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Found 7 results

  1. Anabiyeni

    SEAMS Tarot

    From the album: Mythological Decks

    Author: Various Publisher & Year: Rowen Ong, 2022 Card Size: 2.75" x 4.5" Purchase at: https://www.seamstarot.museum-tarot.org/ This is a collaborative deck. SEAMS is short for Southeast Asian Myths & Stories. The guidebook includes descriptions of the stories on which the cards were based. The deck includes a few extra cards like the happy squirrel. A booster deck with alternate art for some cards was also produced.
  2. LogicalHue

    The Wooden Tarot

    From the album: Specialty Decks

    Independently published deck. No accompanying book. 79 cards - includes a Happy Squirrel. The suits are replaced by: Plumes for Swords, Blooms for Cups, Bones for Pentacles, and Stones for Wands. The artist is Andrew Swartz, his website is here. The artwork for the entire deck can be viewed here.
  3. Endy

    Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck

    Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck The Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck is a “blend of mystical and shamanic wisdom” that is inspired by multiple ancient traditions and practices. It is a 64-card deck that covers a range of ancient symbols. When consulting the cards, you connect with Spirit through these symbols. Some symbols are more familiar to the average, modern person (such as Fire or Moon) while other symbols might be more abstract (such as The Spiral or The Corn). The deck was designed to use reversals, so each card has two ultimate interpretations. The “Essence” of the card remains the same, however whether the card is upright or upside down will determine whether Spirit is giving you an “Invitation” (a message that offers a gift or call to action) or “Medicine” (a message the touches upon something that needs work or to be improved upon). When I purchased this deck, I wasn’t necessarily seeking out an oracle deck but I somehow stumbled across it while browsing the internet. I instantly fell in love with the artwork and could not stop thinking about the deck. I felt so much energy and inspiration from the preview of cards that I saw so I knew I had to get it. Upon arrival, I was slightly disappointed because the actual cards weren’t quite as vibrant in their color as the pictures on the internet suggested. There was a slight dullness to them. The card-stock was also very thick, making it difficult for me to shuffle at first. Despite this, I still felt connected to the deck and continued to use it. I found that the artwork remained profound to me and I eventually got the hang of shuffling the deck. If anything, the thick card-stock is nice because the cards have proven to be durable over time. The deck comes with a small companion book. The pictures of the cards in the book are in black and white, but that doesn’t bother me because it is in the cards themselves that I look for energy and connection. The explanation of eachcard is separated into three parts as I mentioned above: “Essence,” “Invitation,” and “Medicine.” The descriptions are typically concise yet always complete. I have never been left with a feeling of confusion or wonder on what more a card might mean. Overall, I absolutely love this deck. I don’t typically go for New Age things, yet the artwork drew me in and I am happy it did. The blend of traditions and practices might not appeal to many, and I can totally understand that. But I think it is still worth giving a shot because the messages are all pure, motivating, and genuine. I use this deck in a number of ways such as drawing a card for an overall theme of a tarot reading, looking for a message of the week, seeking inspiration when in a challenging position, and so much more. It is powerful as a stand-alone yet flexible to use with other tools such as tarot. The fact that this deck is the result of a blend of traditions is what I think makes it so applicable and adaptable to a variety of uses. And did I mention the artwork is gorgeous?!
  4. Jewel

