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orphalese software and uploading your personal in progress decks

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This software  for desktops has been around a long time, but I'm only just trying to learn it


I've been making my own cards and wanted to get a start at uploading before it is too big of a job.

So far I haven't figured out how to do that, but hopefully I will before too long.

This isn't a tarot deck, so won't have  78 cards, or go by structure names. 


A couple of questions, have any of you deck artists uploaded you in progress cards rather than a whole deck? 

And as a general subject do you have the software and enjoy using it? Thanks, Sharyn 

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Congratulations! I look forward to seeing it!


I love using Orphalese, but also know that I have barely scratched the surface on learning its features. Emailing them gets prompt help. I chose the Tarot of Dreams version.

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my cards are just for me, a personal growth exercise. 

Besides, 99% of the images are pulled from magazines etc, so I couldn't even show them here. 

I'll keep struggling to figure out Orphalese, I'm positive it will be worth the effort. 

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yes, I've been through the tutorials, and will do again because I'm sure it will be worth it. 

Since this isn't a tarot deck with 78 numbering, not sure how that will work for me. My numbering is by date because the cards don't really have names. 

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If you aren't planning to compare cards,. I don't think it matters what numbers each card has, but you do need to use the convention they set up or they won't show up when you want to use them to read.


00.jpg, 01,jpg and so on.

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so I could use 262021.0 for instance for the card I designed on that day? because the cards are already marked by date, which is the reference number for the journal I've set up blogger, so I could indeed grab that post down the road to add to it. They have names too but that is subject to change at any time. Numbers last 🙂 There will eventually be suits but that is a long time down the road, and they are also subject to change. Numbers last. 


I can't invision needing comparisons for my use, but I do need spreads which the software offers. 

So you think those numbers will be fine? 

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No - you have to start at 00 and go on through 01, 02, etc.  With the file type suffix (I'm assuming jpg ?)


Or AFAIK they won't appear on screen when you try to use them in the programme.


If you are going to have suits later, perhaps plan ahead if you know how many cares you will have, so that you can leave spaces in the numbers. A tarot deck will have numbers from 00.jpg (Fool) up to 77,jpg (King Pentacles.) The suit order can be whatever you like, but if you did a tarot deck (I know you aren't) you want them in the order the programme uses - wands, cups, swords, pents.)


If you want your date numbers, you'd do well to run two folders, and each card you complete, copy it and renumber it in Orphalese style.

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OK - no you do HAVE to use their numbering style. But don't WORRY about it so much.


What kind of image files are you creating ? jpgs ?


All that needs doing is to number them sequentially before you put them in to the programme.


00 for the first, 01 for the second, 02 for the third and so on. If you WANT to sort the suits later, you can renumber them then. But for an oracle it probably doesn't matter anyway. I WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT - OK ?

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