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  1. That sounds really healthy and doable! Well done on losing that much!
  2. This is one that I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about. I believe it’s still active: http://thecartomancer.com/
  3. My best tip for anyone who can’t really change their diet too much (for whatever reason) is that you start weighing yourself every other day and cut back a little bit on every portion until the weight starts shifting. Eventually, most people will feel encouraged by that weight loss and want to start incorporating more healthy foods (or eliminate really unhealthy options) and start exercising to speed up the process. It’s not necessary to do a complete and drastic overhaul or to aim for dramatic results. If your body isn’t in dire condition and your life is on the line, then you can afford to go slow. That way your brain will have time to adjust and your skin too. Personally, I prefer to focus on what to include instead of what to exclude. The more good stuff you add in, the more the bad stuff is out crowded.
  4. I can relate. I have no fixed altar space either. I grew up in a non-religious home and the only sacred space we had was like an ancestor veneration shelf with pictures and sentimental items.
  5. Finally!! That’s been my goal all along!
  6. Yeah, I know. But even when I’ve been back for some time it still show what I was doing 30 minutes ago. Not that it really matters to me
  7. Or enjoy the privacy and tiptoe around the place like if you had Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak on. Just sayin’!
  8. Ooh, I see there is a system in place here! Lots of interesting organizing tools
  9. Haha! I believe they have specialists that make sure to preserve the books under the right conditions. Don’t think any regular cleaners would be allowed there, but I could be wrong If we are to believe in Dan Browns description then the vault is separated into sections with a high tech system that strictly regulates the levels of oxygen, humidity etc. Maybe you can apply to work there as a specialist that monitors the system?
  10. I’ve noticed that the Who’s online feature is sometimes about 20 minutes behind. Especially when I view it from my computer and not my phone. Have no idea why though.
  11. This week it is definitely the Stretch tarot. I love this deck so much!
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