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  1. Hello Do you think that Tarot de Marseille and Rider Waite have different sets of meanings -specially minor arcana- coming each one from two different schools, French and Anglo-Saxon? IF so, in your opinion what are the main differences between both decks? By the way, I a, also interested in knowing what are the most classical and deep books on Tarot de Marseille, and Rider Waite. Thanks
  2. Moderator: Could you move this thread to Talking Tarot Forum, please? here, people doesn´t answer to this question. Thanks
  3. Hello As you know different Tarot Schools assign different meanings for their decks. In this sense, do you interprete cards differently -at least, minor arcana- if you use a Tarot de Marseille deck, or a Rider Waite?
  4. Thanks for your answer. The interesting view is that, being all after the fact, I would know all your opinions, in order to learn all these cards´ meanings now that we know the results, so in the future, if I get again these cards I will know all the possible aspects. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your answers, friends. I have news. I have been told that test was not succesfully passed. How would you interpret cards now? Thanks
  6. Hello. The querent is a man. I can´t give more details here. There were two questions: 1-If the querent would pass a test(queen of wands) 2- Some days later, if the querent had passed the twst,(wheel of fortune)- I can see very ambiguous answers,
  7. When asking in different occasions for the final outcome or result regarding an issue(if the querent will have or not success in a situation) and drawing the queen of wands, and some days after, drawing the wheel of fortune, particularly I am not sure about the meanings of each card. I don´t know if -sepparately- the queen of wands means final success, or an ambiguous and chaotic outcome. The same question about the wheel of fortune. It seems to me that the card could means both. What´s your opinion?
  8. Hello. Have you read this book? What´s your opinion about it?
  9. Whew should be posted messages about Tarot books?
  10. Hello All! I have tried to give a simple feedback to everyone here, but it is a very difficult task for me, because, absolutely ALL and each of your kind readings and interpretations, each one, contains some original idea, some interesting nuance, some valuable insight, some enlightening thought, all of which contribute to create a clear vision of the matter. Thanks to all
  11. Thank you for your interpretation: concise and interesting.
  12. Thanks for your interpretation. Interesting ideas about symbolism.
  13. Thanks for your reading. Although I had not posted the entire spread yet, only 3 cards, but you helped with your words. Thanks
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