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Upcoming New Years Changes :: Please Read!

Little Fang

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Good time-of-day to all of our family here at Tarot, Tea, & Me!


I have some important news to share and I'd to let everyone know this early!

Note: All changes will be made January 1st.


To our Supporters, we'd like to truly thank you for your monetary contributions to this community, it has kept TT&M afloat for the last few years, and hopefully for the long haul as well.  In order to keep bringing you worthwhile perks, the Chatter areas and anything off-topic to Tarot and Divination will be Subscriber only!

This will include the following areas:

  • Chatter Room
    • Fun & Games
    • Quizzes
  • Promote Yourself
    • Anybody will be able to see, but to post your link you'll have to be a subscriber.  We've had an influx of people joining and spamming 5 posts in order to share their links and vanish.  We'd like people who are sharing their stuff to be established members of the community in some fashion!


Supporter Contests will become Quarterly! 

Unfortunately I only have a limited number of prizes to offer, however in doing this quarterly, I can add Amazon gift cards and other goodies that would be a drain if done monthly.  They will (roughly) follow the seasons, with our Winter Contest happening January to March, and each season will follow.  There will not be a November and December contest in order to prep for the coming year.


I hope that these changes will keep the community running smoothly, and we appreciate you making us your home! 

Happy holidays!



Little Fang

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