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  • Forum Rules 

    By registering for Tarot, Tea, & Me, you are agreeing to abide by all the rules below.

    Failure to follow these rules can result in warnings and/or bans.


    1. Respect one another.

    You don't have to agree with everything somebody says, but please be respectful in your replies.  We are a supportive family here and want to hear what everyone has to say.  We're glad to note that we have so far fostered a friendly community where a diversity of viewpoints is not only accepted, but actively cultivated.


    2. Moderators and Admin have the final say.

    We have years of experience in monitoring and moderating online forums, and we always strive to be fair in all circumstances.


    3. Try to stay on topic in the various forum sections.

    Before you create a thread in a specific forum, check out the rules first to make sure that you're posting in the right one. These are usually found in the stickied threads that you'd see at the very top of any forum, so be sure to read them before posting.


    4. No spamming or advertising.

    Please use the Promote Yourself section for self-promotion. You'll find that section here. Spamming is a major offense and the spammer will be banned and all posts deleted.


    5. No Free Reading requests.

    TT&M is a learning forum and we do not condone free readings.  Please do not ask for them.


    6. If somebody helps you with a reading, please provide feedback.

    It helps everyone reading the replies learn as well.  We monitor posts for feedback on readings.  The flow of knowledge is very important to us.


    7. Links are allowed as long as they are relevant and on topic.

    As mentioned, we have a self-promotion section so please keep other links relevant to the subjects discussed.  Do take note that only subscribers or members who have posted 5 or more comments are allowed to post links


    8. All readings must be done in the Reading Exchange forums.

    Please do not ask for reading exchanges through PM or elsewhere.  This is to make sure that an equal exchange is being made and that the rules are met.


    9. You are allowed one account per person.

    There is no reason to have multiple accounts.  Please know that this is a bannable offense.

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