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  1. I know we have several other members that study or practice druidry so maybe make a post asking what interest there would be among members to start such a sub forum? I think it would be a great addition to this place! Yeah, I don’t personally have any negative opinions about the Thoth deck based on Crowley. But I do have some other deck creators who’s decks I avoid, mainly because I find them problematic in ethical ways (I really do not want to finance misappropriation). I feel the same way, particularly about the minors. I doubt that he oversaw that process anywhere near as diligently as with the majors.
  2. What truly made her day was when I said she could have one of my pendulums
  3. Gregory is going on a trip to see some family members so if she’s already gone then it might take her a while to get back to you. She asked me to respond to everyone who replies here so that you all know how much she appreciates your support. It was incredibly kind of you to share it on Facebook! It really helps!
  4. I heard that green eyes was a sure sign. Plus dark hair And I do have both green eyes and dark hair.. but my grandfather who was psychic had red hair and blue eyes, so there went that theory! No, but seriously, I believe there must be a genetic component somehow. I never knew as a child what psychic gifts were or that other people in my family had them. It was my dad that told me one day when I spoke about my experiences and my interests. He also showed me some books that had belonged to his brother (who died before I was born), and he apparently also had an interest in the occult. My teenage niece did not know anything about my tarot practice until about a year ago. She started talking about how she’s been drawn to pendulums and divination and that she’s seen spirits. So I told her that it’s sort of a family thing
  5. I tend to think of what suit/element you have, in combination with the numerology. So, in the 4 of swords you have air and a 4. Four is the most fixed and stable number, than can sometimes get stagnant. It’s like a chair with four legs: it will provide you with support and allow you to rest, but it might be so comfortable that you do not get up, and hence you lose out on opportunities. So there is a point in which you need to get up, or else your butt will get numb and you will struggle to get up at all. And since we are talking air that means our chair analogy is referring to the mental plane. So it may well represent an opportunity for a well needed break and some time to quiet ones mind in order to recharge ones batteries. But there is the danger that you disconnect from your surroundings or that you miss out on something. So the context (the question, the situation and the rest of the cards) will be the determining factors in whether this is a constructive thing or not. And then we have the seven of swords. I really dislike the traditional ‘theft or dishonesty’ association. I think it narrows this card way too much. To me, the seven is a strategic step to get beyond the balanced and harmonious 6 and find an edge that will take us to the plentiful 8. This mean that i interpret this card as showing a situation where a person is planning and doing work behind the scenes. It is often referring to someone who wants to get the upper hand in a situation or advance in their life, and it is very much a solitary process. They might have an idea that they do not want to share in fear that someone might steal it or because that their plans might get ruined by being revealed to soon. This could be a journalist that’s secretly writing an exclusive article that will uncover something big. It could also be someone who is plotting to advance in their career etc. And yes, there can be a theme of manipulation or dishonesty since that is part of the swords/air energy. But it’s not a dominant part and so I only use those type of interpretations when the context is suggesting or supporting that aspect.
  6. Aww!! That’s so sweet! We will stick that card on the fridge in the staff room
  7. If im understanding you correct, you are not implying that the theatrical way is the only method where the sitter is included, but that it’s your preferred method for obtaining a dialogue? In that case, I agree that it’s definitely one way to do it . I too make sure to include the sitter and have them know it’s their reading (and their experience). I start with almost like an interview where I try to find the ‘question behind the question’ and I explore their expectations and wants (or fears). Then I start planning the reading and I like to have my sitters be part of that process. If I feel like it’s a good idea then I let them be involved in designing their spread. That can be truly empowering for some people (and put pressure on others, that’s why I try to tailor the reading to people’s personalities and emotional states). If I’m doing a psychic session too then I will do that prior to the reading and write it down so it can be incorporated later. Its so interesting to hear about everyone’s different approaches. It’s very clear that you can get a brilliant reading using many different methods. I guess it all comes down to what resonates with you as a reader and what suits your sitter
  8. A big thank you to the others that donated. You know who you are (and so do I!)
  9. My very first tarot deck was a majors only deck that my uncle gifted me for Christmas. I had been using regular playing cards for a year and was super excited to get a real tarot deck. But remember the disappointment when I only got the 22 card version . I never knew back then that such decks existed, I thought you always got the whole thing If you say so, I believe ya I think this is something that people are more or less inclined towards. I had seen spirits, experienced visions and had out of body experiences as a child, so it wasn’t something that came out of the blue. I also have relatives that was said to have “the sight” so I there may be a genetic component to what ways in which a psychic gift presents itself. As you surely know, far from every psychic person has visions, it’s just those Hollywood movies that makes us think so. I agree 100%. I don’t encourage anyone to just throw themselves into intuitive tarot readings without any knowledge of the traditional meanings or the structure and history of tarot. Knowledge (and the confidence that comes with it) makes the mind relaxed so that you can better tap into your intuition, but it also gives you a framework for understanding the psychic information that comes through. Lastly (and this is just my very personal opinion), I think it is disrespectful and unwise to not learn anything about your chosen tool. I take psychic work really seriously and there is definitely a spiritual component for me too.
  10. It might be a contagious condition with all these slippery fingers and accidental purchases I have sort of experienced some of those symptoms myself lately
  11. @JohnLetter I have had quite enough of this. I clearly told you - no follow up questions. I am shutting this thread down now. You simply cannot continue this way and ignore rules and instructions if you want to be part of this forum. It’s not okay to keep wasting the time for us moderators.
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