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Author Topic: Asked if friend was having an off day- pulled Hanged Man. Interpretations?  (Read 544 times)


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Hi so I had an interaction with a friend today and it was a little awkward. Later I asked my deck if my friend was having an off-day and I pulled the hanged man. I think that definitely means they weren’t feeling like their normal selves.  Does anyone have any other interpretations?


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welcome to the forum evidentlykelly  :)

some other ideas in my mind.....

- a day when nothing happens, just hanging around and nothing planned gets actually done (or a relaxed day if you look at that more positively)
- a day when they feel a bit off because they feel a bit trapped, they want something to happen, they are waiting, waiting! This calls for patience
- a day when someone feels a bit restricted and trapped, like they have to wait in all day for a parcel to arrive or an engineer / service person or even worse it's not even for them and for someone else.
- to do with relationships with another person and interactions, the person perhaps needs to listen to the other person more. It might be awkward because they don't give the other person their say or time, it's all them talking!

I think the keywords for this card are sacrifice and patience, they have to keep waiting for something and / or have to sacrifice something for the better good. I hope they had better days after this one, it's not the worst sort of day but it's probably full of frustration
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Although the polite interpretation of the Hanged Man is sacrifice and martydom, in my experience it's almost always just giving up. Your friend probably let something go even though they felt like they should have fought for it


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When i draw the hanged man, dependant on the question. Ive always found them that they are struggling to see the wood for the trees. Maybe they are approaching their situation the wrong way and feeling a little stuck in the rut.

Help them through it, give them a hug :)


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It could mean they're trying to look at something in their life in a more detached way.

It could mean there's an obstacle they're trying to step back from in order to take a more objective approach than they might feel like they're going to take if they don't slow down and consider it from all angles.   

It could mean that something has been going on in their life that they're just distracted about and can't stop thinking of. Maybe there's a spiritual growth process going on for them so their mind and thoughts are elsewhere.


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The Hanged Man can represent maintaining faith through long suffering.  So, I might think the card was telling me to suspend judgment, and give my friend time to come around.  Patience, and confidence in the friendship.  Sometimes the cards will tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you ask them for.
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