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  1. Some great examples so far, thanks everyone!! Lantana, its a funny thing, but cats do seem to improve everything! I'm not keen on traditional, but I do like your cat magician! Well, I suppose Anna K is traditional, I make another exception there ;) I LOVE Neo as the magician, I'm a big matrix fan! And the Victorian Fairy is on my list of favourite decks, so glad to see it here! :)
  2. Luxa

    YES/NO thread

    Lol, I set you up for a 'no' there, didn't I? I think the trick was in the question - it probably will taste good, but it def doesn't look good! haha Hidden Realms says yes for you, Trogon! 3 of wands - a lovely family card, looks like a good birthday too! :)
  3. Luxa

    YES/NO thread

    The Hidden Realm says no, keep it simple! Six of swords. ;) Will the cake I made taste good? (hahaha, don't be nice, be honest ;))
  4. Ooh, I'll take the Queen of Swords everytime! She resonates deeply :) The Tarot of the Hidden Realm offers you: XV Shadowdance - revel in your wild side XIV Temperance - a moment of peace and balance
  5. Luxa

    YES/NO thread

    I'll try too! :) The Wild Unknown, 3 of Pentacles - I'd say that's a yes! Will I have guests today?
  6. Oh yeah, he's a fairly powerful magician, isn't he? Especially with that background. Good choice, Charlotte! :)
  7. What's your favourite Magician card? Or what are your favourites, if you're anything like me! ;) I'm gonna take a few days to think about it, though I already have one in mind. Sorry I'm a bit late putting this up, had such a hectic day yesterday! And thanks for joining in, everyone! I loved seeing your favourite Fool cards. Feel free to jump in now if you fancy it! Open to everyone :)
  8. I'm on a decafe, herbal tea kick just now. Peppermint in the morning, and I'm drinking a brand called 'pukka' - two different varieties, dexox and night time.
  9. I've just started reading the sci fi book Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol. So far so good! :)
  10. Ok here goes - and I've managed to narrow it down to 4! :D The Tarot of the Hidden Realm The Wooden Tarot The Wild Unknown Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot Not very traditional I'm afraid, but The Fool has never been one of my favourite cards, especially in RWS. Though as I progress in my tarot journey I'm beginning to like RWS and it's clones more. Anyway, I've chosen two colour, two more monochromatic, two people (well, sort of - merpeople and fairies) and two animals. So I think that worked out well!
  11. I don't know about others but I think it should be fine. A few of the videos I saw had people giving a special mention of cards in decks they don't own themselves! I don't see why not! And I love that fool Lantana!! @Page of Ghosts - nice choices! And I love the explanations too. I'll have to get on this tomorrow, today has flown by!
  12. I think we'll go with this treat, as you say, it has The Fool in the title, and for every major arcana we'll start a new thread. How does that sound? I'm still pondering and trying to narrow it down. We've got the full week, thankfully! I plan to take pictures and post them, so I need to figure that out too. Not that pictures are necessary. But they are nice! ;) I'm going to really try and just pick three of them! I think I can say for sure, The Fool in Tarot of the Hidden Realm is one of them. :)
  13. Q: What's something positive what may manifest to me next week? 9 of Swords (The Wild Unknown) That's a tough card for a positive outcome, but it is there!! One day next week, you'll wake up, and all your anxieties will fall away, to be left in your bedroom, as you face the world with a new, more positive outlook. What should I do to improve my general health and/or well being?
  14. Brilliant, more people to join in! :D Sorry I didn't explain it very well. Thanks Page of Ghosts for doing a better job. And that's very disciplined of you to try to stick to only 1 card per major arcana!! The Fool isn't my favourite and I'm still at 5!
  15. Oh shoot, I forgot to post it! I did have one, now I've forgotten it :o I'll go with - What kind of day will I have tomorrow at the birthday party? :) Sorry about that wray!
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