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  1. I am delighted to announce the Tarot Self Portrait-Challenge! Initially this challenge was meant to be an event just for a Tarot Discord server I administrate, but because the prize support for it grew into an all-star list of prize pledges from quality deck makers, I wanted to make it available to other Tarot communities too so these indie deck makers can hopefully get the exposure they deserve and more tarot readers can have a chance at winning one! Please review the full Rules, Details, and Prizes document prior to participation. Here's the short version of the info: Compose and share Your Tarot Self-Portrait in this community challenge that encourages introspection, creativity, and self reflection! What Tarot cards best represent you and why? What parts of your life support these card choices? Challenge: Choose 3-6 cards that you identify most with or feel best represent you. Snap a photo of the cards (either all together or one at a time) in a meaningful location or surrounded by your favorite things, artwork, pets, people, etc. You must include a brief caption explaining why these are your cards. Be creative with your photos because each deck prize is associated with special categories, such as "Creature Feature" for best use of pets, or "Tarry Naturally" for best us of natural elements such as scenic nature overlooks, etc. (Details below) Here is an example entry sans the text portion to give you an idea of what these can look like: Where: Tarotholics Discord Server and/or Instagram When: Accepting Submissions Feb. 24th - March 28th. Community nominations will be open from March 29th - April 5th. Winners will be announced on April 6th! How to Submit your Entry: (ONE Per Participant) Option 1 - Instagram: 1- Tag @Ammers10 and @4isel.jp 2- Include #Tarotholics and "Challenge Entry" in your caption. 3- Follow each of the prize supporter accounts listed in the Instagram challenge info post. Option 2 - Discord: Post your entry in the Tarot Self-Portrait submission channel within the Tarotholics Discord server Entries that earn the most community nominations in each special category will be awarded one of 8 spectacular indie Tarot decks respectively: - Light Seer's Tarot (Kickstarter Edition) -- provided by Chris Anne Award Category: Passion Project Nomination Criteria: Entries with the coolest or most skillful inclusion one or more of your hobbies, from arts and crafts, to deck modding and model kit building, even horseback riding or hang gliding. Show us what you’ve got! - Tarot in Space -- provided by Laura Douglass Loup Award Category: Humor Me Nomination Criteria: Got a good sense of humor? Let it show! If your entry incites a sensible chuckle in the photos or write-up in any way, it could be nominated for this award! - Divine Canine Tarot -- provided by Zack Loup Award Category: Creature Feature Nomination Criteria: Pets, familiars, farm animals, the birds and squirrels on our back deck, any living animal counts! Tuck a card in your dog’s collar for a photo, or convince your cat to hold a card in it’s mouth, toss some bird seed on a card and wait for the birds to come for a photo-- the possibilities are endless. - WilderWoven Tarot (releasing next month from kickstarter) -- provided by Greg White Award Category: Tarry Naturally Nomination Criteria: Best inclusion of natural scenes, elements, aesthetic, etc. Take your tarot deck with you on a hike to a scenic overlook or the beach. - Forager's Daughter Tarot -- provided by Jessica Lei Howard Award Category: Color Coded Nomination Criteria: Find your inner feng shui and color coordinate all segments of your submission with a specific color theme of your choice. - 5-cent Tarot (plus bag, cloth, and pin) -- provided by Madam Clara Award Category: Way with Words Nomination Criteria: Do you fancy yourself a wordsmith? Make the written portion of your entry stand out by composing it as a short story, a poem, a ballad, or even a series of haikus, etc. - Tarot Sirene or Marshmallow Marseille (winner's choice) -- provided by Wandering Oracle Award Category: Fancy Photos Nomination Criteria: Photographers and photo hobbyists, this is your time to shine! Demonstrate your photography skills and wow us with the best and most creative photo composition you can manage. - The Wildly Tarot Podcast Tarot Deck -- Provided by the Wildly Tarot Podcast Award Category: Novice Knack Nomination Criteria: If you are a tarot newbie, you’ll have a chance of winning Wildly Tarot’s fantastic learning deck in a random drawing. Just note your newbie status in your entry text to qualify. (Note: Tarotholics mods are also largely aware of who the newbies are, such as anyone in our mentee program who listed themselves as new.) - Tarot deck wrap of choice -- provided by TheGeminiGypsyParlor Award Category: Fan Favorite Criteria: Earn the most total nominations across all award categories. This is the only prize that can be won if you have already won something else. - Set of Tarot Ace Wooden Pins (x2) -- Provided by Vivifx Award Category: Participation random giveaway Criteria: Submit your entry to automatically enter a randomly drawn giveaway for a set of these adorable pins! Two sets are available. - Tarot Wood Burning Illustration -- Provided by Toadcraft Award Category: Beautifully Burnt Criteria: Submit your entry to automatically enter a randomly drawn giveaway for one of Toadcraft’s lovely burnings. Work with him to decide the subject and design! Only available by random drawing to those submitting within the Tarotholics Discord server. Check out the full rules and details: Rules, Details, and Prizes document Here are pics of all of the prize items in order from the above list: We hope you enjoy this challenge! I can also answer any questions that may come up!
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