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Found 6 results

  1. reall

    The Oriens Tarot Deck

    Another Beautiful Tarot deck & already fully funded on ks!;) sorry I've miss early bird again! facepalm
  2. Hi folks. Shameless self promotion time. Sorry in advance, not very good at it! So here's the story. When I was a kid, growing up in Pendle, Lancashire, UK (where the witches came from!), my mum was a Tarot reader and a rare book collector. I grew up with mysticism and magic, it was part of everydaye life. One book I loved was called the Dictionnaire Infernal. Possibly the very first published encyclopedia of magic and the occult. Lots of people have said many things about the illustrations of demons and monsters in the book. They are pretty stunning... However, there are over 500 images in there. And tiny images at that. And when I was a kid, I noticed that some of them looked like the images on my mum's Tarot card. The first one I spotted was the Fool (let's face it a good place to start!), and slowly but surely, I spotted other seemingly hidden tarot images inside this 200 year old book. About 6 months ago, I started to clean up the images, colourise them and create a Tarot deck. I truly believe that some of these images were hidden in this book for somebody to find and use on such a deck. Some of the images are just far too close not to be Tarot images. It's been a great project, if very slow progress! But I'm now about a third of the way through. I'm going to launch a Kickstarter when the time is right. Not sure when that is, I guess when I see enough people signing up on the prelauch page to be informed. So if you like what you see and you'd be interested in getting a copy, then the best thing you can do is go here to build my confidence! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infernal/the-infernal-tarot-a-200-year-old-secret-tarot-deck There will be lots of one-of-a-kind items and exclusives as well as earlybird discounts, so if you click the 'notify me' button, you shouldn't miss out! Thanks for reading, and any questions or comments, please let me know Erik
  3. bookshop

    True Black

    From the album: Minimalist Decks

    True Black tarot Creator: Arthur Wang Publisher: Self-published through Kickstarter Year published: 2017 Available from: the True Black website
  4. bookshop

    Arthur Rackham Oracle

    From the album: Oracle Decks

    Arthur Rackham Oracle (First edition) Creator: Duck Soup Productions Publisher: ^ Year published: 2018 Available: From the Duck Soup website: first edition, second edition

    © 2018

  5. bookshop

    Slow Holler Tarot

    From the album: Diverse Decks

    Slow Holler Tarot Creator: The Slow Holler art collective Publisher: Self-published Year published: 2015 This is a Southern gothic deck created by queer artists and funded through Kickstarter. Available from: Out of print

    © 2015

  6. bookshop

    Spooky Cats Tarot

    Just making sure you guys saw the Spooky Cat Tarot! It's a really cute little deck that seems to be perfectly themed and timed for Halloween. i don't own any cat-themed decks but this one just touched me.
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