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  1. Interesting thoughts. Personally, I do use the 'cut three times with the left hand and restack (however feels right)' method. To me, it still gives the whole deck a chance to speak. Its all about intent to me and following my intuition. I put the intentions into my overhand shuffling: - I say out load how many cards I'm drawing, if I'm doing a spread I'll say the names/questions relating to the positions too - I say that when I'm done shuffling, I'm going to cut the deck into three piles intuitively, then I'll intuitively restack them and draw from the top For me, I feel where I need to cut as a tingling in my fingers (I guess similar to Raggydoll's third eye tingle) - and because my left hand isn't used as much as my right, I find its generally more sensitive to the energies in the cards. Its like telling the deck that its okay for it to get the cards in the order it wants me to see them, but its okay if that order isn't at the top because intuitively I know I'll cut it in the right place. Just my thoughts on the subject.
  2. I'm afraid I'm unable to give you much help on the spread, I'm sure someone will come in to help though - I don't tend to do third party readings like this, and I don't like working with reversed cards, but I did want to address the above point I've quoted from your post. I know you want the best for your friend and want to be gentle on her, but why sugar coat it? People want to hear only good news, that's how we are as humans, but sometimes we have to go through the bad news too. You just have to present it gently and acknowledge that you know it's probably not what she wants to hear but you have to be honest with her. I wonder if perhaps doing a relationship spread would be better, then you can give her some insights into her side of the relationship? This is one I've used that I quite liked: http://lightgreyartlab.com/blog/2019/2/8/10-card-relationship-tarot-spread It's obviously your choice, but just thought I'd give you some food for thought.
  3. Interesting idea! I love your creative methods when it comes to devising spreads!
  4. My husband had a rocks/crystals/minerals collection as a child - they were a magazine that issued them along with some magazines about them. They're in our house waiting for me to sort through them! Hehehe, I can totally sympathise here!!! (Not quite that badly though...the rational part of my brain usually kicks in as I reach the checkout with "where is this money coming from" situation!)
  5. Didn't realise there are two decks with this name! This is the one I love: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/triple-goddess-tarot/
  6. Another deck with minimal borders and no titles is the Triple Goddess Tarot - it just has a symbol for the suite and the number (or a symbol for the courts) and in the majors just the roman numeral. My favourite deck at the moment!
  7. I would love to travel back to the times when old fashioned Gypsy travelers went about Britain in their lovely carts. Among them, there would be the fortune teller and I would love to study with her - the cards, palmistry, anything she wished to teach me. Possibly a fantasy, but I think it's an awesome idea nevertheless! (On a non-tarot related quest I'd love to travel back to the beginning of the earth to find out just how it all started, and as I traveled home again I'd stop off at significant points of time in the evolution of the earth, animals and humanity!)
  8. Globally, I want to see people accept that tarot isn't evil or bad and is just another tool to help us tap into our own energies and those of people around us. I would love to see tarot reading be a normal thing and helps people learn about themselves.
  9. I would love to do a reading for my brother, to help him find a way to deal with his disorder in a safe way. However he is rather closed minded and thinks it's all phoney. I don't do readings for people without their permission. I'm not sure what deck I'd use though. Possibly just a standard RWS or the Herbal Tarot.
  10. I also go with the 'what do I need to know right now' approach (or 'what do I need to know about .......') The openness gives the cards a chance to tell the story however they feel you need to hear it!
  11. Happy Birthday dearest @Whisper!
  12. Hiya @Awkward.turtle91, Archangel Michael is such a comfort to me. I'm not sure how he's represented in your deck, but he is a strong, protective angel who is able to provide you with courage to keep going and helps to protect you from harm. He is like a protective father who would do anything to protect and care for his child. Here is my pennies worth of thoughts on your reading too. Hope it's helpful. Situation - Page of Wands The keyword on your deck is Venture and I wonder if perhaps Michael wants to help give you the courage to do new things and leave your comfort zone, knowing his protective energies are around you - it's the opportunity to plan an exciting new adventure in your life! Advice - Page of Pentacles To me in general, the pages are often about new adventures and having that child like view of the world - that everything is new and exciting. As it's pentacles here, I wonder if this reading is related to your finances or work situation in particular? Outcome/My Feelings - 8 of Swords The first thing that comes to mind with the 8 of Swords is that you might feel trapped and imprisoned or like Michael has released you from feeling that way. (This isn't necessarily the spread I would have used for this question, I might have used instead: 1 - A card to represent the message Arch Angel Michael wishes to give me 2 - A card representing the situation that Arch Angel Michael wishes to help me in 3 - any other information But obviously it's your reading, so use what is most comfortable and makes most sense to you!)
