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  1. Thanks for starting the thread. Hope you’re having a good holiday! Cards for this week: The Seeker - The Angel - Sacred Fire The Seeker here represents a quest for knowledge. It will be a week of seeking answers to spiritual questions. Coupled with The Angel, it could be that my focus is on becoming my best self. If I was always in touch with my higher genius, what could I achieve? Have I been neglecting my intuition and those little signs and omens? I probably have...things have been so fraught at work that I’ve just about been able to keep my head above water. Not much time for thinking higher thoughts! This week it would be good to focus more on the spiritual. Sacred Fire will hopefully help kindle that desire and help me forge ahead. Hexagram is number 14 - Accolades/Great Praise: It seems quite pertinent to the appearance of the Angel this week. Especially: You have the resources needed to achieve supreme success and prosperity. To thrive, follow your own path and, most important of all, let others follow theirs.
  2. The Stolen Child Tarot has arrived. It’s a very nicely produced package. The box is sturdy with a magnetic closure and has the beautiful artwork in keeping with the deck. It will take a little time to familiarise myself with the deck as the images are not immediately comparable to RWS. However, titles are included and there is also a digital guidebook. I can see it becoming a good deck for lovers of fairy/nature themed decks who don’t mind imagery which is different to RWS.
  3. I love Father Ted! How could I have forgotten that classic clip...
  4. It’s still feeling quite volatile - like an energy that is crackling and is not being earthed. It will probably try and find the quickest way to ground, like lightning, can’t imagine it will be pretty!
  5. The TV adaption of ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’ also featured tarot. One of the characters reads a TdM style deck. It’s wonderfully aged.
  6. How funny that we both have a repeating card this week. The Grotesque looks like they’ve turned their back on whatever initiation the Priestess offers. Could a feeling of unworthiness be holding you back from taking that leap? Archangel Commander is a powerful force to have on your side as you battle those storms. The image always makes me think of Archangel Michael or Joan of Arc. Courage of your convictions. Good luck with the internal stuff - that can be hard to deal with.
  7. @YlvaBlue, I just noticed that both the Grotesque and the Tower have the Mars glyph. Could there be something important/relevant on the cup with the Mars glyph? What could the trigram signify to you? Sorry you didn’t get the lottery win though - that truly would be a wish granted!
  8. Ready for another week! The tarot forecast is the natural, easy part of the routine and I’m getting more of a handle on the prosperity ritual. Wednesday is proving a slippery day - I just forget to the gratitude exercise. Forecast for this week: Sacred Fire - The Tower - The Hector It’s interesting to see the Sacred Fire appear again especially as it appeared in a more negative form last week. The energy here feels even more powerful. It builds and builds until something finally burst out and destroys that Tower. The sequence ends with the Hector. There will be a victor emerging from the ashes but it will not be done ‘fairly’. It’s important to avoid lording it over others in the situation. The hexagram underscores this - Fellowship. It is creating a sense of unity and purpose to achieve goals. When everything comes crashing down, rebuilding will be easier with everyone sharing a common goal.
  9. My reading for the week proved to be very accurate. The Haunt was referencing a situation at work which was underscored by things at home. It was an emotionally wobbly week with the anxiety foremost. The combination also hinted at the emotional burnout a colleague experienced. Sacred Fire + The Haunt = energy which is turned inward fuelling anxiety.
  10. My wish list hasn’t been updated for a while so thanks for the reminder @AJ-ish/Sharyn. I’ve also lost track of all the new decks @Mi-Shell. So much is done via Kickstarter these days and it’s not a good option for me financially (postage + customs fees make it very expensive).
  11. Stolen Child tarot is on its way to me.
  12. Release of tension strikes me as such a good description of the Tower process. The cracking of the Tower is the cracking of all the stress and rigidity we hold. Wow! That’s an insight I’ve never had into that card before. Looks like a potentially heavy week for you...
  13. Lost focus a bit last week...I get off to a flying start but the weekend seems to be a struggle. Probably because I’m trying to fit it around family. This week’s cards: The Eminence - Sacred Fire - The Haunt The spread is bookended by two Nines. There is a dense energy to the week which contrasts with the lightness of the Sacred Fire. The two female figures put me in mind of myself - the persona which is independent, assured, capable and the other which is struggling with anxiety. The outer presentation is very different to the inner world. With the Sacred Fire between them, there is the possibility of a transformation. A burst of creative energy can help burn through the anxiety which is keeping me down. It may also be time for a cleansing and shielding focus this week. The hexagram is Plateau. Things have reached an impasse and people are behaving with the best of intentions. It also admonishes me not to use divination for this query as I know the answer already!
  14. I used items which are linked with money magic/prosperity. All were already in my house or garden. Walking meditation sounds like a great idea!
  15. Could the second word be ‘medication’? The first letter looks like a ‘m’...
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