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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for tarot or oracle decks which use dolls as the primary imagery. I've seen dolls used in one or two cards in a deck, but I'm wondering if there are any doll-themed decks.
  2. Page of Ghosts

    Searching for a dark deck

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've visited this forum. I find myself wanting to read the cards again, but most of my decks are more of the quirky, fairytale variety and I'm longing for something darker in imagery, possibly also in actual readings. I'm turning 30 this year and my inner emo/goth kid is desperate to come out after years of negligence, so I think this is an aspect of that desire 😁 I like vampires, skeletons, horror movies & books and generally spooky stuff so something featuring unsettling artwork should be right up my alley. I prefer the RWS system and anything commercially available, but if you know of any amazing indies or oracles I'm open to hearing about them. the deck list in my profile is probably very outdated so I don't think it counts as much of a reference for what I have or what I'm into. I haven't been very active in the tarot community since 2018 or so, so i'm not very up to date with what decks are popular or new. Thank you in advance, and also hi! if any of my old friends should stumble upon this post 😊
  3. I find old men represented a lot in tarot decks but old women rarely. I'm looking for both oracle and tarot decks with old women represented in them. I have the Textured Tarot and the Literary Witches Oracle but that's about it. I've come across decks like the Faery Forest Oracle which are full of beautiful young people and ONE ancient/crone card with an old woman. That's better than nothing, and I would like to know about such decks too. But I'd be even happier with decks where it's not the exception to the rest of the deck, or a one-off thing.
  4. Cheersies! Given how the Lenormand section had been active lately, I felt I could ask if there's a suitable deck. You see, I've often admired Lenormand decks for the high purity of their card symbols - with each card, by default, containing a single symbol only (albeit a vague enough one). And so, I'm looking for a deck which has it's illustrations drawn in a correspondingly simple and pure way. A Fox that looks as close to the concept of the Fox as possible, a House depicted being the very idea of the House and so on - it's a bit hard to explain in detail, but I hope you will understand my line of thought. Are there any decks which, in your opinion, fit my description? Thank you in advance!
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