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  1. I wanted to comment on the background reading material. Although as @Wanderer knows I don't use the Wildwood so much myself, there is obviously a lot of crossover with the Greenwood! John and Caitlin Matthews have, between them, written a lot on Celtic mythology, Celtic shamanism and Arthur, and it's worth having a look and seeing what you think you would find most relevant. R. J. Stewart has also written a few though I've not read so much of his work as it seems a step removed from my quite specific area of interest atm. There's also the actual Celtic myths themselves oh course! And if you're curious about the antlered beings "Finding Elen" edited by Caroline Wise provides a lot of background. Personally I've found it fascinating looking into the background, influences and just the basis for it all and I'm always happy to share links etc. to anyone interested.
  2. I am taking a short break from the GW, it seems a good time while I'm doing the Sacred Days of Midsummer as I don't think I can give proper attention to both (or probably even just one at the moment!). I'm also having a bit of a look at the Celtic Shaman's Pack, even bought a notebook for it (Paperblanks Ananda and it has it's own bag from Sulis. Gone for geometric patterns than the GW). My first real annoyance with the book was to find that the 'Gaelic' names for the totem animals were half in Welsh and half in Irish . They are not the same thing. Welsh isn't Gaelic. I've obviously pencilled in the Welsh names - with the help of an online dictionary as I'm not actually a Welsh speaker, but I am more comfortable with Welsh words than the, to me, largely unpronounceable Irish ones, and the mixing of the two was just annoying. Also been having a look at the Green Wheel Oracle, the Spiral Moon and of course Midsummer cards. It also has it's own notebook now, I may have mentioned at some point that I like notebooks . It's actually a diary so all the moons etc can be on the right dates (for this year anyway). That and using the Anieth means looking at the Ogham, but I don't know which version to use. The Murray's apparently don't use the 'hook' for honeysuckle, associating beech instead, which would obviously be a problem when the Spiral Moon shows Honeysuckle and the 'hook'. The Andy Baggot/Peter Pracownik deck is not highly rated as far as I can see by Ogham experts. Caitlin Matthews doesn't work out so well for my purposes because of the way she uses the forfeda. I'm still annoyed with John Matthews about half-Welsh half-Irish thing (plus the whole GW reprint thing of course) so that's the Greenman Tree Oracle out, for the moment, anyway. I could buy a book, but have yet to decide on which book! Too much choice is the problem I think... Also, as in a lot of the GW stuff where I've needed to find the influences Chesca used regardless of historical accuracy, I suppose the same is true here. I know the Anieth creator is heavily influenced by Graves, for example. And the Green Wheel, I think you're actually supposed to go outside and experience the plants and animals directly.
  3. And even more excitingly, and I'd be doing happy dances round the room if I'd not done my back in, I found a better copy of the variant of the Strength card that was in the We'Moon 2001 Almanac.
  4. Rather excitingly I came across another bit of Chesca's art, an image of Isis from a book cover for The Inner Guide to Egypt by Alan Richards.
  5. So, back to the Wheel, or warp-weighted looms in this case Wikipedia tells me: Earliest evidence is found in Serbia from the Starčevo culture. The Norns are also shown, presumably Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld, weaving our fates, although Chesca says we can control our own destiny to an extent, and unravel and reweave parts. The cloak that is being woven shows the Wheel of the Year lay out of the GW cards, the owl, horse, deer, bear, heron, raven and a Green person, along with the sun and the moon. The trees are Hazels:
  6. I'm holding off on the new Anieth deck. I'm thinking it will give somebody something to buy me for Christmas! Also I need to use the one I have more.
  7. @RavenOfSummer I have Nigel Jackson's Celtic Oracle (I love his art! Also have his Rune Cards), along with a couple* of other Ogham oracles (The Colin Murray one, the Greenman Tree Oracle, Caitlin Matthews Ogham sticks, and I think the one with art by Peter Pracownik). Never really did much with them, but this seems an opportunity, especially as the Anieth Nature Tarot also uses them. *Reading this back I realise I may need to explain I mean 'couple' in the Welsh way - a few rather than two.
  8. I suppose it would have to be the Greenwood, Anieth Nature Tarot, Celtic Shaman's Pack and Green Wheel Oracle are just for me! Llewellyn and Hidden Realm I'm not sure. Shadowscapes I think I'd use for other people if the opportunity arose. I've used the Wildwood with the Greenman Oracle and the Druid Animal Oracle to read for my mum so I guess I'd use them for others as well.
  9. Oh, I'm in Will go post on the other thread.
  10. I have used the Hedgewitch book to look up plants that are shown in the Greenwheel Oracle, so you never know, it may get drawn into that group! I do love Siolo Thompson's art and would like her new deck, but so many decks, so little time, I have to ask myself would I ever get round to using it! I'm much less interested in collecting for the sake of collecting now.
  11. Thank you @RavenOfSummer, I'll have a think about it! The Anieth is lovely, fighting the urge to get the new Anieth nature themed deck with the extra suit. I know I don't need it and probably wouldn't use it as I have my hands full with the decks I am using!
  12. I'm thinking of doing this but don't know if I should join in online as I may not keep up (having difficulties with my six year old not sleeping due to the light evenings. Black out curtains don't help as he still knows it's light out.) Thinking of using the Anieth Nature Tarot though!
  13. I don't so much pair them up as create little families. I've used the Wildwood with the Green Man Tree Oracle and The Druid Animal Oracle, they work nicely together, mainly I pick a couple out of the Greenwood Tarot, Anieth Nature Tarot, Hidden Realm, Green Wheel Oracle and Celtic Shaman's Pack, and a little moon oracle I have. I notice Shadowscapes is in that list, but I use that one on its own. One day I hope to use the Wild Unknown with the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit and the Linestrider with the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle, but I have my hands full at the moment!
  14. A bit of a stretch perhaps to make this GW related, but it has antlers! (it's from a game, Tearaway Unfolded, that my son has been playing, it's all in a papercraft style, and many of the creatures in it have patterns you can unlock and download, including this Elk. There's a Green Man as well, but it's difficult rather than medium like this one! I'm building up to it )
  15. I bought a fake deck accidently a while back, having been out of tarot for a while I hadn't realised how big counterfeited decks had got and I didn't recognise the one I'd bought. It was a while before I realised so I didn't report it. Having then gone back and really looked there are an astonishing amount of fakes, most are obvious, like Shadowscapes for less than £6 in a small box. I'm super careful now anyway.
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