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  1. Wow!! This is wonderful!! Great job Tarotnewbie and Wanderer! @Tarotnewbie your status is now set to graduate. Great job! I'm always so proud when my students graduate and I'm also so proud of my mentors who graduate them!
  2. Also, no more replies until @emi leaves her feedback for everyone who has posted so far.
  3. Happy Birthday FireCat! I hope you have 100 more!
  4. Hi Caballero! You have been admitted into the group. Here is your class thread.
  5. John, I'm not giving you a warning for this because I really think you can learn the appropriate process for getting help here. But next time we have to lock one of your threads or continue to tell you to give proper feedback, interpret EACH of the cards you draw and stop arguing with us to make the outcome one that you want even though the cards say otherwise--I will remove your ability to post here for a week so that you can figure out just what you need to do in this forum to get help. We are all very tired of having to go through this each time you post for help. You must show us you can go through the process without being told by moderators or your privileges will be removed for a week.
  6. Hello @theoijonitamat. Before we can really help you, some more information about your business will help. Do you have an online presence or are you talking about a business reading in person? If you have an online site, that will immediately improve your chances of getting a reading. If you do have a website already you can post a promotional thread in this section.
  7. Members, please no more replies until @Thehighpriestess gives feedback to everyone on this thread first!!
  8. Don't forget Barleywine has a mentor class for Thoth 101 going on now. You don't even need a book! Sign up here for the group.
  9. Because we have a healthy discussion going on the thread LoveLightPeace posted, I'm going to lock this thread. Please visit the original thread here.
  10. Hello Highpriestess. Paranoia won't help keep you calm and logical. Take some time here in the forum exploring the posts that discuss the death card. You'll find that only in certain combinations of other tarot cards it might remotely be a warning of an actual death but that is rare. If the Death card is stalking you, it's because it is letting you know of an ensuing change. You have enough posts now you can receive replies on this thread. Please take a minute and look up the meaning of the Death card, try biddytarot.com for something handy; then post it here on this thread.
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