  13. DAY 18 – WANING GIBBOUS Deck: Triple Goddess Tarot Theme: Honesty & Introspection 1. What needs to happen before I can start to delve deeper into myself Seven of Wands The fierce Seven, stands on the high ground, ready to battle and fight against the wands coming towards her. She does this to protect the child that hides behind her. I feel this card telling me that I need to do more preparation, I need to feel ready to delve into the deeper aspects of myself and that perhaps I'm not there yet. Like a mother protects her child, I must remember to protect myself and to trust in my intuition as to when I am ready to delve deeper. 2. Something I will have to be real and honest about if I am to make true progress III The Empress Oh Empress, how you taunt me with your fertility, your heavy pregnancy! You are surrounded with the glow of faeries and the joy of pregnancy. I really feel that this card is relating to my fertility journey and being comfortable in my own skin. The Empress is full of abundance and creativity too but they seem to take a back seat as I look at this card. I must be real and honest about this journey. I also get a sense of foreboding, like I'm going to have to come terms with infertility further, I'm not sure, but I get a sense that things might not run smoothly in the future 3. A treasure that is to be gained from my efforts Six of Wands The cards are hitting the deep spots today! Here a mother watches her beautiful children laugh and play. She is laughing with them. If this follows on from the previous card then perhaps a family, joy and happiness will be within my grasp. It is a card of victory and success and I truly hope that this will come to pass. What is also lovely is that this feels like a summery card - with the flower wreaths on their heads and it seems so appropriate that I wasn't able to do this reading yesterday but instead did it today on midsummer with this summery looking card! DAY 19 – WANING GIBBOUS Deck: Triple Goddess Tarot Theme: Roots & Identity 1. How I perceive my roots and my sense of legacy Ace of Cups This is a curious card to get here, at least it seems so to me. Cups (and water) are traditionally associated with emotions but here that doesn't seem to make too much sense to me. As I look at this card I'm drawn to the water-lilies and the fact that their roots grow down into the dark and murky depths. This fairly accurately describes my sense of familiy roots and legacy. It is a dark and murky to me - I know who my grandparents are, I knew one of my great-grandparents but beyond that they are all a mystery to me. I don't feel like I have that family connection. 2. The actions or attitudes of mine that are based on these beliefs (subconscious or not) Nine of Pentacles Ever more curious. Here we see a well to do lady in her garden. A beautiful peacock shows off his splendid tail. This is a card of reward - reward for the hard work that my ancestors had to work through. The little I know of my family roots is that we have never in recent years been well-off or rich, however, my generation are beginning to reap the rewards of our families slowly working their way up the ladder of social class and standing. We are reaping the reward at last for all their hard work. 3. How I can heal or strengthen my sense of identity and belonging Five of Swords This has been intriguing reading overall, and makes me feel like I need to find out some more about my roots and my ancestors. This card continues the intriguing theme! I look at this card and I get the sense that the lady at the front of the card has won a small victory, but not in a clear honest way, but perhaps by trickery. I don't really understand the message this card is giving me here. Will trickery help me to strengthen my sense of identity and belonging? Somehow I think not! Perhaps if I view this from another perspective, she has won against the odds so perhaps acknowledging that my generation are where we are today because our families have fought against the odds for us, and won? Mmmm, curious. I will continue to ponder this card.
  14. DAY 17 – WANING GIBBOUS Deck: Triple Goddess Tarot Theme: Sensuality & Physical pleasures 1. How I can have a more loving communication with my body Eight of Pentacles The Eight sits quietly by a window, working diligently and carefully on her work - it looks like embroidery to me. She sits here because the sun shines in brightly, making it easily for her to see her work. I feel this card asking me to pay attention to the needs of my body and to be diligent and careful about following its needs and acting upon them in a healthy and sensible manner. 2. A key to fully experiencing and understanding my sacred sensuality Two of Wands The Two of Wands stands strong and confident, looking ready to start a journey but waiting for the just the right moment to start. This is part of the key - I must trust the strength that my body has and be confident that it knows what it is doing. I must wait until it is ready too - this harks back to my physio session - wait until its ready, don't try and ask it it to do too much too soon. 3. Ways in which I can generate even more physical pleasure in my life Nine of Wands The Nine tends her garden with love and care and in return, it blooms, flowers and grows. This is key here - I must tend to the needs of my body like a gardener does to her garden, with love and care. If I look after the needs of my body I will be rewarded
  15. DAY 16 – FULL MOON Deck: Triple Goddess Tarot Theme: Magic, Potential & Power 1. What special type of magic am I called to perform or experience right now Three of Cups The celebration is on and the three ladies dance around happily enjoying their time together. I am called to perform and experience the magic that comes from being part of a community. The magic of working together with others to manifest something beautiful and wonderful together. Community is such an important thing to me right now, from the Little Lunar Circle here on the forum, to my community work with the Guides and Brownies, to the shop where I do my work. It is all part of the magic. A lot of these communities aren't there to create magic in the sense of witchcraft type magic, but working together creates its own kind of magic whether intention or not - but it is always worked for the better of the community. This card asks me to be active in my communities and to perform my special magicks alongside others. 2. How can I amplify my abilities to receive and manifest Queen of Cups I must become more like the Queen of Cups. I must relax and be open to the things around me. I must remain balanced in my moods and tempers and allow myself to feel all that is around me. I need to follow my intuition and allow myself the pleasure of finding out what is in the cup. All this will aid me in my powers to receive and manifest using the powerful and good energies around me. 3. One of my most magical gifts or powers XII The Hanged Man This card seems strange, but it would appear that one of my most magical gifts is an ability to accept what is happening and to relax into it. Perhaps even to meditate upon it. I am able to appreciate all things in life with a calm detachment and allow myself to surrender to the situation despite the sometimes precarious positions it might put me in. This seems slightly strange to me here as I don't feel like this describes me, however, I sense that it could if I took the time to work on it. This sentiment seems to have come up a lot throughout this moon cycle and I must try harder to incorporate it into my life.
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