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Quick Note: Before Offering Reading Help

Little Fang

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Hi friends!

Just wanted to make a quickie notice.

Before assisting with a reading interpretation, double check that it's: (in order of importance)

1. In the Personal Tarot Readings section (feel free to report it if it isn't!)

2, The poster has interpreted all the cards themselves.

3. If the first two don't apply, please don't help with the reading quite yet!  

We appreciate our talented readers helping one another out, but in order to protect your time and abilities, we have these rules in place. 🙂 We are not a site for free readings, and we want to keep our integrity as a learning community.


If you are new to TT&M, welcome!  The Personal Readings section opens up when you hit 5 posts!  You can start by posting an introduction, make some new friends, and soon enough you'll be able to find all you need.  


I hope you all are staying safe and having a wonderful holiday!


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