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  1. For me, I've found it depends on what I'm doing and which deck I'm using. As far as the suit of swords go, I like them. Never had a problem with them, but I've mainly had good experiences with them - oddly perhaps considering their reputation
  2. I do like Antonella Castilli's art! Recently I've been using the Chakra cards from the Triple Goddess Tarot with the Greenwood. Still trying to work out the artists associations as normally there are seven and the Wheel of the Year has 8 listed but I'm finding they work well together. The Hidden Realm with Frouds Faeries is now a semi-regular thing and they are excellent together.
  3. I did this accidently a few weeks ago. Did a reading, it went ok, wasn't really 'sparking' anything. Picked up the deck, saw the card on the bottom and just felt "aha, there you are", placed it with the reading, saw the next card and thought that it made sense to have that one as well, then the next one... Not sure I'd make a habit of doing it, but at that moment it made sense.
  4. @Bodhiseed Thank you, the bureau was my grandparents, it still has some of my grandfathers bits and bobs in it that just seem to belong to it now after so many years of them always being there. I don't think he used it much though, he was writing a book (technical, not fiction) but I only saw him use his typewriter on the dining table. He often tried to show me how to type properly, but it's difficult for small fingers to use a proper, old-fashioned typewriter! Funnily enough, we were looking through some of his old books that have been stored in the shed and found a book by Dion Fortune of all people. I knew he'd joined some sort of spiritualist church and had held seances but it was still such an odd thing to see. My grandmother was Catholic so goodness knows what she thought of the whole thing! I know she was not too happy about the Ouija board that he apparently had... @Wanderer I love that box, so beautiful!
  5. Hidden Realm for me (with some Froud Faeries chipping in).
  6. @bookshop I'm going to trim the bottom off, take out a couple of cards I'm not so keen on and use it as an oracle. Your new deck is lovely. I have a some of his, Tarot Whispers at the House of Dusk, the Lepidopteran People and a few others. I love his art!
  7. My White Sage Tarot arrived today. It's rather lovely and I'm tempted to pop it in my bag and take it with me when we go away for a few days. I may not be able to trim it as planned, though I think I said that about the Zillich and now I'm thinking I'll definitely trim that one and keep this one as it is Won't be doing either of them until the school holidays have ended anyway!
  8. I've only really used the Piatnik No. 194115 so I'm going to say that as one of my choices, and my favourite to look at and I'm planning on using it one day is the Scrying Ink. I don't know about a third one, so I think I'll stick with just them.
  9. I don't know if I'd say I found it more than a distraction, but in the past I have found shuffling a comfortably sized deck quite calming. Maybe I'll give it another try as I'm not doing so well anxiety-wise at the moment.
  10. Thank you @Ruby Jewel Ogham itself is not that clear to me given that everyone seems to have a different take on it but I'm trying to get something that I'm happy with and can then adjust it in use to accommodate other views if necessary. Basically I'm compiling my own little book on it. I'm hoping it will then make the Anieth Nature Tarot and the Laura Tuan Celtic Tarot more comprehensible (especially as the latter was never available in English). And now I've added the Celtic Wisdom Tarot!
  11. You inspired me to get my Celtic Wisdom Deck out and I'm now tempted to add it to the pile of celtic related stuff I'm looking at - Greenwood, Celtic Shaman's pack, Anieth Nature Deck, the Laura Tuan Celtic Tarot, I'm feeling a bit overloaded with it at the moment Anyway, I just wanted to chip in with some thoughts from my experience. First, there are two books in particular by Caitlin Matthews that may be helpful - Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain and Arthur and the Sovereignty of Britain. You'll need a copy of the Mabinogion handy as well. I've not finished the second book yet, but the first one has some comparison with the Irish myths, so gets you started on that as well. The other is to look at the Ogham in more detail (that's where I am now. Which is why I can see this deck sneaking onto the pile...) I'd be happy to occasionally participate in the conversation though even though I'm not focusing on this deck it's out now and relevant to what I'm doing! (I'll just go reorganise my tarot shelves again. It's like a very peculiar game of tetris )
  12. I no longer have a mortgage (though still have a chunk of the debt) and I didn't just get loft insulation, I got cavity wall insulation as well. Not joined the National Trust though - maybe I should ask for membership as a Christmas present? Would I then get presented with a t-shirt declaring my status as a genuine grown-up? And would I have to give up the Lego, because that ain't happening Anyway, I thought I'd have a go at digital scrapbooking. It seems to suck all the joy out of the whole thing - which is surely mainly the cutting and gluing - but I have an unfortunate habit of downloading digital papers, clipart, textures, fonts and it came as a shock to find I have closer to 100GB than the 30GB I thought I had so I need to use more of it. I don't know how to find the bits I want to use or even what's actually there, so that will be an adventure on its own!
  13. @katrinka that is so interesting. I tend to read tarot a bit like that naturally, not something I read in a book, just something I do, and rarely read with spreads with named positions as it seems so restrictive. I also don't use reversals, never liked them at all, it's always been more about context, and which cards are nearby. To be honest I struggle with any other way and the day I realised the Celtic Cross wasn't compulsory and I didn't have to do this or that that the books said I should was a revelation (As was buying the book on Lenormand by Andy Boroveshengra that I think you recommended me? I'm really enjoying it. I don't know how I'm going to fit it in with all the Celtic/Ogham/Greenwood stuff I'm doing, but I really want to make a proper go of learning the Lenormand as well, never knew the structure (is that the right word? Struggling to think of a better phrasing) was the same as Jass cards, just that snippet of information on it's own has changed how I look at it!)
  14. It's about respect. My husband doesn't get tarot, he's not particularly interested in it, but is happy that I'm happy. Just like I don't get football (or cricket) but he does, he enjoys them and that's enough for me. If you don't respect your partner - and actively oppose their interests - it's not a good relationship and is unlikely to work out long term unless an agreement can be reached (and I wouldn't hold out much hope of that happening if someone has decided tarot is evil, for example).
  15. I have a limited number of decks I use, although these can change over time as I change, or a new deck catches my eye. Out of those I'll pick whichever feels right.
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