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  1. And I heard that the very sought after Daughters of the Moon oracle is back in print... It can be found here
  2. Men nej! Det vore ju jättedumt! Vi har ju semestervikarier på posten nu så det betyder att den kan levereras nästan precis när som helst. Men över lag har det bara blivit sämre och sämre. Väldigt trist. Såg den här bilden på sociala medier, tyckte den var väldigt kul. Vet inte om det går att läsa texten men det står i alla fall: "För att gradvis vänja allmänheten vid en allt långsammare postutdelning planerar vi att ändra vår logotyp i två steg" ----- (And truly sorry to any of you non-scandinavian folks. But since this is MY birthday thread, I am hereby allowing some chit chat in my native tongue! )
  3. Thank you for being so open about your mental health issues . You will find that there are plenty of members on this forum that have a direct or indirect experience of mental health problems, so you are not alone. And there are a great number of members that have English as their second language - myself included! (I come from Sweden) . We take great pride in the kind and accepting atmosphere we have here. However, I do want to say that the reason for why we have such a lovely atmosphere is because of our very first and most important rule, which is: 1. Respect one another. You don't have to agree with everything somebody says, but please be respectful in your replies. We are a supportive family here and want to hear what everyone has to say. We're glad to note that we have so far fostered a friendly community where a diversity of viewpoints is not only accepted, but actively cultivated. (And here are the rest of our rules, they are greatly important too!) This rule is non-negotiable. This means that even though we have great understanding that someone might be having a bad day or suffer from a mental condition, we will still hold them to this rule. But I can tell that you have such great insights into your problems that I do not think we should have an issue here. Your experiences can even be utilized as a strength when it comes to tarot. The more life experience we have, the more layers or interpretations we tend to access. And I am looking forward to getting to know you better!
  4. Tack så mycket! Jag undrar om det är den där sköldpaddan som posten har anställt här i Sverige. Nästan alla våra brev tar mycket längre tid nu, så det skulle förklara en hel del
  5. Yes I’ve read it. I believe it’s one of the classics if you’re into the esoteric aspects of tarot.
  6. Welcome! This is a great place. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, you’ll love it here! I look forward to getting to know you better!
  7. Welcome! It’s great to meet you!
  8. But why? If this is from a collectors standpoint then DON’T! Most collectors will, sooner or later, get to the point where they want to curate their collection and streamline things so that only the best remain. Everyone finds their niche and that’s when they want to only have the best specimens in their collection. So then you will have to spend time and energy contemplating how to best release that deck without feeling guilty. You will find that serious collectors won’t want it, and regular readers won’t want it either. Then all you have left is to find a newbie collector who is still in that broad beginning phase of acquiring lots of stuff, without much discernment. And those collectors aren’t as common as you would like to think, and they also won’t want to pay any more than what you did. So you will basically have spent time and money acquiring and then storing a deck that you will never use. And even if it’s really cheap - start adding the costs of those really cheap and unnecessary purchases and put that money aside to when a really interesting deck surfaces. Because it will. The coolest stuff usually just present itself ‘randomly’ and then you will kick yourself that you bought 4 or 8 inferior decks instead of this really good one. True collecting involves some level of discernment. Otherwise it’s just hoarding, and it won’t impress anyone. And if it’s from a readers standpoint - well, you can’t even do a majors only reading with this deck so what are you going to use it for? To look at the pictures? Make an art project? Let’s be real here.
  9. Thank you! I have actually thought about sharing my collection of quotes at some point. Just never knew if anyone else would find it interesting. I have a lot of bible quotes in there too, and that is because of how Waite hinted to different biblical passages. Im not religious myself but I still find it interesting to read because it show what type of ideas he had in mind when he created his deck. And while he had a catholic upbringing, there was still (in my humble opinion) a very modern and very controversial twist to how he approached and incorporated those passages. But I won’t go off on a tangent since that is not the topic here. I just wanted to show how I learned tarot - and these projects was an important part of that. They helped me both grasp the common card meanings as well as the more esoteric symbolism and layers of each card.
  10. Raggydoll

    Hello All!

    I loved duck tales as a kid!! It was on tv every Friday night and I never missed it! Magica de hex was a favorite too!!
  11. I might be wrong here but I believe the standard printing option for tarot decks are 80 cards, to make full plates (the two extra cards that you end up with when you make a 78 card deck are often utilized as title cards or advertisement). At least that was the deal with the Thoth deck from the 80s where they decided to include 2 extra pieces of (rejected) artwork to make it a total of 80 cards. And my guess is that it would cost extra to add another plate of cards. And since it’s a mass market deck, they will want to keep costs down.
  12. If it’s too soon then don’t push yourself! Self care is so important
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