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Found 8 results

  1. bookshop

    Claude Rochias TdM

    From the album: Marseille Decks

    Claude Rochias Tarot de Marseilles Creator: Yves Reynaud, after a deck created by Swiss tarot maker Claude Rochias Publisher: Self-published Year: 2018, based on a deck created in 1754 This is a limited edition facsmile of the Rochias Tarot de Marseille, based on a copy from a private collection and notable for its vivid colors. Available from: Yves Reynaud's website, or the Collect Tarot site (for English buyers)
  2. bookshop

    Claude Burdel Tarot de Marseilles

    From the album: Marseille Decks

    Claude Burdel Tarot de Marseilles Creator: Claude Burdel, recreated by Yves Reynaud Publisher: Self-published Year published: 2015, based on a deck created in 1751 This is a limited edition facsimile deck of 3000 copies, originally created in 1751 by Swiss Tarot de Marseilles craftsman Claude Burdel, and recreated by Yves Reynaud. The facsimile is based on an original preserved in the Museum of Civilizations and the Mediterranean Sea – in Marseilles, wrapped in the reproduction of an original sheet of packing. Available from: Yves Reynaud's website

    © 2015

  3. bookshop

    Trionfi della Luna

    From the album: Dark Decks

    Trionfi Della Luna (2nd ed.) Creator: Patrick Valenza Year/Publisher: 2019 / self Availability: Deviant Moon website

    © 2019

  4. devin

    Grimaud Tarot of Marseilles Booklets

    I'm cross-posting this (with permission) from another corner of the internet. ALL CREDIT FOR THE WORK INVOLVED IN PUTTING THE BELOW TOGETHER GOES TO @_R_
  5. mrpants

    Ludvig Tarot

    From the album: Marseille Decks

    Ludvig Tarot by Ludvig Zsuzsa, 1998. Hungarian language throughout. 12 cm x 6.6 cm, hard to find and possibly out of print.
  6. mrpants

    Robledo Vandenborre Tarot

    From the album: Marseille Decks

    Tarot Flamand Vandenborre 1762, by Pablo Robledo. Third edition, 2019. 6.5 x 11 cm. Available in very limited runs from CollecTarot.
  7. mrpants

    Lasenikuv Tarot

    From the album: Marseille Decks

    Czech Tarot of Lasenic's, 1938. Published by Trigon, 2001. 7 x 10.5 cm, available from Pyro Skin.
  8. mrpants

    Vieville Tarot

    From the album: Marseille Decks

    Tarot of Jaques Vieville, Paris 1643. Republished by, and available from, Editions SIVILIXI. Also sold by CollecTarot. 13 x 7 x 3.5 cm, .35 kg. In Print.
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