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  1. How exciting!!! Please share pics when you get it. I never did order it, I couldn't justify it when ive had access to the app for so long and hardly read it. But their guidebooks are really really good.
  2. Now hurry and spend those two euros on something nice - you’ve earned it!!
  3. I read them intuitively and so I don’t use any set keywords, but since the images still are based on tarot traditions then it’s fair to expect that a certain amount of tarot-derived interpretations can emerge. I recommend that you at least try to completely skip the tarot associations and just look at the picture. It’s very freeing and I have found it to be very accurate too. (Just like they do it in the ISG circles here on the forum!). And when you’ve crossed that threshold you’ll soon discover that you can read with any cards, or any pictures... or with any objects. It’s an exciting journey
  4. That’s great! We basically never have crystals in our charity shops. I wish we did!!
  5. I heard this rumor a couple of times on Facebook, that Ellen was looking into having the dark goddess tarot mass produced and to also reprint her Tarot of the Crone. I wasn’t sure what to believe but today I saw this: So it certainly isn’t a done deal but still potentially hopeful news. If anyone knows more then please share!
  6. I’m glad you chimed in! And I agree that crystals or stones aren’t any more special than soil or grass or wind - those all have spirit to me. But I do feel that the communication that is possible with these different entities will differ based on their very nature. So rocks are in my opinion good because they typically don’t move around like air does and they don’t constantly get mowed like grass does. So in that sense I find them great to work with. I also find that they are more of ‘record keepers’ than for example flowers. But soil and trees are great record keepers too. Again, these are just my experiences and current understandings, I don’t intend to present them as universal truths
  7. I am really glad you brought this up. It’s one of the reasons why most of my collection is made up by stones found in nature (that, and financial reasons). Lots of them were not found by me, they were picked by family members several decades ago (yes, I inherited rocks - and I also inherited some copal/amber and fossils that my dad and granddad once picked). To me, those pieces are just as special and powerful as store bought crystals. I still use crystals though, but I try to limit my consumption and be mindful of where I source them. I have used a lot of crystal beads for jewelry in the past but I am beginning to experiment with also using seed-beads, wooden beads and other alternatives alongside the crystals. And I like the contrasts you get with different materials
  8. I know! I giggled too It probably helps that I wasn’t raised religiously so I don’t actually believe in the devil as such Yes. It’s also when we deceive ourselves and allow others to run the show so we can choose to feel like victims... Absolutely. If the devil represents another individual then it’s usually not great news. It might not always be ‘evil’ or explicitly bad intent, but the end result would most likely still be very destructive or unhealthy.
  9. This. People seem to constantly forget why decks go out of print. It’s not that the publishers want to limit how many fabulous creations that we can get hold of - it’s generally because they didn’t sell good enough to justify further production. People take stuff for granted and only begin to covet them when they are no longer available for purchase. (I do understand that sometimes we simply miss a deck when it’s in production and only discover it later, but I still don’t get the hysteria because there are simply SO many great decks being created all the time now. So hardly no need to despair if you couldn’t get one of them).
  10. I love the cryptic little guy! It’s like he’s saying: “I’m so misunderstood! ... but this fabric is really nice”
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