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  1. Yup, that definitely sounds like a copyright issue of some sort. Such a shame!
  2. So pretty!! You might want to share this picture (and others like it) in the Share your space thread
  3. Raggydoll


    So great to have you here!
  4. Thank you! I’ll make sure to add them
  5. Yeah, the colors are really nice
  6. That was way quicker and easier than I thought. Sorry, but it’s another chin implant version edit: the coloring is nice though
  7. It’s Pam b I believe. But I can check more closely later if you like
  8. Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear that you will try it too!!
  9. Raggydoll

    New Member

    Hey! Nice to meet you!!
  10. Welcome! So nice to meet you!
  11. Thanks for clearing this up. I just want to note that such behavior (giving readings to people without their consent) is really not ok, so if this ever happens again then please notify us moderators so we may let that member know that. We would also want to tell this member to not send readings via PM (consented or not).
  12. It was very clever of them to come up with that title so they could keep the “RWS” connotation without actually using the “Rider Waite Smith” that US games own copyright of
  13. Yes it does!! I agree that the Original RWS could have been so much better with Pam a artwork. I’d have happily bought it then! Edit: and I agree that the university books RWS is a really good one, but the topic here is in-print RWS, that’s why i didn’t want to speak too highly of the vintage ones. Not everyone can afford them and I think that the newer ones are really good too (though, obviously not as good in my opinion )
  14. Me and my sister read it after one another and we discussed it a lot. I remember that it was a really special experience to share like that.
  15. Just saw some comparison pictures on Facebook of the 10 cards that was redone. I must say that I really like this new version. It’s not that I didn’t like the original depictions but this version will be even more versatile when I read for others (I was especially thinking about my 16 year old niece who is really interested in tarot but thinks some cards are too scary). Plus I will admit that I wasn’t super keen on all the thin, nude female bodies. Like, why did we have to see nipples in the two of swords? I didn’t feel like that nudity added much to the overall symbolism. (I would have linked to the comparison pics but they are in a closed group. But when I receive my deck I am happy to provide comparison pics if anyone is interested )
  16. 2 weeks?! Wow, I did not know that. Yes I loved that book too!
  17. So the Urban Outfitters have their very own exclusive version of the Circo tarot that comes in a kit with a book. They call it “How to deal”. The deck has been slightly modified and they have changed 10 cards to make it more suitable for a teenage market (I believe they removed some nudity and made some of the typically ‘scary’ cards gentler in their depictions). The cardstock is supposedly very good. I have the indie version and I did not like that cardstock at all. It is glossy and chipped almost straight away. This one is supposed to be more matte. Anyways. The deck is now available on the British site too and they are currently doing an offer of “buy two decks and get the second one at 50% off”. In case anyone is interested Link
  18. Yeah, it’s definitely worth a try. I really like that one. It’s very practical if you don’t have a big surface to work on either. And the box is very good for travel.
  19. I actually also shuffle with my eyes closed or while I’m ‘looking inward’ so to speak, and I have no issues with it. I prefer the tin version because it fits so well in my hands (I struggle with larger decks due to achy fingers). But I have used mine for many years so it might have soften. Can’t really recall what it was like in the beginning . And I totally understand your dislike for plaid backs. I really don’t like them very much either. I tolerate them but that’s about it.
  20. I have read several of his books but not the one you mentioned. I’m curious. What were you hoping to get out of that book and in what ways did it disappoint you? What parts did you find disturbing?
  21. Nope. It’s just the plain plaid back version (yellow tuck box from us games). I used to own the ‘original RWS’ but I never really liked the coloring not the line work (it’s a Pam b). The us games and the ag mueller from the 90s are very similar in quality and they are both good. Nothing special but I like the way they feel over time. They also have Pamela’s handwritten font on them too, which I’m really keen on. When it comes to cardstock I really dislike glossy and thin decks (and none of these fit into that category). I quite like the centennial because it really stands up to frequent use. So I guess it depends on what type of cardstock you like. The 90s versions are slightly waxy but not overly glossy and quite durable. They do have the copyright mark on the side, but for the difference in price between a pre-copyright deck and a more recent one.. well, it’s usually a very big gap there. I was lucky to find my blushing fool deck for 10 dollars, so I was really pleased about that. But my main point is that you can find really good quality decks without having to go broke in the process. Just try to figure out what you like and keep your eyes open. There are lots of comparison videos on YouTube that teach you how to differentiate all the RWS editions. Might be worth while to check that out too.
  22. I was just trying to get to know you since you are new here. Plus I live in Scandinavia too, that’s why I wondered if you liked Norway.
  23. I see. Do you like it in Norway then?
  24. Since the topic is newer/in-print decks then here is a comparison of the ones I have. The one to the left is a us games copy from the 90s (technically not in print but really easy to come by and very affordable), the middle one is from ag mueller and while mine was bought in the 90s I believe it still looks pretty much the same now. Both look very similar, the middle one has a bit stronger coloring, especially on the skin tones. And to the right is the centennial. That one was a workhorse for me some years ago. It’s very affordable and of good quality. And I like the coloring with the blue-green hues.
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