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Found 11 results

  1. Saturn Celeste

    Song of the Day

    Song of the Day threads are fun! Share with us, one song per day. When people share more than one song, sometimes they don't get listened to and this is a thread about sharing and listening to each other's choices! So, what are you listening to?
  2. Glass Owl

    What's The Postman Bringing?

    What decks, books or other tarot-related items are you waiting to receive in the mail? I recently opened my mailbox and found the Gendron Tarot and the Secrets of the Mystic Grove Oracle deck.
  3. BREKKIE, LUNCH OR DINNER... So, for those that love food and want to share what they are having - this is the place to post all that yumminess - even attach images if you like! Food is one thing we all have in common and there is a certain comfort when it comes to eating, enjoying and indulging. Ps Even those with dietary restrictions. E.g. Low Carbs/Keto. DND
  4. Perenelle

    The Celtic Relic Tarot

    Hey everyone, back with my other one! I had this one up at AT, not super popular there but hopefully I'm working out the bugs. It was the Ancient Celtic Tarot but I dunno, just didn't sit right, since of course they had no Tarot images per se. But a Tarot comprised of images based on relics, that I can get behind, and I am! So the originals of the cards were rough pen & ink drawings combined with some computer graphic stuff. I've been spending the day with the printer trying to fix the resolution problem I discovered so far in. I had been taking the images and hand-drawing the entire thin
  5. Hi! I just wanted to share a picture of my new folder and journal for tarot study. I'll primarily be working with Benebell Wen's Holistic Tarot. I'm excited to get started on Monday when the book arrives, but for now I'm getting organised. I'm going to use the folder for my readings and general notes, and the journal for card interpretation (I'm considering setting it up for each card in advance with stick on images of the cards but it would be a LOT of work. (not pictured: new fountain pen and sapphire ink on its way) I would love to see how others organ
  6. Seems to be the best place to post this... I can't find an Altar thread anywhere (please post your Altar pics - or chat on about them here). Happy Imbolc - Blue-Blood Moon! May the spirits of inspiration forever keep your pace.
  7. Bodhiseed

    In the Neighborhood

    I remember on Aeclectic we had a thread where people could post photos of birds, flowers, trees, etc. that they saw on walks in their neighborhood. Perhaps we could start a new one? Before the storm cells came through last Sunday, it had gotten very dry here. I found this fellow trying to drink the dribbles from my sprinkler (first picture taken through a screen): The rain has caused many flowers to start blooming, like these purple coneflowers:
  8. Perenelle

    The Metaphorical Tarot

    Hi all, haven't been at the forum for a while but I have something to announce! I'm finally starting serious work on my deck idea that has been fermenting for something like 15 years. It's photographic and more than that I won't say, I'll be coming back with photos when I have them to show. Stay tuned! I'm planning to submit to US Games because they seem like a really good fit. Be back soon!
  9. Raggydoll

    Sign Ups + Updates & Announcements

    Here is where you let us know what card you wish to make. Its first come first serve! And do remember the deadline: if your work is not done by the end of April, no matter the circumstances, it will be re-assigned to someone else. We want to finalize this deck by the end of May and have it available before the summer. So do not leave it to the last minute!! Now, here is a list of the card titles. As you can tell, there are some small adjustments made, most notably to the court cards - Pages are now Novices, Knights are Explorers, Queens are Nurturers, and Kings are Elders. This wa
  10. lstevens

    The Chalice Tarot Deck

    From the album: Esoteric Decks

    This is a full colour 78-deck of cards by Lynda Stevens that was begun in the 80's and developed over time, in an art deco/surrealistic style. They are intended to reflect the hopes and fears of the current times and are in themselves a commentary on topical esoteric ideas, following on from the philosophy that the Tarot is a devil's picture book depicting the Fool's, or Everyman's fall from original cosmic unity into a bewildering world of division and conquest - and adventure from innocence to experience. The majors were published by Adam Mc Clean in 2006 in a limited edition for

    © @Lynda Stevens 2020

  11. Raggydoll

    The Work-In-Progress Thread

    This is the place where you can share your work in progress with the rest of us. It is not mandatory, see it as a fun way of getting support, encouragement and inspiration!
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