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Offering to Mentor

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Hello my new tarot friends,


I have been reading the cards since the 1980s, back when the Hanson-Roberts was new and the Aquarian was hot.  I still have my Tarot of the Cat People, which was quintessential eighties.


But I digress, before I even begin.  I mostly read for myself and friends, although I've done some professional reading.  I've been a collector too.  But now I am feeling the urge to mentor someone new to the Tarot journey, especially if they are interested in the Thoth, which is the deck most fascinating me right now.  If I get no takers for the Thoth, I'll consider working with another deck.  I just think from a practical standpoint I should be at least somewhat familiar with your deck, so any RWS clone would work.  


Anyone new to Tarot out there, looking to receive a little help in their initial explorations?

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