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New Moon/Full Moon Collective Zodiac Spread


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This is a collective new moon and full moon depends the phase zodiac (sun,moon, rising (mostly rising i explain later) spread i also tend to read the meanings combined to several astrology events sometimes for each of these placements  especially if they come up but this part can be optional if you don't read astrology transits as well

So you start of with the general energy of the moon on top which you choose exactly like you choose for any reading so any way is right if you work with moon decks you can also choose to put its phase or/and exact placement like new moon in Sagittarius or the moon phase and the sign it's in next to it (for astrology decks if you don't have decks like moonology which combines both the phase and the sign in one card) next to the card before you choose it you could also add a card of the house each card falls for each sign like 1h for the first sign if you work with astrology decks but also optional the spread under is the core layout for this spread. Then you continue by picking 12 cards for each sign but starting from the sign the moon is like 1=Sagittarius that's also a symbolism for the house of each rising signs the moon is transiting and you continue from there like 2=Capricorn etc and that's the energy of this moon for each sign and that's pretty much it 😊

 (i also like to combine it to astrology with the symbolism of each risings house a card falls for example here Sagittarius card is the first one and 1st house is self appearance etc so i also combine the reading for each sign with the meaning of which signs house a card falls but that can be optional)


Here's an example layout (not an actual reading just a layout as an example)



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