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  1. For me this week its definitely the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit (will probably appear regularly in these threads!)
  2. I need this dragon as a pet in my life. I drink so many cold cups of tea because I've forgotten about them while being engrossed in something else...
  3. Yep, exactly this. For my styles of dance, you aim to be on the balls of your feet when stepping or moving around. Whole foot is generally down when still though. But it still requires training to reach a level of stamina for the foot muscles which you just don't get when walking normally! I mean, they possibly still had different walking problems, but its fascinating! Ah, do it! (I'm still walking round the house like it!) Yeah, me too...wondering if I can make myself some...although I'll probably pass on the leather socks, I'll stick to my cotton or wool socks
  4. hahahahaha! me too!!!!! (but I then thought that was a strange thing to do so decided not to mention it... ) Its interesting - I'm a dancer, in particular an English Cotswold Morris Dancer and English Clog Dancer and there are loads of discussion about the proper way to dance so that you protect your joints and muscles and just protect your body in general. There's a tendency to become a little flatfooted - particularly when you're new to the dancing because the muscles in your feet get tired from having to work more than they are used to. Its safest and best to dance on the balls of your feet, then you get convenient built-in suspension but it tires the arch of your foot so your heels get lower and if you're not careful you start landing with either the whole foot in one go or on your heels - which will eventually REALLY hurt. I think its likely to be what started off my sciatica problems, although I do now try to dance as properly as possible. I also loved the part where it discussed when you ball-walked because you didn't put the whole of your weight on your foot and could feel for things like wasps/bees, perhaps particularly sharp stones or whatever. I certainly have some pairs of shoes where that would be useful!!!
  5. Is it just me that thinks those leather shoe/sock things look really comfy!? Interesting though!
  6. Welcome to the forum! Lovely to meet you! Loads of stuff happens here so have a look around and get settled in!
  7. I tend to go with the deck I feel most drawn to at the time I want to do the reading! Admittedly, my deck collection is fairly small so it's not normally a problem that I feel drawn to lots of decks at one time.
  8. stephanelli


    I meditate too, not daily, but I know exactly what you mean. I accept my meditation as it comes. Some days that means I spent most of the time reminding my brain what meditation is, other times I just slip into the sweet spot and although there are thoughts, I can just 'notice' them but not get caught up in them. I think it's just normal, particularly if you have the lifestyle where you juggle lots of different things.
  9. Thanks - its one from Biddy Tarot's website and it nearly always gives me honest, but gentle and helpful answers (seemingly no matter what deck I use). Definitely one of my go-to spreads!
  10. Another 'Release and Let Go' spread for me today as I'm feeling a bit down. Deck: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit 1: What am I feeling right now? FROG The Frog's energy is usually calm and soothing - representing clarity, cleansing and healing. However, when it appears it is usually in its balanced form but today I sense that its present in its unbalanced state today. It shows me that perhaps I've been burning the candle at both ends recently and am feeling depleted, like I'm running on empty. It reminds me that I should remember to take some time out for myself and perhaps today the day for that. The Guidebook suggests water to bring it into balance so I think when I've done with my housework I'll treat myself to a gentle relaxing bath today. 2: Why am I feeling it so strong? MOTH Instinctively I realise that card is showing me how much I've been constantly on the go. Flitting from here to there, doing my work at the shop, continuing with my own projects at home. Doing this, doing that, never resting. Recently I've been filled with so much energy and the yang energy has felt strong within me. Michael has been present in my life, guiding me with his powerful energy. The Divine Masculine has been strong recently. But life is all about balance and I sense that I need to spend some more time balancing that with the Sacred Feminine. 3: How can I release this feeling? BUFFALO The Buffalo feels like he's looking at me. He reminds me to be physically grounded in the Earthly realm, but remembering to lift my spirit to the Divine above. He understands the practical nature of doing things and accepts every bump in the road of life and sees it as an opportunity to be uplifted. He asks me to spend time doing the activities that both ground me and connect me to the Divine. Instinctively I know that he is asking me to spend time in prayer and meditation (and the sooner the better!) 4: What is it transforming into? PANTHER The Panther hates to see anything stagnate. It'll be there to encourage me to purge away the unnecessary things in life. The Panther tends to pounce into our lives bringing sudden changes and wrecking havoc. I almost see this card as the "Tower" of this deck, but not in the same way! The unbalanced Frog energy will transform suddenly into the fiery Panthers energy allowing me time to purge away what I no longer need. But to get there, I must remember to take some time to balance the energies already present! 5: How can I rise above? ZEBRA Oh beautiful crazy Zebra! The Zebra is young-at-heart and a bit eccentric. They are forever curious and have wonderfully open minds! The Zebra reminds me to find the enjoyment in all things in life and to open my mind to new possibilities and to be curious about all things! In every spread I've done for myself over the last few months something comes up relating to travel and adventures and this card again hints at that possibility. I finally have some travelling and holiday plans and I know that escaping from the usual routines of life is a joy to me, whatever that entails! May the Zebra rise strong within me! 6: What is my new beginning? HAWK What a lovely new beginning! The Hawk is all-seeing and wonderfully intuitive. He is able to receive messages from the Divine. He sees all the wonderful little details alongside the bigger picture. This paints a picture of my new beginning that is so welcoming to hear! 7: What have I learned? LION I have learned that I must be patient, like the Lion. I must rise above the pettiness of this world and remember to dedicate myself once again to personal and spiritual growth. I must listen to the messengers that the Divine sends to me and strive to achieve balance within myself. Like the perfect king. I must lift my head high and be proud of who I am and what I can do.
  11. For me this week is the Triple Goddess tarot. I love the energy from this deck!
  12. there is nothing more grateful than a simple thank you
  13. Welcome to the forum! Lovely to meet you!
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