    Everyday Witch Tarot

    EVERYDAY WITCH TAROT by Jewel The Everyday Witch by Deborah Blake was published by Llewellyn in 2017 as a deck and book set. My first impressions on seeing images online were that it was just another teen witch deck. I was wrong. Yes, it will appeal to that audience, but there is much more to it than that, and it has something to offer more mature readers as well. The art is by Elisabeth Alba, and done in vivid watercolor. The art is very inviting and captivating. The facial expressions and body language of the characters tell a thousand words all on their own. Though clearly inspired by the Rider-Waite-Smith the artwork is original, and in many cases a very fresh take on the meanings of the cards, especially in the Major Arcana. One example of this is the Hierophant card, that instead of having a Priestly type figure has a Yoga instructor teaching her students. Or how about a motorcycle as the Chariot?. There is something very refreshing about the imagery that also makes the Tarot very accessible and like the art, inviting. The art is as superb and detailed in the Minor Arcana as it is in the Majors. I love it when decks give both the same attention to detail! One of the things I really enjoy about this deck is that blend of modern and medieval fantasy. It creates a world, sort of reminds me of how I feel when I read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies. Not J.K. Rowling's wizarding world at all, but just that feel of being transported to a magical world that these witches inhabit. You have pointy hats, stripped stockings and robes, cat familiars in every card, and can go from being in an old castle or a modern contemporary room. Yet it all works together seamlessly. Unlike many Pagan themed decks, this one does not delve deep into Pagan lore and mythology. What it does express through its many outdoor scenes is a sense of reverence for nature and importance with connecting with the natural world and the unconscious mind that brings the theme home. There is humor, magic, spunkiness, as well as seriousness as these witches live their everyday lives. The Everyday Witch has an optimistic approach that highlights the responsibility we have for our own lives and our use of free will. It does not shy away from tough messages, or consequences, but it delivers them in a manner that empowers and motivates the querent to act upon, instead of dwell, on a less than favorable outcome. The deck is about making the most of ones’ everyday life and finding the magic each day brings recognizing that not all in life is a bed of roses. It is about us having the power to influence our own lives. It is fun, upbeat, yet serious all in one. The deck has the traditional number of 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The deck is the standard Llewellyn sized deck (approximately 2 3/4" by 4 1/2" inches). The cards are borderless, with a ½ inch cream colored scroll at the bottom containing the name of the card. Being a huge fan of borderless decks, I was very pleased with this. The card stock is your traditional Llewellyn card stock, easy to riffle shuffle but of good quality. The card backs are dark blue with gold stars, a besom (broom), witches hat, and black cat. The card backs are non-reversible, and the deck is intended to be read without reversals, though if you do not mind reversed backs you can incorporate them. The Major Arcana follow the Rider-Waite Smith traditional naming and numbering with Strength placed at position 8 and Justice at position 11. The Suits retain the traditional names and elemental correspondences of Wands/Fire, Cups/Water, Pentacles/Earth, and Swords/Air. The court cards are King, Queen, Knight, and Page. The court cards in this deck are very expressive, and I would highly recommend them for people struggling with understanding the court cards. The cards numbered 1-10 of each suit are fully illustrated, and have the representative number of suit icon symbols on each card within the image. The deck comes with a 254 page companion book titled “Guide to the Everyday Witch Tarot,” authored by Ms. Deborah Blake, award winning author of The Goddess is in the Details, Everyday Witchcraft, and other titles published by Llewellyn. This book is eye catching, and eye candy. It is made of glossy paper, and is full color something I really appreciated for a change in a companion book. The book opens with an introduction as to how Ms. Blake came to take on the project that became the Everyday Witch Tarot. Chapter One is about the deck and how to use it. It speaks to the changes in traditional imagery as well as some basic Tarot information. It contains some really good advice on how to learn the cards, and how to do a reading including some very basic information on the symbolism of the numbers 1-10 and the four elements. Chapter Two covers Common Questions and Answers about the use of signifiers, clarifier cards, use of reversals (which this deck does not use), bad news and scary cards, reading conditions, what if one does not have a question, cards showing up over and over, and the question on whether one needs to be psychic to read the cards (the answer is no). The chapter goes on to talk about “Some Tarot Extras” that include a deck consecration spell, a cleansing spell, and a spell for a good reading. Chapter 3 is about the cards. One of the things I really like about this section is that aside from the description of the imagery and the meaning of the card it has a section titled “Things to Consider” which includes questions that can prompt memories, intuition, and help the new reader go beyond the basic meaning of the card. As the deck was not designed with the use of reversals in mind it does not include meanings for reversed cards. However, the “Things to Consider” section includes questions that will lead you to think about those reversed meanings without having to use reversals. Very clever, as learning to think that way you might choose to never use reversals with any deck. Chapter Four includes some basic spreads: one card, three card, and Celtic Cross spreads. I will admit I was a bit disappointed by this, I wish they would have included some original spreads for the deck. In my personal experience with the deck I found the readings to be clear, concise, and optimistic. The imagery sparks the imagination and intuition. I would not classify this deck as a “positive” deck in that it does not give messages through rose colored glasses. What it does is deliver messages in way that empower you to change what you do not like through the use of your personal power and free will. It motivates you into wanting to change or fix whatever it is that does not work for you, and to believe in yourself enough to do it. I also found the imagery on the cards to make me stop and think and contemplate. To think through my question as I read the cards. So in sum, I found depth within the imagery that allowed me to open myself up to realistic possibilities, and potential consequences of my actions before taking action. Hence, I found the deck motivating and optimistic in nature because there was always something to act on in the advice that could help me, and that was within my power. This is why I say that this deck is not for beginners alone. It is deeper than you would think at first glance of some internet images. I would not hesitate to recommend this deck to beginners, intuitive readers, and those who are trying to flex their intuitive muscle to add more intuition into their readings. If you are looking for something a bit edgy with a magical feel this deck fits the bill, and I think many Wiccans would find it quite appealing as well. If you are looking for esoteric symbolism, deep historical spiritual pagan teachings and the like this is not the deck you are looking for. The book is more geared towards the beginner but there are some golden nuggets in the “Things to be Considered” sections of the card interpretations for intermediate and advanced readers as well. For those looking for gender inclusivity the art depicts females, males, and some androgynous characters. This deck is also a deck that can be used with the squeamish or fearful of Tarot querent. Overall, I am happy that I purchased the Everyday Witch Tarot, and it is a deck I will surely continue to use.
  5. ilweran

