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Found 14 results

  1. Rachelcat

    Two-Penny Oracle

    From the album: Oracle Decks

    Author - Madam Clara 43 Cards available as Round or Rectangular Language - English Purchase here
  2. PathWalker

    Daughters of the Moon Tarot (Colored)

    From the album: Esoteric Decks

    This is the 75 card, coloured version of Daughters of the Moon. Printed in 2000. Coloured and shiny finish, with a crescent moon on the reverse. Only 3 courts in each suit, and two versions of the Lovers card. Illustrators of this deck are listed as: Kate Taylor, Lily Hill, Jean Chavez, Ellen Fishburn, Jean Van Slyke, Jennifer Weston, Ffiona Morgan, Max Dashu, Linden Berk, Merridy Volz, Susan Stacey Terra Vandage. Paintings by Ffiona Morgan, Diane A Nelson, Renate Sky, Judith Hower, Jennifer Leach. ISBN1-880130-04-1 Deck (and other items) may be bought directly from the Daughters of the Moon website http://www.daughtersofthemoon.com/welcome/
  3. PathWalker

    Daughters of the Moon Tarot (B&W)

    From the album: Esoteric Decks

    A B&W 75 card deck with a blue version of the Moon card as the back design. Is this the first full version of Daughters of the Moon tarot? Cards are flexible, uncoated, and large at 5 1/8 inch diameter Only 3 female court cards in each suit, and variation of the Lovers card. The front card of the deck now describes it as: "By Ffiona Morgan. Illustrated by Kate Taylor with Lily Hillwoman. Origianl cretion Ffiona Morgan and Shekhinah. Copyright 1984. Printed by Burning Spear Community Graphics." No ISBN
  4. PathWalker

    Songs for the Journey Home

    From the album: Artistic Decks

    "Alchemy through imagery - a tarot pathway" This is a beautiful tarot deck. By Dwariko Von Sommaruga and Catherine Cook.. Published in New Zealand. Cards are renamed, but still follow the structure of tarot. The deck has been produced in two sizes - 4" diameter and 3" diameter. There is also a paperback book. Some sets may still be available here http://www.tarotjourney.co.nz/
  5. PathWalker

    Celtic Messages

    From the album: Oracle Decks

    A 52 card oracle deck, by Joules Taylor and artist Emma Garner. Published by CICO Books in 2007. The deck is divided into four sections - Helpers, Places, Tools and Totems, and the card edge colours link to each grouping. The cards are 4" - and I have the boxed set with the colouring book and deck bag as well as the guide book ISBN of this set 978-0-7394-8833-1 Now OOP I think.
  6. PathWalker

    Thayer Tarot

    From the album: Artistic Decks

    Circular brightly coloured deck by Alicia Thayer and Jamie Hales. Published in Chile in 2009. Borderless cards which are 4" across, titles in Spanish, as is the accompanying book. ISBN 978-956-310-980-1 The artist has a FB page, where I believe you may find information about ordering, but again it will be written in Spaninsh https://www.facebook.com/a.thayer.tarot/
  7. PathWalker

    The Gorgon's Tarot

    From the album: Specialty Decks

    B&W 79 card and book by Dolores Fitchie, published by Schiffer in 2014. Lovely rich pattern work in the cards, and a small but illustrated booklet in the package. The original sets had HUGE cards - nearly 5 3/4 inches in diameter, but I don' know if they were made smaller in subsequent sets. ISBN 978-0-7643-4590-6 Deck can be purchased from the publishers https://www.schifferbooks.com/the-gorgons-tarot-5497.html
  8. PathWalker

    Circle of Life Tarot

    From the album: Specialty Decks

    78 card colour deck published by Lo Scarabeo in 2007 Fantasy images, some specifically created for the round cards, which include many other living creatures other than just humans. Titles are multi-lingual, around the edge of the card, and LWB is written in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. Cards are glossy coated, with a orange back design, and measure 4 1/4 inches diameter. Now OOP ISBN on my box 0738712981
  9. PathWalker

    Tarot of the Cloisters

    From the album: Rare, OOP Decks

    78 card tarot deck, by Michelle Leavitt and published by US Games in 1993. Cards are colour, with mauve/blue design back. 4 1/2 inches diameter, with 2 title cards and a LWB in English. ISBN 0-88079-665-0 This deck is now OOP. Beware pirate copies being sold online since about 2019.
  10. PathWalker

    Dragon Tarot

    From the album: Specialty Decks

    Dragon Tarot by Lyn Secrist. Described as "extended majors" there are 42 cards, majors and courts. In my set there is also a significator card, and 1 Yes and 1 No cards, plus a blank. All the backs are covered with a black layer of some kind. Cards are 4 1/4 inch diameter, and come with two tiny booklets, one for the majors and one for the courts. No box or wrapping. Provisional date from other sources suggests 1991.
  11. PathWalker

    Nature Tarot

    From the album: Major Only Decks

    A majors-only deck - published by Seitosha Japan in 1980. Also entitled in the accompanying book as "The Tarot for Junior" Art by the Shower Design Studio, directed by Alexandria Mokuseioh ISBN of set 4-7916-0611-6 The cards are small - just 3 1/8 inches diameter, and the artwork in colour familiar to anyone who knows the Rider Waite deck. It came as a set, the cards held in a sleeve, and with a paperback book, all inside a slipcase. The paperback has some lovely illustrations, writing about cards from other decks, layouts, all-sorts. But it is only in Japanese.
  12. PathWalker

    The Book of Aradia Tarot

    From the album: Major Only Decks

    "formerly A Matriarchal Tarot - AETHER SUIT. Created by Jean Van Slke, Shekhinah Mountainwater and Ffiona Morgan. Illustrated by Jean Van Slyke Accompanying notes by Shekhinah Mountainwater. Limited edition of 1,000 sets. First printing May 1984" This is one of the early versions of the majors cards which went on to become part of Daughters of the Moon tarot, although some changes took place along the way. 21 cards, plus a title card and a blank card - 4 1/2 inches diameter. These cards are B&W, with blue backs. A sheet of instructions and meanings, in a two-part cardboard sleeve. No ISBN.
  13. PathWalker

    Sumeremilhun Tarot

    From the album: Major Only Decks

    A majors only circular tarot deck by Emil Kazanlar. Published in 2002 24 cards - 4 1/2 inches diameter. LWB is written in Hugarian. My copy has no ISBN, no barcode. Was available direct from artist.
  14. Saturn Celeste

    Shining Angels Tarot

    From the album: Angel Decks

    Shining Angels Tarot Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Multilingual edition (October 8, 2009) Language: English ISBN-10: 9780738719306 ISBN-13: 978-0738719306 ASIN: 0738719307 Buy from Amazon
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