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  1. You are welcome! It means a lot to hear that people are enjoying this I'll get started properly on the next labor sometime later tonight!
  2. I think it depends from person to person what the beast entails. We all have different histories, so what state the beast is in, will vary wildly. Some need to release, others need to hold back. I like the Strength card in Modern Spellcasters. With the lady riding the lion, not implying anything about the state of the lion other than a partnership with the lady. It can release and it can hold back, at least that is how I interpret it.
  3. Thanks guys! It means a lot that you appreciate the effort I made @devin I'll keep those names in mind, the next time I need to delve deeper in this direction!
  4. Yes pretty much, our culture is like soil, and we get planted in it. What fruits we bear from that soil is part of our individuation. Either we survive and thrive in the soil, or we whiter and die. Hence individuation is supremely important, because it takes what we are and tries to make the absolute best of it in a way. I'm glad that you are continually finding material that appeals to you. That is the most important thing, reading Jung directly or not is not that important. After all, I think he only wrote one book meant for public consumption, namely "Man and his symbols", which was a collaboration with several individuals that begged Jung to pass on his message more clearly. Deeper we go, into the soul we flow. Whatever we find, will us bind. Do not fear, lend me your ear. It was meant to be, you will see. Thanks for reminding me about poetry, I had completely abandoned that.
  5. @Starlight I've been sitting playing a game and pondering what that poem I just wrote means. I usually don't understand my poems as I write them necessarily, or if I do it is usually a pretty shallow understanding. I think the snow part refers to thinking, meaning why I'm so wrapped up in thinking as a feeling type. Reminds me of the king of swords in my tarot deck. Sitting there in the cold landscape pondering icy subjects. I often feel that my soul is a lump of ice. As for the "that is not why I'm on this earth", I think it means that to be one sided is not anyone's ultimate destiny. One should aim for more than just artistic leanings for example, like wholeness of the self, whatever that ultimately means.
  6. Starlight want's to know. Why I'm wapped in snow. Don't my light shine true? All the way through? There are many riddles to my persona. Why? Isn't it my krona? Sure I have it bent in from birth. But that is not why I'm on this earth!
  7. Thanks for the compliment. Well I'm certainly artistically bent temperamentally. If you follow typologies I'd be an ISFP in MBTI, an ESI in Socionics or a 5w4 9w8 2w1Sx/Sp in the Enneagram. I don't draw very much, but I have done it from time to time to supplement other things I've been doing. Cause leanings are not skills, one doesn't get good at drawing just by being termperamentally inclined, but by putting in a lot of time practicing. Yet being 37 in august, I'm way past trying to explore my artistic leanings, except as an outlet for positive repressed tendencies. Except maybe poetry... And trying to clear up what positive means. A positive repressed tendency is something one's ego is naturally inclined to do, and which the current cultural environment doesn't disagree with. Negative repressed tendencies would on the other hand be things that one's ego would be inclined to do that ones culture would disagree with. In my culture being loud and obnoxious in public is considered wrong in many settings, so someone with such tendencies would repress them. However if they moved to the middle east, or even the United States, they would find a bigger acceptance for certain modes of behavior. Hence their previous negative repression has turned into a positive, as now one is holding oneself back from accepted behavior in public. Since I broke out of a conservative religious church, I've had a lot of experience with having repressed positive qualities.
  8. The way I see the individuation process is a complex mental image in my head, linking up several symbols and systems. Since I'm not a "thinking type" naturally myself, I have a difficulty or more a resistance/aversion to elaborating too accurately about that image. I think my soul wants me to make a book about some topic related to this, but I keep hesitating/sabotaging myself over it. I have way too many started and aborted books on my hard-drive about all sorts of things. All I ever published was a short series of poems, but I've later pulled them from the market, as it was obviously not selling, not too surprising as my only marketing was telling a small handful of people Yeah agree that some things one cannot break through on ones own. I have a therapist I call on when I run into a brick wall, it isn't too often, as often I just need to be patient. But she have helped me deal with a couple of really tricky mental "lockdowns".
  9. I've seen similar stuff like this before. I know some of each, and I can see the connection between them. All spiritual systems are related in one way or another, and this is very connected to the law of three and all. Which puts it right into Tarot territory I guess..
  10. I'll add a song that sort of encapsulates the feeling that drew me into individuating. This is of course highly individual and personal and hence may not reflect what it is about for others. I notice that I've gotten a whole other perspective on what this whole thing is about today. Becoming more clear about parts that before looked almost fused together.
  11. @Starlight I was looking at the links you provided, and I guess I've lost track of how individuation works in general being caught up in my own process. I said in the last post that it was to look at the good sides of oneself, instead of the bad, which is a major part of it, in my case. Everyone has been on a different journey, and what one actually need to deal with to individuate will vary a lot. Assimilation of the shadow is a huge part of it and is generally the first step, unless like with me, the positive aspects of the personality has been pushed aside. Then one must first manifest the positive, and afterwards deal with the shadow and then the soul (anima/animus). This is a journey of a lifetime however, and hence we cannot really expect our self too arrive at any firm goal anytime soon. I mean, I've been fighting with my own process actively for up to two years now, and there is really no end in sight. God only knows where i will be with this in 10 years for example.
  12. Well you are right it is the other side of the coin. But being the other side of the coin, it still shares most attributes with shadow work, just in reverse. Where shadow work demands that one looks at all the less flattering aspects of oneself. Individuation is about looking at all the good aspects of oneself, the ones that are good from ones own central point of view. This can be really hard given that most people have been sent to school. Schools amount to little more than shadow work boot camps for most people., Cause one is really shown how spectacularly imperfect one is in that process. To individuate is to figure out how to be the best you given the cultural constraints one has to live with. Creating space for ones own light despite all the collective content and shadows one know is there. Due to most peoples journey this is usually a very difficult process, cause one has to rediscover something one lost in childhood. Though there are people who for various reasons just individuated naturally, those tend to climb to the top of society really quickly, as to them there is nothing that is holding them back. Yet at the same time their shadows get to grow unchecked, and due to their advanced position in society, it gets to really unfold itself as the monster it is. Which is why society created the process of school to begin with, to confront the monsters with themselves, before they grew too big to be managed.
  13. Arch


    I took the quiz and I got Taoism, not surprised as that is what I am.
  14. Arch

    I Was Baptized Today

    I'm familiar with that ritual and have seen it several times. Though I was never baptized myself. You might want to talk with your pastor about this. Last time I checked Tarot was not popular in Seventh Day Adventist circles. You being a former Catholic will have to get used to a very different take on divinity.
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