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Lenormand Resources for Beginners


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So, I said to myself that after getting Normal Gold, I wasn't going to get anymore decks. However, after getting suggested lenormand decks both on here and Kickstarter, and seeing it come up on my social media, I'm super curious about it and am kind of thinking about finding one. 


But I can't find any information about the lenormand style online beyond the card meaning individually. I wanna find out more about it before I buy (or make, which is an option also) a deck. Do you guys know any good websites to look at for beginners or good resource posts on here? 

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Best Lenormand blog:

Grab his book, too, it's widely considered the best. I posted the link to it in the following thread, lots of recommendations here, and some interesting commentary:


And here:


Free course, other than Part 1 it's quite good - and it's free now, and legal - that's the author's website. 

(Whew. If this was facebook I'd never be able to find all those posts and I'd have to type mine all over again! Thank providence for forums, lol.)

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