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Another way to journey through the Hallow Realms


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So let's suppose you've worked your way through the whole of the HallowQuest, and now aren't sure what to do next.

Or you tried the book course, but didn't feel it worked for you, and stopped.

How about jumping off and doing things a different way?


Here is my version of a walk through the Stone suit for the winter, as my new journey through a previously traveled landscape. You can do anything you want - I just wanted to inspire folks to pick up their deck again and re-imagine. I took the whole suit, and laid them out randomly. Then I strove to forget what I knew, and simply put them as images in an order that made sense to me . . .


Hallow - the inspiration, the vision, the impetus to journey again.

Stone King - late autumn sunset behind him, beckons me on before winter sets in.

Stone Four

Stone Three

Stone Eight

Stone Nine

Stone Seven

Stone Five

Stone Maiden

Stone Two

Stone Knight

Stone Queen

Stone Ten

Stone Hallow - the end, time to rest in this place before the next journey.


Take out your cards and see what order speaks to you. Maybe write a line or two about why each one comes in where order it does?


I flicked through the majors and pulled out those which seemed to fit with the winter theme, without considering which cards they were. I ended up with the following card combinations


The Tower with the Stone Five

Washer at the Ford with Stone Two

Round Table with Stone Six - I might drop Grail Nine in here too

Green Knight and Cauldron with Stone Ten/Stone hallow combination at the end


After a few opening paragraphs at the time, I'll now move through each card in this new sequence, and see how that journey unfolds in the winter weeks.



If you try some new work with your deck, do write about it here and let us all share.


With blessings for the winter journey

PathWalker - November 2020


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Turbulent times, and another year has passed. Here is another method/thought about cards & dates.


In the HallowQuest course, all the cards have dates assigned to them for their study. Sometimes these mesh with other card dating systems, like this one from Mary Greer "Tarot for Yourself" page 37 from the 'Zodiac Lessons' section -


HallowQuest - Stone Four and Stone Five - 12th to the 18th Janaury

Mary Greer - Four of Pentacles January 10th to 19th


But there are also some significant differences - the Mary Greer table being based on number cards being linked to astrological decans. So you would get


HallowQuest - Stone Six and Stone Seven as being 26 January to the 1st February

Mary Greer - Five of Swords 20th to the 29th January and then Six of Swords January 30th to the 8th Febraury


How might our journey through the HallowQuest lands be different if we switched to using the decans attributions for the cards? Moving from one suit to another frequently, meditating on the cards in such a different order? Has anyone tried this approach before with this deck? I'm about to start, so perhaps you could post and inspire me about how you did it? Or would you like to join me on this changed-up adventure?


Blessings of the Turning Wheel to all






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Well, did anyone try a different way of ordering the cards for the ongoing journey?


I tried using the minors as placed by Mary Greer, but didn't find it a particularly useful exercise.

Just three cards (usually) cover a calendar month, and even having them propped up somewhere side by side for study didn't really spark any kind of journey or revelation. It was too broad and too narrow at the same time, if that makes sense? One scene did not lead easily into the next, I couldn't discern what experience might bring there, and the nature of the cards led it to being an empty trudge through the countryside (as there were no people cards)


So that system didn't offer me anything.


Anyone have any other ideas of how looking at the cards in fresh combinations might be useful?


PathWalker - still going  . . .  :classic_smile:

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