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  1. Great, I'll just prepare myself mentally and such. I looked at some of the suggested exercises in the mentor group, I may adopt some of them with changes, depends on the student.
  2. @Saturn Celeste I guess I can take on a student if you have anyone that needs someone to break them into the basics or somewhere beyond. I only know the traditional tarot, RWS style of things, I supplement that with Jungian and similar concepts. I put down a reading that indicate that I should in some ways transform myself. I guess teaching someone could be a good step in that direction.
  3. When someone is described as the tower, then you know they are tricky territory. Basically you see his shadow, and you don't like it one bit. Yet to cast a shadow one must have a source of light, so ultimately he like everyone else has redeeming qualities. Yet despite this, his shadow qualities are ruining things for you. It makes sense that this encounter with his shadow brings forth fear and general anxiety. Yet faced with ones own fears, one has an opportunity to learn more about oneself. It is only by facing ones fears that one can overcome them. That doesn't mean to do reckless things, but to deal with as best as you can, what is there anyway. This is where the Ace of cups come into play, your values are what is at stakes here. He has different values, and hence you feel the conflict of interest. Values are always tied directly to our emotions, as we only feel things that are affecting things of worth. Your sense of worth is being affected by his presence as he manifests his values in the world. This opposing dance of life philosophy is what is at stake here. A reversed seven of swords strikes me as someone who had an agenda but was found out. His hidden intentions are in the open, and in the light of day they become something else. A shadow exposed to light dissipates, and shows what was really hidden. It is usually some deep hurt, very few are mean or evil on purpose, most are the hero of their own story. The king of cup is a master negotiator and understands human nature well. Someone with it reversed, may not feel the need to negotiate with others, may not feel the need to understand, or maybe they are not able to. Not everyone has a high emotional intelligence. One makes due with what one has in life, if that is traditional smarts and a sharp word, then that is what one uses, put in his shoes it might be hard to choose differently. One makes the choices that seems right from ones own point of view. The ace of swords reversed points to some end, maybe an understanding is reached. Or else one of the parties decides to leave. When one has fundamental differences of opinion, it is hard to reach a constructive solution. Especially if one is just sitting in judgment of each other at a distance. When values clash, it can be hard to see a solution, because they often seem mutually exclusive. Yet if one tries to find common ground, one often can agree to leave each other alone at least. And come to understand that the other isn't trying to target one, it just seems like it when values are trampled.
  4. It is possible, but might as well be Nooooooo, No, Nooo!!! My guess is that Snow realized how terrible the episode was about to turn out and cried out in horror. Hmm good idea to watch reaction videos LOL
  5. It is The Spellcasters Tarot, and yes they are awesome! =D
  6. You need to find a gif say on google. Copy the link of the gif by right clicking it. Then use Insert other media down on the right over the Submit reply button. Then insert image from URL
  7. I'm conflicted over this episode (s8e4). It was on one level engaging, but I totally see all the critique leveled at the writers. Several people should not have survived. Crypt should have been byebye. Sam never had a chance. Every main character in the first row outside the castle would have been oh so dead. (Sam, Brienne, Jamie, Jorah, Greyworm etc) Without Jorah no way mother of Dragons would have made it. Snow could have made it, though with all those others gone, his only option would have been to fly out of there. The Hound and the guy with the flaming sword would probably have perished without all the others doing epic hero stuff on the wall and other places. Hence little aid for Arya, I guess the Red woman could have lent more help, but I think her batteries was almost out from doing the fireworks earlier. Whoever wasn't slaughtered at this point would surely fall now that the night king had his back clear to take out Bran. Of course if they just put 100.000 Dothraki on the walls with whatever number unsullied, instead of sending them to their deaths... But maybe it was Brans plan all along and it was basically his version of MASS HODOR! He had to do something while he was in a trance all that time.
  8. Great everyone in the pool!
  9. 7 of cups It is when you accept that he is no longer an option, cause deep down you might still keep him in reserve. 3 of swords It is when you face and deal with the pain you feel right now about the breakup. The Lovers It is when you reorient to reflect a new evaluation of life, taking into account your real options and pain.
  10. Well since the last one was of a guy wading through dark swampy water, I figured it was about time he found something. The gal he found could be given multiple symbolic meanings. I'll leave that up to the interpretation and symbolic understanding of the reader.
  11. Personally I don't view Tarot as a hobby, it is more Spiritual than say collecting stamps would be for me. And yes I did that when I was a little kid, still have about 10K stamps stowed away somewhere. Anyway, this thread got me thinking about why I wasn't reading professionally. I couldn't give myself a proper answer, so I laid a spread on it. It basically told me that my own journey isn't completed yet, so I'm basically not ready for something like that. I don't care enough for others, and my emotions only want to gratify myself. To speak nothing of the pain I carry inside. Trying to help others with this tool on a professional level strikes me as more or less wishful thinking. From a monetary point of view, I doubt it will be worth it either. As that is all that is left if one isn't able to help others, just ripping them off before they know they have been conned. No surprise that seven of swords showed its head here. Though I do like to think that what I have to offer has some value, I doubt it would match the prices I would set on it.
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