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Found 7 results

  1. Info and Practice Exercises for Astrology & Tarot I'm copying the posts I added to the forum's mentorship section for a student who wanted to study astrology and tarot specifically, in case it's helpful to anyone, or in case you spot ways I can improve my info or approach. This is specific to the Golden Dawn tradition, decks like the Waite-Smith (RWS) and Thoth. It should also apply well to decks inspired by those, though how obvious that is will depend on symbols the artist chose to include or remove. This (fantastic) student was reading with the RWS,
  2. Hi, respected fellow forum members and technical wizards! Horary astrology uses the time a question is asked to draw a chart of the positions of the planets in the heavens. The premise is, "As above, so below," so at the moment the question is asked, the stars are aligned to answer the question, elegantly and precisely. Unfortunately, this traditional method is not widely known or practiced in the current day. I am new to the forums here, and interested in looking for horary questions for tutorial purposes here on the forum. I noticed that when questions are asked of
  3. geoxena

    Celestial Tarot

    From the album: Cosmic Decks

    Celestial Tarot by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark. Published by US Games, 2004. 78-card deck. ISBN-10: 157281473X ISBN-13: 978-1572814738 Available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Celestial-Tarot-Kay-Steventon/dp/157281473X/
  4. JulianneVictoria

    The Vedic Astrology Oracle

    From the album: Oracle Decks

    The Vedic Astrology Oracle is a 64-Card Oracle Deck based upon Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha. The cards include the Planets, the Zodiac Signs, the Houses, and the Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions. There are also three bonus cards for Uranus/Brahma, Neptune/Vishnu, and Pluto/Shiva, planets not traditionally considered in the Vedic Astrology system. The Little White Book includes suggestions for use, study, and spreads. Cards are standard tarot size: 2.75" x 4.75" https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/the-vedic-astrology-oracle
  5. Jimkost

    Irish psychics

    Hey everyone, a good friend recommended this site for me and it seems to have quite a few interesting articles in its archive, covering many topics from tarot cards to moon sign predictions. I must say I haven't yet understood what makes Irish psychics so special, but like I said, the site seems to have a lot interesting articles. REMOVED BY ADMIN
  6. I just read that Fortune's Wheelhouse has an upcoming book. MM Meleen says, "coming out with Llewellyn next year, about of course – esoteric tarot – co-written by myself and co-host T. Susan Chang. So we are busy being Mercurial scribes and trying to meet a tight deadline." And there will be new podcasts starting this week. "an all new format featuring episodes on the seven classical planets and the tarot cards that relate to them. We will be going in increasing Chaldean order, so the first new episode will be on lovely Luna (because who wants to start with Saturn!)" It will be re
  7. With the conversation about birth cards, I was thinking about the fact that your natal chart matches up directly with RWS and Thoth tarot cards. One way to see it is to use the free Hellenistic astrology software Morinus. Tell it to show the decans, and you can quickly see which tarot cards match which planets in your chart. (see the attached image) You can also do it with any modern online chart. You'd just use the degrees to calculate the decans. Anything in 0 - 10 degrees is the first decan (lowest numbered minor in that sign), 10 - 20 degrees is the middle decan, and 20 - 30 is the
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