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  1. I have so many it’s hard to choose one! However, I have always loved The Star from The Tarot of the Sidhe:
  2. My current favourite is The Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.
  3. Flaxen

    Flaxen's Journal

    Flower Moon Spread 7 4 6 1 3 5 2 1. My deepest desires - 9 of Chalices - The Wish Granted My deepest desire is to have a life full of blessings where my wishes are granted. It is a dream of magic, fairy godmothers and help that comes when you need it. 2. What disconnects me from them? The Shining Flame This card is the personification of the element of fire. It is actions taken in order to bring about an awakening. A seed is planted which must be made manifest. The force of this burning leads to to pursue one passion after another. Trying to bring each creative impulse into being. However, I don’t stop to think ‘Is this truly what I wish?’ Does this spark of inspiration lead to my deepest wish or is it an enjoyable distraction? 3. What is my feminine essence? Stronghold of the Zephyrs + The Shining Dew The Stronghold acts as a messenger for the Spirit world. Here she come bearing a message from the domain of deities associated with intellect and wisdom. I pulled another card to clarify what wisdom is being shared and got The Shining Dew. This knight is the opposite element to the previous card. My feminine essence is much more fluid, slower to act but creative and artistic. It reminds me that the drive for my feminine side is to make my soul visible - to create things which capture the essence of me. 4. How can she fully bloom? Two of Chalices - The Joined One There is a desire for deep partnership. In particular, uniting my masculine and feminine sides in a harmonious partnership. It’s recognising the depths in each part of myself and using love as a vehicle to perfection. 5. What is my masculine essence? Ten of Swords -The Destroyer Well, we move away from the soft, tender side of the feminine to a more wrathful masculine side. It is a desire to fight, to not admit defeat even when it seems hopeless. In this card, the figure I identified with first was the Spirit sticking the Swords in. Or is it pulling them out? There is a dichotomy of a vengeful impulse tempered by a desire to help those wronged. Perhaps experiencing both emotions gives a sense of roundedness. 6. How can he fully bloom? Archangel of Mysteries The Archangel of Mysteries illuminates the darkness with her lantern. She helps us work through our shadow side to uncover the great mysteries. With her at my side, my masculine self can safely explore those darker emotions without getting trapped in the darkness. Her lantern will always illuminate the dark. She is also associated with the occult and tarot so it seems fitting that these could be vehicles where I explore this side. 7. Sacred union to bring deepest desires to fruition - The Ebony Shield The Queen of Orbs brings sustenance and reassurance that I have the strength to overcome the challenges of bridging this gap between the two selves. She offers the apple of knowledge so that I can tap into my resourcefulness. What tools do I have at my disposal to help me with this shadow work? Her shield defends my material world - there is no danger of a fall into a permanent dark mental state because she will always bring me back to my body and the real world. Her nurturing presence is a safeguard.
  4. Yes, a teacher of discipline is probably a better way of putting it. Certainly someone who would enforce the social boundaries around what is/isn’t acceptable. I suppose we can’t really know for sure. Society was certainly much more homogenous then. There weren’t many alternatives to Christianity. Also, the culture would have had a high visual literacy - the depictions in tarot were likely based on concepts/ideas which were very familiar. Churches before the Reformation were highly painted and full of visual imagery to help lay people understand Christian teachings. What the card makers intended is also interesting. Then, as now, there would also have been people who were critical of Church teachings and the hypocrisy. Perhaps some of them intended to make a political statement with their creation. I’m thinking of the Vandenborre with its replacement of Le Pape with Bacchus.
  5. Nice to see this discussion started here. You were active before I joined AT but I used to enjoy reading your old posts. The concept of two fathers here makes sense to me. The worldly one who helps us navigate society’s rule and the spiritual one who guides us with the shaping of our souls. Would you see the Pape as the compassionate father - willing to forgive our trespasses - while the Emperor is the stern disciplinarian? It’s also interesting to me that one of the vehicles of the father’s teachings - as Pape- is through the mother in the form of the Church.
  6. I love that description of the differences between all the Roys. It’s one of the (many) things I love about the TdM - the philosophies informing it are so rich. I read and enjoyed Meditations on the Tarot some years ago. Very thought provoking. That play on words with Dame and d’Ame is gorgeous.
  7. It is a really lovely deck. I have a copy too and like the colours. Thank you for that information @Marigold. How lucky you were to get some extra details like that.
  8. 24 out of 50 - there were a couple I’d missed when it was first posted.
  9. The Archangles are assigned to the four directions in much Wiccan practice and are seen as guardians of the magical space created when casting a circle. You wouldn’t need to abandon them if you don’t want to. @DanielJUK, I was brought up Catholic but now follow a Druid path. The saints are an example of the early syncretism of the Christian Faith when it ran alongside pagan beliefs. I think the early saints are a form of ancestor worship translated through the lens of ‘one god’ who can work miracles.
  10. I managed to get a copy of the 1980 Solleone edition of the Minchiate Fiorentina. Thanks to @fire cat pickles for the enabling.
  11. I like both. All sorts of varieties of tea from traditional English tea with milk to the more delicate Chinese and Japanese brews. I have a special like for Oolong and Lapsang Souchon. Coffee I only drink with cream - don’t like really strong coffee like espressos.
  12. I must admit that I use mine more for my altar than as an actual oracle. Thanks for sharing the creator’s thoughts on the moon cards. It was interesting to read her perspective as the guidebook is not very detailed. The art is beautiful though. I’m in the U.K. too but even so the seasonal elements of the Wheel of the Year can vary depending on where you are. Here in the south of England, the signs of Beltane are always a bit earlier than the traditional May 1st date and the first frost of winter is later. Like you, @Raggydoll, I adapt a bit to what’s happening in nature around me.
  13. I got hooked when the first season started and then sped my way through the books! The last few seasons have been more of a frustrating watch as the series has overtaken the books. The intricate plotting and characterisation seems to have gone a bit and storylines have changed. I have to treat the show and books as separate entities now.
  14. It’s beautiful and how lovely to have one which is so meaningful. My current avatar is The Ebony Shield (Queen of Pentacles) from the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.
  15. I was going to jump aboard for this but shipping doubles the cost of the deck for me! This means it will also attract customs fees when it gets to the U.K.
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