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i am savitha and a beginner and gave an intro yesterday, i want to practice interpreting cards, i have to log into personal reading section' make five posts and start off' but unable to get into that section' can anybody please help.  thanks in advance

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I think there’s been a misunderstanding. You need 5 posts in the other, general, areas before posting in Personal tarot readings. The general areas do not have any limits on them, it’s things like the reading circles and the personal tarot readings that require you to first have 5 posts before participating, because those sections require a bit of commitment (whether it’s to follow through with a reading for someone else, to post a reading on time in a circle, or to provide your own interpretations and then give feedback to those who help you interpret your own reading etc). You don’t need to start your own threads either, you can just participate in the preexisting discussions to get your 5 posts. 

Good luck! 

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