 years.. there has been the textbook approach from couple of authors. as you are just opening yourself to the royal road,, it is not as narrow, and linear as you think. !
  7. thanks , i just got Microsoft office, so I can use word to get my files for my reflexology clients in order , my hand writing is really bad so I have to use that.. I have a printer I haven't even hooked up . also I tried 10 times entering the cd key,, my brain saw 2 numbers in reverse though I read it lots of times. finally it worked.. on a side note,, I have james Paterson masterclass which I got funding for to write a book,, but I stopped after my mary passed,, and let the subscription go . so I can use it on the side to write a novel. ,
  8. it was a good birthday,, most of the celebration tookplace last night, we sung to 2 am..then we watched crimson peak.. after that I stayed up a bit .. got up about 230,, had a shower.. eat some pizza.. then my mom told me she was dropping off someawesome Chinese food from Kenora.(their chicken balls are the bomb in this area ). so I sung some songs on my rockband for a change.. (now and then like to see if I can still follow the guidelines ). currently adjusting my ps4 storage space.. as I am going to download a game, and a patch before the router resets on the 11. also must wake up early all week for the Saturday I will be up early to do 5 reflexology sessions on Saturday. my friend came over with his son, and he asked can I play some rockbandso I said sure, so he sang some songs,,he had a big smile on his face. ! anyhow that is my update for a while.
  9. True to the effect of 10,000 dollars for mastership really ? And give you percentage of my classes and such for a whole year?. I disagree about the slowly learn from a master. You can learn from dvds, books, but one must put the time in to study and leaen Course before that i was already doing energy healing, and had studied kufutu symbols for huna kane so all i had to really learn was the symbols. Admitedly i am unique case, as i learned it all at once in case of attunements. That is true about not everyone is, i remember reading about obedience symbol and making a tread on atf bewsre european reiki 15 years ago. That didnt go well. I was more young then hehe. So @SilverLining have you decided anything? Got any links you want us to look at?
  10. I am hanging out on the computer for an hour or two,, toight after a good sleep I will sing karaoke , have some celebrations for birthday , which is on sunday. as you may or not know,, I had a funeral last week, , what you do not know is the next day we had a 50 anniversary for my aunty and uncle. so we went to the party and I danced.. the next day since it was still long weekend I sang karaoke .. I did some refexlology sessions Monday, to Thursday. anyone want to talk, pm me for next hour and half.
  11. perhaps you could reaxamine your chakra cleansing ritual/method in another thread to get some tips.. sometime the mind can block healing if we are not ready for it.. as for how to know how a person is legiate.. that is a hard one.. when I got attend I paid 250 off ebay for attunements.. I figured she had so many attuements she must be an master.. afterwards there was a lot of reiki back lash , about how she just got attune recently to this or that, and now she is offering attunements. which brings up a question,, why is a person becoming a reiki master..all being a master does over level 2 is you get taught the master symbol, get reattuned, and taught how to attune others.. so one of the big selling points is,, make tons of money passing reiki mastership.. then you have the true healer,, who just wants the symbol so they can helpothers.. sogoing back to your first question about how to tell if a person is legimate,, that is a hard one.. one thing that people use is , if a person can go back 5 attunements to hataka .(yeah misspelled it oh well ) ,, but that is just for strength of attunements,,and not how true a person is to the reiki principles. alas I wish I could advise you better,, I never took a reiki class,, just read the reiki books 1,2,3, by steve murray, and traded or attunements after I started to question my reiki certificates.. so I got sacred flames, karuna ki,, some usui,, and ascension reiki.. but it was all self study.. you could also read up on reiki sessions reviews.. and experiences..that could help you.
  12. welcome.. have you looked at the kipper and lenormand cards ? or when you say divination more like card scying,, and entrails looking ? yo welcome !!
  13. we had an upgrade a couple of months ago,, and it sounds like for some reason you couldn't log in for you were locked out due to said forum upgrades. how did you get back do you know,, did you check spam for the email notification to reset password ? anyways welcome back. and well met. !
  14. welcome , Geordie I wonder something as I started to read your post,,and I wonder if you are aware of it.. the uk school of reflexology is half different then the school of reflexology across the oceam.. the mediumship school is different then mediumship in various degrees across the ocean. (the school vs say doree virtue mediumship, or john Edwards) . so I find it curious that it is possible you know something differ in philopshy perhaps on uk tarot.?
  15. I am glad it passed , I was sadden when I saw x on the kickstarter on the right and thought it was blocked (failed ). woot.
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