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  1. Most things are. Like becoming partners with a lion - that takes Strength!
  2. If that were the opening line in a book I bet it would be a page-turner! You might get an answer soon because @gregory is in the forum and if anyone knows, it's her.
  3. @Nanook I'm so sorry. Our pets are a precious blessing and when we lose them the pain can be overwhelming.
  4. That seems to be done by the moderators. At least I've never changed mine and it always changes, although not always right away.
  5. Thank you, zedekial and Raggydoll. I love you both.
  6. Hmmm I'll have to think about that one. "where you'll place the cards"! I'm on the floor! Now I need to go play with my precious Rumi Tarot that just arrived It will be that or the Counterculture Tarot on Miss December Grandma if I go ahead with this increasingly unnerving project.
  7. Sure, I'm game, as long as it can be December 1968!
  8. I solved the problem. No more excuses, Miss January! You are gonna be on the calendar!
  9. But @Raggydoll you look GREAT in a bikini!
  10. I've unpacked my suitcase and have a pile of unfolded laundry on the couch...I'm settled in and I'm never gonna leave!
  11. Joy - don't you live in that part of the world?
  12. @reall, you haven't missed the early bird - it's a double deck for $105 Australian dollars and as of this minute, 10:00 pm EDST, there are 31 left! Thank you for this thread - I thought I was watching carefully for the launch of the Oriens Tarot but I missed it. I am backing this one as soon as I post this comment!
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