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Author Topic: Welcome to Tode's Tarot!  (Read 70 times)

Offline ToadieOdie

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Welcome to Tode's Tarot!
« on: January 01, 2019, 03:32:20 PM »
My goal in life is to offer a safe space in the chaos around us for people to discover who they are and to just be themselves. I believe that offering tarot readings for others is one means of doing this. It invites the mind to break free from circular thinking and delve into creative problem solving.

While it is true that I am just starting out a a professional reader, I have been working with tarot since 1994 and was mentored here at Tarot, Tea, and Me by Saturn Celeste in the summer of 2018. The types of readings I specialize in are those dealing in wellness, self-improvement, and creative writing. However, I'm open to all topics at this time. You can check out my available reading packages over at my shop.

Tode's Tarot
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