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  1. More than halfway through the process now and I’m starting to find my own rhythm. Benebell’s approach is very structured which is helpful in some ways but in any ‘non routine’ week it is difficult to follow precisely. My approach is more fluid and I’ve accepted that there are some weeks where I cannot do everything she suggests. The Bereaved - Stronghold of the Zephyrs - The Memory Keeper - The Shining Dew Three of these cards are repeated from last week so similar energies are in play. In some ways, these cards depict what are often ‘seasonal’ feelings and experiences for me. The Bereaved as the first card, brings grief to the fore. It is the sorrow and heartache of loss. The Stronghold of the Zephyrs brings back The Memory Keeper. The sorrow I feel is an echo in time - it is the loop which comes round at this time of year linked with a time of deep grief. Each year the rawness of it lessens but the echo is there. A trauma of remembered pain, held in memory and in the change of the season. The longing for simple pleasures and nostalgia for a time and people long gone and an imagined future with them. The Shining Dew reminds me to flow with this, to allow the ebb tide to take me where it will. Creative expression of the energy moving through me is important. The hexagram is Patience emphasising going with the flow, non-action and waiting for things to resolve naturally.
  2. I remember the hype about the Castaneda books too. Like Raggydoll, when I read the books he’d already been exposed. I did get suckered in by Lynn Andrews ‘ Medicine Woman’ as a teenager though.
  3. I agree and it leaves people a bit vulnerable to feeling that they need it to be a ‘proper’ witch. Don’t know if anyone else is a Terry Pratchett fan but Granny Weatherwax would have no truck with any of it. The desire for ‘stuff’ has massively increased as in line with social media use. I’m glad I discovered tarot at a time when most people just ended up with whatever deck the local shop sold. For years I only had two decks and it helped me hone my reading skills without the distraction of the ‘next big thing’. It meant having to work through all the tricky phases when learning a new skill instead of thinking that the next deck would be ‘the one’.
  4. Wonderful news! It’s great that they have held up so well in storage too. What type of cabinet have you gone for?
  5. My reading for this week: The Shining Dew - The Memory Keeper - Stronghold of the Zephyrs - The Holy See Last week was focussed on practical matters with a lot of Orbs. This week the focus shifts more to the emotional. Shining Dew is the advice to slow down, to be fluid enough to roll with the punches and allow the flow of karma to take me where needed. It is also a message to express myself in a creative, artistic way. The Memory Keeper speaks to me of nostalgia, a longing for the simple pleasures of childhood. When this card appears it can mean that the veil between worlds is thin. This feels true at the moment - my dreams has been full of people and times long past and I’m getting that feeling of closeness of Spirit that often comes to me at this time of year. The Stronghold brings a message from the Holy See. I see this as being strongly linked with The Memory Keeper - it’s a call to look at traditions, particularly spiritual ones. Where is my sense of nostalgia or feeling of closeness to the past taking me? The I-Ching for this week is Great Force: You are the sage who stands independent and fierce, without fear, renouncing the world you knew. It is a tipping point. You are reaching critical mass. Embarking on a great endeavor. You may need to use excessive personal force. You are on a path of transformation. To facilitate that transformation, excessive force may be necessary, though by the laws of nature, there are consequences to the use of excessive force. It is a turning point in your life. A dried poplar yields one final blossom—its last great act before the poplar withers.
  6. Those discussions were still going on when I joined pagan forums in the early 2000s. It was one of the things which made me question whether I was just consuming spirituality rather than living it. It’s fair to say that, like @Raggydoll, I spent the early years with rituals focussed on myself. Partly because I was in a difficult place and needed help - there wasn’t any available from more earthly sources. I desperately wanted someone/something to be look after me. It was a bit like a spiritual puberty - a little selfish, a little rebellious but actually still wanting some safety and security.
  7. I’ve got this one too (and had it last week!). It’s a weird sort of energy - work feels like things are being pulled apart. Lots of division and no-one quite knows how to act for the best. I’m trying to wait it out but it is hard not to try and do something.
  8. Here is my reading for the week: Ace of Orbs - 3 of Orbs - The Erudite The two orbs speak of practical, grounded matters. One promises spiritual nourishment and plenitude to come. It begins the movement from darkness to light. The second is hard work, grit and determination being a driver of success. What is planted in the Ace can only be realised by working at it. The Erudite is a promise of wisdom and guidance from one who has gone before. This could relate to a mentor at work or it may also be calling me to shine my own light and be a guide to others. Hexagram 23: Split/Partition/Division This is an accurate reflection of energies in my workplace. There is a fractious, divided energy which is hard to navigate.
  9. There are so many decks available now and everyone is always ready for the new ‘flavour of the month’. It makes me think that there is a huge amount of decks that just can’t compete against all the ‘noise’. Some of my older decks are my favourites! Dame Fortune’s Wheel is very underrated - possibly because it’s not RWS based. It reads brilliantly though.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Always nice to see old AT members find their way here.
  11. Here’s the thread for the new week. My adherence to the daily activities was abysmal last week. Going on holiday threw out the whole routine! Back to normal this week though so fingers crossed for more commitment. Will be back later to post my reading.
  12. New World Order - The Keeper - The Nocturne There is an interesting mirroring in the New World Order with the Nocture - both have the overlapping circles as a key feature. It’s possible a fluctuation will bookend my week. As I’m on holiday, this makes sense. One marking the transition of travel - a literal ‘new world’ for me to explore. The second could represent the state of flux when I return home. The ships are a nice touch as I’m currently by the sea. Both cards speak of positive changes which are necessary and in my control. The Keeper is a card of ancestral contact - where I am currently, there are many ancient monuments. It’s a ‘thin’ place - the layers of history feel accessible and it’s easy to feel a sense of kinship with the people who lived here.
  13. Just setting the thread up ready. Not sure when I’ll be able to post my reading as I’m on holiday and my connection to the forum is very intermittent!
  14. Thanks for starting the thread. Hope you’re having a good holiday! Cards for this week: The Seeker - The Angel - Sacred Fire The Seeker here represents a quest for knowledge. It will be a week of seeking answers to spiritual questions. Coupled with The Angel, it could be that my focus is on becoming my best self. If I was always in touch with my higher genius, what could I achieve? Have I been neglecting my intuition and those little signs and omens? I probably have...things have been so fraught at work that I’ve just about been able to keep my head above water. Not much time for thinking higher thoughts! This week it would be good to focus more on the spiritual. Sacred Fire will hopefully help kindle that desire and help me forge ahead. Hexagram is number 14 - Accolades/Great Praise: It seems quite pertinent to the appearance of the Angel this week. Especially: You have the resources needed to achieve supreme success and prosperity. To thrive, follow your own path and, most important of all, let others follow theirs.
  15. The Stolen Child Tarot has arrived. It’s a very nicely produced package. The box is sturdy with a magnetic closure and has the beautiful artwork in keeping with the deck. It will take a little time to familiarise myself with the deck as the images are not immediately comparable to RWS. However, titles are included and there is also a digital guidebook. I can see it becoming a good deck for lovers of fairy/nature themed decks who don’t mind imagery which is different to RWS.
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