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  1. @Christinabutterfly Those are some amazing shelves!! A whole library of decks!
  2. @Raggydoll This is stunning!!! What a gorgeous cabinet, and what a fabulous way to store AND display your decks!
  3. @Page of Ghosts nice work! I wasn't really intending to downsize per se, but I've definitely downsized in the last few months. I seem to also let a few go at a time, especially the ones I just don't use much anymore and start thinking of letting go. I've never had a ginormous collection, probably the height of it was 24 or so decks, but I'm down to 10 now (with one incoming)!
  4. My favorite animal-themed deck is the Anima Mundi Tarot! Some cards don't have animals and have flowers or plants instead, but most do have animals. There is one human depicted, and that's for The Devil. You can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/567983622/anima-mundi-tarot-deck-78-card-deck-with I have the first edition, which has wider borders and the Ten of Swords is bloody. The newer editions have thinner borders and a non-bloody Ten of Swords. I also really would love a reprint of the Fantastic Menagerie!
  5. @Raggydoll This is so organized, calming, and beautiful! It sparks joy in me to look at it
  6. @ilweran I think that's a great strategy you've got going on there: thinking about whether a deck brings you more joy having it versus selling it!
  7. @Asra that's the Prediction Tarot! http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/prediction/
  8. I'm pretty minimalist, and I also love books and tarot. For books, I only keep ones I will definitely read again, so books that really spoke to me or were really compelling. I'm lucky I live near so many used bookstores that will buy used books! For tarot, I've come to realize that my magic number is around 20. My focus is on utility and usage rather than just beauty and worth. I have a deck tracker that I faithfully complete at least once a week to track which decks I've used (see photos). Each shaded box represents one day used. If I use a deck more than once in one day, it still gets one shaded box. I then reevaluate where I am at the end of each month -- which decks did I not use at all or use very little? why? I notice that when I personally have more than 20 decks, realistically there are just some decks I never use anymore and am just not called to use anymore. I give those decks a few more weeks to speak to me. I do not force myself to use them. If I feel called to use them, I will, but most of the time, I still don't use them. That's when I put them up for trade, sale, or giveaway. I have not once regretted any of the decks I have let go. With new decks that I want to buy, to ensure they are not just impulse or FOMO purchases, I force myself to wait one full week. If I am still drawn to the deck after a week, I will purchase it. Very often though, I do not feel the urge after waiting a week.
  9. This is a nook next to the living room in my apartment, so people can tell I'm into crystals but not immediately that I'm into tarot. The decks are stored in the card catalog!
  10. It doesn't hurt to keep writing to Llewellyn! I just wrote about this on my Instagram page about a week ago, and several others chimed in, and Llewellyn responded by saying they've passed on the suggestion to their production department! SO fingers crossed!
  11. @ashjey me too! I checked the Kickstarter app at 7:02, and by the time I clicked on the rewards, I saw that 50 people had already bought up all the early bird discounts, and one person had pledged for the regular price.
  12. My favorite book of tarot spreads is 365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham. This book has a different spread for every day of the year, and a lot of the spreads are different from your more standard spreads, but that's why I like it so much!
  13. @Nordica De Spell thank you! Linen finish is definitely my favorite finish on cards. The cards do have a tactile feel to them, although I wouldn't say they feel like actual linen cloth. You can feel the linen finish though. You'll see what I mean when you get them! I do really like the Temperance card -- that was actually the card that flew out at me when I asked the deck what our relationship was going to be like. However, my favorite card has got to be Strength. It's just so beautiful. The Aces are all pretty fantastic too. I'm thinking and hoping that you will enjoy this deck, and I hope it arrives soon for you too!
  14. @Nordica De Spell The card stock is excellent, like Pagan Otherworlds with a linen finish, but a tad smaller so very easy to shuffle. I'm loving it a lot, and the images are just incredible. I don't love the mini LWB it comes with as it was written by someone else, but I don't usually use those anyway. The only two cards I don't love are Temptation and Seven of Coins, but other than that, everything has been amazing, and it's been a very accurate and relatable deck. The night before my fiance unexpectedly proposed, the Nine of Cups flew out at me twice for no apparent reason. The day after he proposed, I got the Two of Cups for my daily draw! I've attached the Cups suit as a result. @joy Hope you get it in hand soon! I live right next to Modern Eden gallery, so I was lucky I got it the day after they mailed it!
  15. I'm loving my copy of this deck. I've had it for over a week now, and I'm finding it very accurate, relevant, and spot-on. It's also one of the few contemporary decks I own -- I generally do not like the look of contemporary or modern decks, but this one feels very introspective, contemplative, and full of grace.
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