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  1. Happy Birthday - I got you this new brand of pickles - enjoy!
  2. And he still has not interpreted the two extra cards he drew as you asked him to do, Raggydoll. Since @JohnLetter does not seem to appreciate the help that so many of us members have given him over the months and does not even follow the suggestions and requests of our hardworking mods, I am officially through with him. Good luck in the future, JohnLetter.
  3. As noted early in this thread, I always put my cards back in a very specific order. I do consider them the instruments of my art and just as if I were a violinist and they were my violin, I keep them in the very best condition I can. For me, and I respect that others feel differently, this includes careful sorting and reordering after each use. I enjoy the process as well.
  4. Did you know that 37% of all statistics are made up on the spot?
  5. Grandma

    Madam Clara

    I backed this deck and have been happily flooded with email updates as one stretch goal after another is met!
  6. That is not what that card means, John and it should not count. Actually, I don't see that as the biggest reason the 3 of wands shouldn't count. I guess you could even say that JohnLetter's interpretation of the card is new and innovative, but that would only be relevant if the card had been part of the reading. It wasn't. The original cards were 3 of cups and 6 of swords. The two extra cards were 6 of wands and 6 of pentacles. The 3 of wands only showed up when out of nowhere JohnLetter just started randomly talking about it. I think maybe he's onto something. Whenever we don't like a reading, we can just pretend that there were other cards involved that we somehow neglected to mention. In fact, let me do that now. The 2 of cups followed by the Tower followed by the Devil tells me that the relationship between JohnLetter and the man who clearly does not want to be with JohnLetter is broken, exploded, destroyed in a way that leaves no hope and only misery. The 8 of cups is the guy walking away without a backward glance and the 3 of swords speaks for itself, with the meaning I just made up of blood will be shed - figuratively of course - if this nonsense is perpetuated much longer. This is confirmed by the eighth card from the top in the second pile after I cut the remainder of the deck three times to the left. It could actually be any card at all since we are just making up whatever meanings that we want. I like this system of reading! I think I'll offer to do "JohnLetter-style Readings for Feedback"! (Too much snark?)
  7. Oh my god JohnLetter, fine then. This guy is going to show up waving ribbons and cups of wine, and you will sail off into the sunset together. Satisfied now? That's the only thing you want to hear, isn't it? People put time and effort into reading for you. Once in a while you remember to say thank you but then all you do is argue with them that they are wrong. Why do you bother asking for help with readings when your mind is made up and closed to anything that doesn't fit in with your fantasies?
  8. Hi Annee81 and welcome! I don't use clarifiers at all. Of course, I read almost exclusively for myself so if it takes me a while to understand the occasional mystifying reading there is no one across the table looking at their watch and tapping their foot. I don't like clarifiers because the way I've seen them used often strikes me as taking the easy way out rather than doing the work of going deeper into the cards.
  9. In general, I agree. I would only read the base card if I had planned ahead of time to use it, and looking at the next card in the deck out of curiosity seems oddly pointless. However, since JohnLetter did pull the cards I would like to hear his interpretations. I have some thoughts on these cards which of course I can't share unless he reads them first.
  10. @gregory - this deck is gorgeous! How did you finally manage to order it? I'd like to buy it myself.
  11. Hi JohnLetter - I agree with the interpretations that this person has ended his connection with you and moved on. I also believe the cards are strongly urging you to do the same. Is this the same man you have been asking about since December 22 of last year? There is a curious repetitive theme to your readings. May I suggest that you ask the cards how to let go of this pseudo-relationship and move on constructively with your life? In fact, reading the extra cards, as Raggydoll mentioned, might give you advice. I second what Raggydoll said - - this is one of the reasons I seldom read for you anymore. Not that my readings are necessary to you or better than anyone else's, but I just want you to know. I've watched you grow in your reading ability since December and I'm confident that you can grow in the area of relationships as well. We all deserve more from love than pining away and yearning after someone who clearly does not return our feelings. Love, Grandma
  12. You're welcome! I hope you will report back when you find your Sunburst deck!
  13. Yes dear, as long as your homework is finished and your chores are done. And don't call that little girl who copies over your shoulder during tests. She won't be any help.
  14. I am not disagreeing with you, nor agreeing for that matter. I don't have an opinion on this yet. But I will point out that as someone who often posts excruciatingly personal information, I really have as little an idea of who most of the members here are as I do of the nonmembers. It may not be a safe assumption that just because someone has signed up for a free forum open to the public they are a good person with whom we want to share intimate thoughts. And as I write this I am coming to an opinion. I guess it's kind of all or nothing for me. If there is something I don't want any random web surfer to know, I probably don't want any random member to know it either.
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