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  1. Hiya @Wyrdkiss I believe that line is changed based on what user group you are part of (for example, on mine it says 'moderators') which is only changed by an admin. I'm sure @Saturn Celeste will be able to explain it better and/or sort it out.
  2. Nice - it just looks so bright and colourful and I love the style! Thanks
  3. No problem - by the way, I love the deck - what one is it?
  4. Hi @ashwsh I've moved this topic into Talking Tarot so you can discuss stalker cards!
  5. I've not had to deodorise a deck, but I have deodorised many books. I actually often find the best cure for most things is to air them out thoroughly rather than shut them away (even with baking soda) - but do it somewhere well ventilated obviously. (For books I've used a shady part of the garden on a dry but breezy day and that's very effective but that probably won't work well for a deck of cards). I'm sure others have some suggestions, that's just what's worked for me!
  6. No problem! We don't have any rules that topics older than x-months can't be revived - discussion is always good! Exciting decks! The way I tend to use The Herbal Tarot is to initially use it as a RWS deck (as its images are just so similar) but then to research the herb further which usually helps to pad out the reading even further and can provide some very useful insights. I don't tend to draw an oracle card though with most tarot readings, just let the tarot cards speak for themselves - but there's no wrong way with tarot, so have a play around, see what works for you!
  7. I started this topic a long time ago but very appreciate your answer. I came to the same conclusion myself, choosing to read the cards with more of a learning frame of mind and for providing an extra level of detail to my readings with that deck!
  8. Welcome! It's great to meet you, I hope you'll find lots of fun things to talk about here!
  9. Welcome to the forum, it's lovely that you decided to join us!
  10. Welcome to the forum, it's great to have you around! We have all learnt in different ways and have different paths that led us to tarot so it makes sense that we all have our own way of using them. And the cards are just that - a tool to help us access our intuition and three knowledge within us. Tools can be used in so many different ways - one of the simplest tools is a stick. I could use it to dig food out the ground, I could use it to spin yarn, someone else might use it as a tent peg while someone else might just throw it for their dog! So try not to worry about how you read, everyone here reads differently, just dive straight in!
  11. Had to giggle here I'd put: Swords - SMS, email, messenger chat - anything virtual and possibly more business related (I'm going with my usual correspondence of swords and air here) Wands - short notice communications, likely to be in person, but possibly calls too Pentacles - something physical, perhaps a letter or gift, possibly from family too Cups - my first thought is communications of a more romantic nature
  12. @Tarotninja As Gregory has rightly said this post is unfortunately in the wrong section and breaks a few of our rules. Firstly, you need to have 5 posts in order to post in the Tarot Readings section where this belongs -this is easy to do, perhaps post an introduction in the intros section and comment on some topics that catch your eye! Secondly we ask that you interpret your cards first. I know this can be hard, but this will help you to learn the tarot better too - a sentence for each card will do! I'm going to lock this thread for now, you can PM me or one of the other moderators when you have 5 posts and we will move it and unlock it.
  13. What an interesting topic though! I don't think that learning and using tarot is bad for a marriage at all, I am in fact very happily married myself! I tend to mainly use tarot as a tool for self-exploration and helping me to process things that happen in my life but I also read for others on this forum and select people in real life. Like others who have replied, There are questions I would never ask the tarot myself though, I know from experience that once a seed of doubt is planted it'll never leave - a reading on my marriage is out of the question. I have a few areas of life I just don't ask about. I think that's on of the things about tarot, you have to learn to read the cards (of course) but you also have to learn your own limits. Don't ask a question you're not ready to hear an honest answer for.
  14. Hiya, I've moved this thread to Talking Tarot where it is a better fit!
  15. Interesting thoughts. Personally, I do use the 'cut three times with the left hand and restack (however feels right)' method. To me, it still gives the whole deck a chance to speak. Its all about intent to me and following my intuition. I put the intentions into my overhand shuffling: - I say out load how many cards I'm drawing, if I'm doing a spread I'll say the names/questions relating to the positions too - I say that when I'm done shuffling, I'm going to cut the deck into three piles intuitively, then I'll intuitively restack them and draw from the top For me, I feel where I need to cut as a tingling in my fingers (I guess similar to Raggydoll's third eye tingle) - and because my left hand isn't used as much as my right, I find its generally more sensitive to the energies in the cards. Its like telling the deck that its okay for it to get the cards in the order it wants me to see them, but its okay if that order isn't at the top because intuitively I know I'll cut it in the right place. Just my thoughts on the subject.
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