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  1. You are only family if you can fight with the turkey or a member. Personally, I will wait until Christmas, the ham is easier and you get a present out of it. ;D
  2. This is what I forgot... I enjoyed the story very much, so many twists in the plot! <3 Can't wait to read another TTM communal story. Thank you everyone who contributed to the story and thank you SC for starting the threads! :thumbsup:
  3. X-D There is never any nonsense in my readings! X-D I can't even say that with a straight face. :biggrin: I really only read with one deck, so my Pictorial Key is my everything deck for the moment. ;D I have the Halloween too, but the cards are just silly cute. :party:
  4. Holmes, glad you are better and the service was beautiful. Which Lenormand school do you follow?
  5. Henry got skinnier today :eek: :biggrin:
  6. Could the links be in a darker green please. Currently they are really hard on the eyes (I am seeing pale mint green in 6 point fonts on white background) :bugeyed: Thank you!
  7. First...thank you everyone who replied. Second...I am applying each of the elements to a corresponding season. This make a lot of sense to me, because I don't think the four suits are coincidences. *Note: I have not read books on this subject, only a gut feeling. This is what I have come up with: Water=Rain=Spring Fire=Sun=Summer Air=Breeze=Autumn Earth=Rest/Recuperation=Winter Water, Fire and Air is pretty self explanatory. But for Earth, I am going to borrow a well-known Game of Thrones line, “Winter is coming.” The survival of a clan/country is based on how prepared it is for winter and all of it depends on the work, harvest and the buy/sell/trade from spring to autumn. For me, winter is the time of rests, rewards and planning for the next year. *Note2: I know there are debates on the seasons too, I am not going there. Third...the reason for my original question “Why are the Pages consider an Earth element?” is if my Page years were the rests and rewards, I will cry myself a bloody river-real red blood cells. The court cards are still undecided but this is my thinking map: Solely on ED, I agree with ThreeCircleTarot[/member]; Kings=Earth; Queens=Cups; Knights=Fire; Pages=Air The Thoth and the Tree of Life, I don't understand yet, but I understand the reasons TheFeeLion[/member] pointed out; Knights=Fire; Queens=Cups; Princes=Air; Princesses=Earth I also understand libra[/member] about the seed, the impulse, the emotion and the breath Kings=Air; Queens=Cups; Knights=Fire; Pages=Earth ^I think women are viewed as water universally and with this said.... Based on the Seasons; I think Kings=Earth; Queens=Air; Knights=Fire; Pages=Cups I have to think about this some more, because in addition to this, there are the suits. But that is for another day, my brain can only handle so much.
  8. I did follow the discussions and loved it. It just you upperclassmen are too fast for this K Grad to keep up. By the time I finish thinking, you are onto another topic already. ;D Since it's a little quiet, I have a question. Why are the Pages consider an Earth element?
  9. Thank you for your answer. I really was just curious and defaulted into how I would test the accuracy of any divination medium of choice. Using the above example: If I ask the computer generated binary divination medium "should I bring an umbrella during my walking?" everytime there is a forecast for rain for 6 months and I act based on the answer given, making the predictions 100% accurate. Then I realize, I only need the umbrella 10% of the time or it rains 60% of the time when I don't have an umbrella. I would choose another medium. I can't be sure if the reading was correct if there are more variables to consider. Such as: 1. What is the definition of rain? 2. Did I leave the house immediately after asking the question? 3. Was my walk longer than expected? This is just my thinking path, it is NOT the ONLY way to derive the correctness of a reading. It is just me thinking out loud. ;D
  10. Ahh...I see. One more question :)) Do you find a Yes/No question has a higher probability of success rate if the question is active instead of passive? i.e. rain or not passive, bring an umbrella or not active
  11. Slightly off topic... Why did you ask 'Will it rain during my walk?' instead of 'Should I bring an umbrella/raincoat during my walk?" I am just curious, there is nothing wrong with your question. :)
  12. Everything is so bright without the Halloween decorations. ;D
  13. I've never heard of these either, but they look good! They aren't really that tasty and they stick to your teeth. On one understands why I like them, honestly I don't know why neither, but I just do. X-D
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