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  1. Coming out into the sunshine to say Hello! So glad to see you - virtual hugs and appreciation
  2. Am I reading it right, it's only going to USA - I can't 'pick a country' ??
  3. I had assumed you wanted to grow it so you could take it in some form - my apologies. SO I meant I don't know how the local people used it - boiled the roots, ate the leaves or what-have-you. But I see that doesn't matter. Again, sorry for the confusion.
  4. Looking it up I see it as Rhodiola Rosea . I don't find any info yet on how to convert the plant itself into a safe herbal product for home use. Good luck with your search.
  5. There's a SteamPunk by the Matthews as well - http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/steampunk-matthews/ Or Silicon Valley maybe? http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/silicon-valley/
  6. Any of Lynaryd Narciso's hand-made decks, wonderful scope and humour. Here is his blog page to enjoy http://paralumanstudio.blogspot.com/ Also Wild Green Chagalian Tarot http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/wild-green-chagallian/ Enjoy
  7. I honestly don't think it's as simple as one suppler over another. Sometimes a certain deck from a usually good supplier will chip at the edges, or have a tendency to be slippery or bend, which other decks from them don't have. There are so many possibilities in the production process, and those decisions effect the final product, that it is often a deck by deck basis as to how folks find them. The only thing I could say is that decks where the printed colours run right up to the card edge ("borderless") seem more likely to suffer or show chipping of the colour than those with white borders. perhaps other folks can help. best wishes PathWalker
  8. Thought I had but clicked it again to make sure, thank you Will report back . . . Sorted now - thank you so much - I had obviously clicked it more than once before, and turned it on nd then off again LOL (Told you I was challenged) Thank you - I hope other folks "get it" now, after your great vid. Thank you
  9. Okay - here's a question though After I've moved to a new thread, the 'PW's choices' option at the top of the page disappears, and there is only the standard 'unread content' there. I can only find my choice again via the drop down list under 'activity' Is that how it's meant to be? I'm not complaining - that's still great to have the choice, but is that where it's meant to be? Thank you PW
  10. Thank you - watched - now going to try YES!!!! Thank you - I truly appreciate that - the bit I was getting lost on was 'setting as default stream' and naming it. Thank you
  11. I haven't even been able to save my choices, so I must be missing something on the screen when I'm trying. Not being very techy means you sometimes miss things which seem obvious to other people - could do with having a technician over my shoulder LOL I've pretty much given up now
  12. I thought I had it for a minute - but as soon as I move around the forum i.e. change pages, the preferences fail and all threads appear again. I gave up the first time I tried to do this - all those months ago -becuase I couldn't make it work and I'm giving up again now LOL I can't make it work, and it's so frustrating trying that it's time for something different - knitting I think
  13. Yes I appreciate that I have only just started this thread agian - but as Daniel pointed out the same subject is under discussion elsewhere - I didn't know that until recently - and has been under discussion again for 10 days. Thank you to the folks who have tried to help - I appreciate I am quite technically challenged It would have been more accurate then for me to say that the 'subject' of being able to hide certain sections is not fully addressed by admin, rather than just in this thread - i apologise. And I do know how much work is done by mods and admin behind the scenes on such a forum - honestly But for folks who really really would like to ignore subjects which have no interest to them and don't really have anything to do with a cartomancy forum, the ability to hide certain areas would be a boon. To lighten the mood somewhat - am I the only person who gets a spelling suggestion when I write cartomancy? It would like to offer me necromancy!!!
  14. Thank you, thank you both. It's just that I come here for the tarot - not for some of the other things, which just fill my screen with . . well stuff I don't have any interest in. SO I thought I could just not see them, and it would a better experience, straight to the stuff I'd like to read. Ah well, if it can't be done, it can't be done. Hopefully at least admin can tell us for sure. No admin member has commented in this thread since it was started PW
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