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  1. I thought of much, it didn't seem to last long.
  2. Thank you for that advice, always forget about tax. Its such a shame, if a tarot deck is worth it though then maybe!
  3. You'll possibly love lucifer as well
  4. See now you're doing a good job@Katie I do have some very pretty decks, I'm lucky in that respect. I suppose I'd be upsetting my every day witch if I brought that one and I do love it so much.
  5. I know, i have an old a count I created with my ex I didn't want for obvious reasons, so I deicided i was going to transfer pokemon from it. And give it a new lease of life.
  6. I need de enabling - Someone talk me out of wanting the every day enchantment tarot ... Good luck to you all...
  7. I'll just casually leave this here....
  8. Hi all, I'd like to pick your brains, where can I find unusual divination systems and tarot decks in Malta Sliema to be precise. Thanks!
  9. Now you've got me wanting to play my copy!!!! Omg I have pokemon go also
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