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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking to do a couple of Oracle exchanges with my Enchanted Map Oracle Deck. I'm looking to experiment with a couple spread so if you have a suggestion please let me know! Rules: I am doing readings for detailed feedback, if I do not receive feedback then I will not read for you in the future. Please Don't ask about love and/or finance, I cannot read people's minds and have no idea what the future may hold for your relationship. I hope these things work out for you though! I can do readings as a general if you have no question, or you can ask me a very direct question and I can focus my energy on that particular matter. If you have a spread that you'd like me to use, let me know! You must have 5 posts before doing an exchange, if you do not have 5 posts then go post on a few things and come back! Excited to do this! ~Pixie Nightshade~ Reading Complete~ Feedback Received~ Thank you!
  2. I'm curious what everyone's go to spread is: whether you read Oracle, Kipper, Tarot, etc. Do you prefer long spread or short to the point spreads? Or do you use a spread or do you keep pulling cards until you get a feeling to stop? Comment and let us know!
  3. ** Note - please read post # 4 regarding June and July ROC ** --- Reading with Oracles Circle (ROC) - May 2019 The Reading with Oracles Circle (ROC) is a monthly reading exchange using oracle cards for readers of any level. (Oracle decks only please. For Tarot circles, please scroll all the way down my post.) Important ROC information: 1. ROC has an "intuitive reading" option. If you are an intuitive reader and would like to be matched with the same type of reader, please let me know when you sign up. 2. There will be a suggested monthly spread. 3. The Reader has the final choice of the oracle deck used, but can allow Sitter to choose. 4. Schedule: Signups are now open! May 8 (Wednesday): Partners will be assigned. May 22 (Wednesday): Complete readings May 29 (Wednesday): Complete feedbacks 5. Please do not create a thread for your reading exchange, I will create a thread for each of the partners and will PM you the link. 6. Please be kind and respect each other's time. By signing up, you are making a commitment to do the reading and feedback by the due dates. Please stay in communication with your partner, and PM each other when you have posted your reading, feedback, or if you are experiencing scheduling issues. Please do not wait until the last minute to post readings and feedbacks. Please PM Fortuna should you encounter any issues. 7. For feedbacks, please be thorough, honest, and kind. This is to help the reader get better! If there is personal information you would prefer not to share in the forum, you may PM this information to your partner, but please still provide adequate feedback in your thread. 8. Most importantly... Have fun and let's ROC! -- Please PM Fortuna should you have any questions regarding this circle. -- Are you new to Tarot and would like to try a reading circle? If so, please try the Newbies Circle. Try these additional Tarot circles available to you
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