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  1. Whilst I agree with the technical details and artistry about BABA decks - or others for that matter - the point is that doesn't make them 'must haves' in YOUR collection if you don't like them! There are many different ways to choose to collect - but at the heart of it surely is that you like what you collect, not that you got talked into anything by the hype that other folks created? It's so easy to do, and you'd end with a huge and expensive pile of stuff that doesn't make your heart glad, and frankly is very dodgy if you thought you'd realise a profit.
  2. I confess I am haunting this thread in case you're all about to stat tarot sales threads! I make what I want to keep fit in the space I have, and have no pans to move again Blessings )0(
  3. I've never wanted a "like" button on here before So wonderful to have them back, congratulations PathWalker x
  4. At the heart of the question is another question surely - what do you mean by the term "collectable"? I have a (relatively) small collection - they have nothing to do with price or current value, and everything to do with the fact that I LIKE them, and I read with most of them when the fancy takes me. If you're asking "how can I tell which decks I should buy now, to sell later and make a lot of money?" - well there is no way to tell. Unless, as Eric suggest you seek out decks that are already rare by virtue of their age. This will cost up front. If you need to make an investment that you can bank on it the future then buy gold bullion - rarely loses it's value. If you want a collection of decks that will impress your friends, well my friends are mostly impressed with quantity not quality as they don't know much about tarot LOL If you want a collection that you'll truly love - then buy what you like the most, the ones whose artwork inspires you, or makes you laugh, or makes you think. Tarot collecting is honestly not about the £££. very best wishes PathWalker
  5. I don't know of a site like that. It's down to research on any particular deck. Sometimes the status of a deck might change, a second edition be brought out or the appeal of a deck falls and the price drops - it's not really ever fixed thing. Good luck with amassing the info you want though
  6. Has anyone mentioned the Druid Animal Oracle? I suppose it is quite geographically specific, but it might appeal to some folks who haven't seen it before? (It links with the Plant Oracle, so can become a mixed deck) http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/druid-animal-oracle/
  7. Coming out into the sunshine to say Hello! So glad to see you - virtual hugs and appreciation
  8. Am I reading it right, it's only going to USA - I can't 'pick a country' ??
  9. I had assumed you wanted to grow it so you could take it in some form - my apologies. SO I meant I don't know how the local people used it - boiled the roots, ate the leaves or what-have-you. But I see that doesn't matter. Again, sorry for the confusion.
  10. Looking it up I see it as Rhodiola Rosea . I don't find any info yet on how to convert the plant itself into a safe herbal product for home use. Good luck with your search.
  11. There's a SteamPunk by the Matthews as well - http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/steampunk-matthews/ Or Silicon Valley maybe? http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/silicon-valley/
  12. Any of Lynaryd Narciso's hand-made decks, wonderful scope and humour. Here is his blog page to enjoy http://paralumanstudio.blogspot.com/ Also Wild Green Chagalian Tarot http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/wild-green-chagallian/ Enjoy
  13. I honestly don't think it's as simple as one suppler over another. Sometimes a certain deck from a usually good supplier will chip at the edges, or have a tendency to be slippery or bend, which other decks from them don't have. There are so many possibilities in the production process, and those decisions effect the final product, that it is often a deck by deck basis as to how folks find them. The only thing I could say is that decks where the printed colours run right up to the card edge ("borderless") seem more likely to suffer or show chipping of the colour than those with white borders. perhaps other folks can help. best wishes PathWalker
  14. Thought I had but clicked it again to make sure, thank you Will report back . . . Sorted now - thank you so much - I had obviously clicked it more than once before, and turned it on nd then off again LOL (Told you I was challenged) Thank you - I hope other folks "get it" now, after your great vid. Thank you
  15. Okay - here's a question though After I've moved to a new thread, the 'PW's choices' option at the top of the page disappears, and there is only the standard 'unread content' there. I can only find my choice again via the drop down list under 'activity' Is that how it's meant to be? I'm not complaining - that's still great to have the choice, but is that where it's meant to be? Thank you PW
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