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  1. Yes, I admit it, sometimes I have dessert for supper.
  2. It is embarrassing how often I forget to leave a question....so this one is relevant - Is Grandma's memory failing, and if so, how should she handle this problem?
  3. The Hermit After introspective searching for guidance and wisdom you discover that the poodle skirt is the perfect attire for everything from sock hops to walks in the moonlight holding your lantern. Edited to add picture of poodle wearing poodle skirt bearing poodle wearing poodle skirt.
  4. Hi RavenOfSummer - it's been a while since we talked! I hadn't heard about this deck. I just looked at the Facebook page and wow, the cards are gorgeous. Thank you for bringing it to everyone's attention! Scrolling down the page to a comment posted March 23, I saw that the Kickstarter for this tarot deck is coming in August. I'll be watching for it! Love, Grandma
  5. I just got an email from LLewelllyn - my pre-order of the Otherkin Tarot has been moved to order status. Also in the last two months or so the Postman has brought me the Brady, Construction Paper, Dust II Onyx, Hidden Realm, Patchwork, and Santa Muerte, and I "delivered" the Zillich from Barnes and Noble to myself. The Museum Quality Sola Busca is also on pre-order with both Llewellyn and Barnes and Noble. I'm not sure how that happened but I have to cancel one. The Patchwork of course is the marvelous creation of our very own @PathWalker, and the Hidden Realm and Santa Muerte are from @MoonGypsy, deck seller extraordinaire.
  6. When people enter my house they definitely know how important tarot is to me. I have an 18 foot long wall of floor-to-almost-ceiling bookshelves full of pictures, memorabilia, rabbit figurines - I've been collecting rabbits for 50 years - and all sorts of collectibles and interesting items. The first two units, which make up one third of the total, hold my tarot decks, many in their original boxes, and many other decorative boxes packed with smaller decks. People invariably comment and the comments are invariably interested and curious. I never miss the chance to explain what tarot means to me and I have never encountered a single negative response. I guess I'm just lucky to know different kinds of people than some of you do! Of course my lifestyle is such that not all that many people visit me so maybe I instinctively know who to let in.
  7. I assume you're talking about the Cultural Revolution Tarot (I think that's the name - the Chinese propaganda deck). It's an excellent review that clearly addresses the controversial aspects of the deck. I hope you do post it here.
  8. Cranston Rhode Island, USA
  9. Thank you for this, McFaire. The Brady Tarot has been on my wish list for a while and your earlier post about it in the Unboxings thread propelled it to the top. Now I think I'd better not wait any longer because I really want the bamboo box. I just ordered my very own Brady Tarot!
  10. To handle paid readers???!!!
  11. Please handle them gently...
  12. Nope, it's on my laptop. I've gotta leave now because I'm late for an appointment and I just accidentally deleted the long response I just wrote describing it, so I'll do it again when I get home. I think an image is going to appear in this response. Please ignore it. I was trying to get rid of it when I erased my response so I won't try again.
  13. At the top of the page are five icons. Click on the one that looks like a piece of paper. It takes you to all unread content.
  14. Okay it might have something to do with having copied and pasted the drop down menu that starts in bold, because now the problem has disappeared. I'm not at all computer savvy but that seems intuitive!
  15. Is this what people are looking for? At the top of the first page of a thread at the right, just below the green bar, is the Follow button which opens this mini-screen. Now does anyone know why my typing is coming out bold? This has never happened before nor have I selected bold font for this reply... Follow Ask gregory Send me: A notification when new content is posted Change how the notification is sent One email per day with all new content from that day One email per week with all new content from that week Do not send me any notifications Let others see that I follow this Follow
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