    The Llewellyn Tarot

    There are many Celtic themed decks, but when you look at them they're usually solely or predominently Irish Celtic, so when I first heard that Llewellyn were making a Mabinogion themed deck I was happy. When I found out that Anna-Marie Ferguson was the artist I was overjoyed. She had previously illustrated an Arthurian deck which was beautiful but which didn't work for me as a reading deck. The Llewellyn absolutely does work for me. I bought it when it was originally published, looked through the cards then sat down with the book and found myself nodding in agreement with every choice they made. A few comments: The minors have a different art style to the majors. I like the difference, I know some people have found it to be a problem. The majors are richly detailed, the minors more sketchy, less detailed. The cards are large and have a large border. I trimmed the border completely off mine. If you've not already done so I would strongly suggest reading the Mabinogion if you're interested in this deck. (There's a lovely edition of the Lady Charlotte Guest translation illustrated by Alan Lee. The Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones translation is considered to be the best though iirc)
  6. Saturn Celeste

    Mibramig Magical Tarot

    From the album: Animal and Nature Decks

    Mibramig Magical Tarot Deck Cards by Mibramig (Author) Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Tcr Crds edition (May 8, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 0738737410 ISBN-13: 978-0738737416 Purchase at: Llewellyn I Amazon
  7. bookshop

    Silhouettes Tarot

    From the album: Artistic Decks

    Silhouettes Tarot Creator: MASA September (MASA Kuzuki) Publisher: self-published (through Signorrino Studio) Year: 2013 The Silhouettes Tarot is a stunning, richly designed tarot deck published by MASA September in 2 separate limited editions, as well as a limited "negative" edition with inverted colors. He has since distanced himself from the deck, stating that he finds the deck a little too bleak (though his fans seem to disagree); he has no plans to print a 3rd edition and is instead focusing on his two newer decks, the Cucoloris and the Tarot Maregician. Available from: The artist has about 20 "defective" decks currently for sale on the studio website; this deck is otherwise out of print.
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