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What's in your shopping cart / wishlist / favorites?


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And any card-related reasons that you're still undecided? 


Someone mentioned SKT and for a moment I thought ZKT and read it as Zigeuner Kartenspiel and I had to laugh because when I googled it, a very very old thread from AT had me asking "why is Zieuner Kartenspiel on my wishlist?'  I did put Spirit Keepers Tarot into the cart but didn't hit 'buy' as yet because overseas postage and not *entirely* certain about the artwork.

This was the state of my wishlist when I signed up here. I'm going to revisit each and see what's been published lately, too.


Everyday Enchantment Tarot

The Llewellyn Tarot

Smith-Waite Centennial in a Tin

Green Wheel Oracle

Compendium of Constellations Oracle

Enchanted Map Oracle

Robin Wood

Pagan Tarot (LS)


New Era Elements Tarot





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At the moment, money is the main factor … unexpected hospital bills do put a damper on things.


Tabula Mundi

Splendor Solis
Universal Celtic
Golden Wheel
Bianco Nero

Bohemian Animal Tarot

Tarot for Kids

Tarot at the End of the Rainbow

Jack-O-Lantern Tarot

Standard Playing Card Tarot

Playing Marseille

Maybe Lenormand

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20 hours ago, legendaryelement said:

At the moment, money is the main factor … unexpected hospital bills do put a damper on things.


Splendor Solis


ohhh the Splendor Solis is *gorgeous*. I feel it might be difficult to read, but it's stunning. 

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I just went through my old wishlist and did some editing. I've narrowed things down quite a bit but it's still longer than my husband would like 😂 and my oracle wishlist is longer than I thought it would be! 


Anyway here's my tarot list for your viewing pleasure...

Ethereal Visions (either the original or Luna. or both lol)

The Cheimonette

The Arcana Tarot

Anima Mundi Tarot

Cosmos Tarot and Oracle

Edmund Dulac Tarot 

The Bottanical Deck

Children of Litha Tarot

Botanical Tarot

Telluric Tarot

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My current wishlist is quite short, mostly due to lack of storage space. Spouse placed a moratorium on new decks until I figure out a better way to store them (other than 9 boxes and piles on my desk). Our house is small and has 3 rampaging cats, so I can't blame him.


That all said:


Tarot Nusantara

Nigel Jackson Tarot / Medieval Enchantment Tarot


Just about everything else I've managed to locate in some form or another. 


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