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  1. Ha! I just googled Wicked Voodoo Sex to see what it was about . On the back of the book, it mentions the 'Pythoness Sexual Oracle', which now has my attention LOL. All joking aside, the OOP list is rather extensive. Same - I skimmed it just to have a quick looksie and see if anything I wanted. I agree with you! It's puzzling since the Corinne Kenner Wizard's Tarot is fantastic. I was just looking through it the other day and still rather amazed it went out of print so quickly. It's a great RWS based deck. I will buy the new one too, as it looks so fantastic, but I personally feel there's room for both. The artwork is plenty different on both. Clearly, people like Wizards stuff. But maybe it Corrine's deck didn't sell that well?
  2. I can't read Lenormand yet, but I'm looking forward to. And yes, the shipping is VERY reasonable! It was a very pleasant surprise to see the cost of shipping was NOT as much as the deck (as is usually the case with other things I want to buy haha) I love presents!!
  3. oops, I've replied to everyone out of order....blame the lack of coffee this morning haha.... THank you Saturn for the recommendations. Dayyyummmm St. Jinx tarot is hottttt. I think I need that deck. Uncensored sounds delightful Got the Renaissance, love it. thanks for the AT link.....will enjoy having a look
  4. ohhhhh.....I am wavering slightly, after being firmly deenabled on it........no. I can't.....I shan't..... wait, I'm on the wrong thread haha.
  5. I have to agree on all accounts Oh @DanielJUK the Renaissance deck is still in print, it's the book/deck set that is out of print (although I keep nagging US Games to bring it back - along with the Celestial set) It's a beautiful deck.
  6. I think so too I hope it does well. I suspect people are feeling iffy about the shipping.
  7. @Joan Marie from Cult of Tarot has just launched a new Lenormand on Kickstarter called 'The Friar's Delight'. I enjoyed the little video she made for it. The music, the medieval-ness (is that a word?!?! LOL) really caught my eye I hope it succeeds! The Friar's Delight Lenormand Kickstarter All the cards are viewable on her site: Friar's Delights Lenormand gallery I love the card backs too! Maybe it's lame, but the card backs are pretty important to me And these look so cool!
  8. I'm always happy to look even if I am not the target audience haha Also, I had no idea. Is it sad that I absolutely couldn't skateboard normally, and that I highly doubt I could do these tricks even with my fingers!?! lol oh I must go try to have a look!! Thanks for the Antinous tip! True, true, we all have different tastes - althoughhhhhh, it sounds like you and I are on the same page, hot dude wise LOL Yasssssss.........I would LOVE a True Blood Tarot. Look at all the enabling happening here, yup, totally on topic.....*whispers* even if it is for decks that don't (yet) exist!!
  9. I agree with @Raggydoll you have excellent taste. Antinous was delicious. And to keep this on topic....I am enabled......for hot dudes made of stone LOL All joking aside....are there any decks with greco/roman statuary/gods or hot dudes in general?
  10. absolutely beautiful, @Mi-Shell and very, very special Thank you for sharing them with us.
  11. Hi there, That's the Pre-Raphaelite Tarot
  12. oh good to know, as I'm always looking for cleansing alternatives. Sometimes I just cannot use smoke for various reasons. Thanks for pointing me in that direction
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