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Pick 1 favorite card from the WW deck.


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Share your favorite card from The Wildwood Tarot and tell us why.


I adore the 3 of Stones card. Just look at her! She's so immersed in the moment in-tune with nature. I can feel the energy flowing into her as she grounds herself. She reminds me to tune into my surroundings more often and draw in the power of Mother Nature.


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Nice idea for a thread! I get why you like this one, and it does capture something. I'm honestly not sure that I can pick one card... they're all favourites, even though how I feel about them changes according to the context and the reading. One that I always welcome seeing, though, and which I feel has a real depth to its meaning, is Balance:


It links to so many aspects of the philosophy of the deck, from the Caduceus symbol to the contrast between stone and wood, and the balance between the ending and starting of years. It also captures the impenetrable Wildwood spirit in a way that a lot of the cards don't try to do... anyhow, I like it a lot, both for the image and the meaning!

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I can't just choose one card! So I got it down to 3 🙂


The Mirror (The Hanged Man) - I once did the most amazing reading with this card. I think it might have been in ISG on our old tarot forum. The process of the reading taught me so much doing it and it was about that boat that goes to the Otherworld. The person took a lot from it and this card still sticks me from that reading.


The Seer (High Priestess ) - I probably personally identify the most with this card in the deck, perhaps when I am using divination anyway.


The Pole Star (The Star) - This is the first card which made think of The Star in tarot could reflect the Pole Star or North Star. People navigate using this very bright star in the Northern Hemisphere. When we look at night, we can always find it in the sky. It's always there for us.

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