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  1. Oh absolutely! I wasn’t suggesting that people should only interpret TdM from a medieval or renaissance mindset. That would be a bit like ‘purity politics’ - ‘I’m more authentic than you’. That could also potentially lead to a Reformation-like schism - are we interpreting from a Catholic perspective or Protestant? I agree that those cultural connections are still part of our psychological and spiritual dna. It’s a point of interest to me how the Death card was viewed and what the Pope stood for on a symbolical and political level. It just adds a layer of richness when I read with them.
  2. Many people who are attracted to tarot are interested in esoteric matters generally. I think for those people, the obvious Christian iconography of the TdM is a bit of a barrier. Lots of people have turned away from Christianity towards other belief systems and there can be a rejection of the older decks because of this. Tarot was conceived in a strong, culturally Christian environment and it’s an important layer of the symbolism in the Trumps. People then were also much more visually literate in a way we aren’t now. The written word has superseded the symbolic/visual and we’ve lost many of those automatic connections. A little primer of common symbols in the history of Art can be very useful.
  3. Welcome @xoe! That’s a lovely trio of cards for the week. I pulled the Holy Water card for the single card reading activity for week 2. It was interesting to see what symbolism jumped out at me and what my more ‘intuitive’ impressions were. I view the 10 of Orbs quite positively - it’s a successful accumulation of resources which can be shared. Perhaps you will experience or have something in abundance this week?
  4. That’s such a good observation - 2 groups of people coming together and struggling to see eye-to-eye could absolutely apply to my work. I haven’t done my meditation yet today - last week I got up early but it was a struggle to really focus. Think it’s better for me to do it in the evening.
  5. What great cards for the week ahead! I love how the spread reads from the titles too - The Joyous One, The Nocturne, The Memory Keeper. The memory of past happiness carries you through the alchemical process of the Nocturne and into future happiness which is being born now. It feels like an eternal time loop where the stream can be read in either direction and loops back on itself.
  6. Tarot forecast for the week: The Politic - The Joined One - The Contender There is balance and symmetry between the first two cards. The Politic is a repeat so the call for pragmatism and awareness of politics is still there. The staffs transform in the next card to the caduceus and the chalices. It’s important to find those people who resonate and are like-minded - in fact, a good politician is able to win someone over to their point of view. With the final card in place, it looks like it will be a week of jostling for position. There are competing strategies and it’s important to be pragmatic in order to create a scenario that most are happy with. Hexagram for this week is 30 - emotional attachment and clinging. It cautions that clinging is the right thing to do in this circumstance if the inner fires burn.
  7. Yes! It feels really strange to use a different deck now. It’s interesting because when I bought the first edition, I wasn’t sure if it was a deck I’d use much. It was chock full of symbolism with a deep philosophy behind it and therefore possibly too much work. However, the ‘voice’ of the deck speaks deeply to me and those cards drift in and out of my dreams. My current avatar was chosen because when the deck first arrived and I looked through the cards, I couldn’t get her out of my head. She kept appearing in dreams and meditations and then the first reading I did with them!
  8. Just getting the thread set up ready for tomorrow. My aim this week is to improve the areas I’ve not found a groove with yet.
  9. The vision board app sounds really cool! Visualisation is such a powerful technique. Have spent some time reviewing the spread I pulled on Monday. The change vs stability message was very relevant to a work situation as was the need to be pragmatic when working with others.
  10. Did you managed to do a prosperity ritual this week? I kept mine very simple and used a ‘miraculous medal’ as a focus for drawing some money to me. I’d like to do something more elaborate next week.
  11. They look good and really useful! I’ve been trying to find something relatively straightforward for the energy raising and have tried a Tai Chi Video which works well. I feel like I want to do something that has a ‘flow’ to it.
  12. I’ve been working with the SKT intensively for a few months and can’t say I’ve experienced any ‘dark’ energy. It is intense but I think working with any deck in a ritual or deep, introspective way will do that.
  13. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a fabulous one.
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