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  4. My mom used to refer to some paint browns as shi* brindle!
  5. It is so pretty! I love the moon hare!
  6. NO! That's my favorite hunky guy!!! Till Lindemann! (Rammstein)
  7. I've been following the diet. Thing is meat is so expensive. We eat a ton of chicken legs, they are really cheap and I can do a long with chicken legs, it's just picking the meat off the bone that takes awhile. But I love beans in my diet too so not sure how that would work.
  8. I almost bought this deck until I found one in the series I liked better. Here's the Fashion deck on Amazon. And here's the one I got instead. I thought it would be a little more serious in the messaging but I do love the Fashion deck too! The art one has Frida Kahlo and I adore her work! I still might get the Fashion deck one of these days!
  9. Yes I admit it that I used to write on walls and bathrooms and elevators. I left 2 signatures in most places I went. Zoe Orbit and the Boyz and Put Something Exciting Between Your Legs- Harley Davidson.
  10. Hi Anastasia! Welcome to the forum! You've come to the right place to learn how to start a business, we have a paid readers section where you can advertise your business right from the website! After you have 5 posts, you'll be able to participate in the exchanges with other readers. If you have any questions, just ask. There are many wonderful people here to help newcomers to the site.
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